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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 128

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Chapter 128

“Captain, we’ll assign a few people to accompany you!”

At night, the forest was perilous. Worried about what might happen to Yuan Zheng, the deputy team leader walked up to him quickly and tried to persuade him, but his eyes suddenly brightened: “It’s Xiao Shi. Xiao Shi is back!”

Everyone’s eyes brightened and they quickly looked over. They saw the figure of a young man emerging from the darkness and running towards them.

The heavy rock that was sitting on their hearts was finally let down. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief with relaxed smiles on their faces.

Yuan Zheng finally felt relieved. He quickly walked over and held on to that young man that kept making him worry and on edge. He looked him up and down: “Where have you been? Did you get any injuries?”

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Su Shi was originally still worried about the effect of the glasses, but seeing everyone’s reactions he was finally able to put his worries away. He let Yuan Zheng hold on to him and shook his head slightly: “I’m fine. Before, I was hiding behind the car.”

“You did the right thing. You have to be smart to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Don’t mess around [with your life] like you did before.”

Seeing Mu Shi return unharmed, the petardier finally breathed a sigh of relief, grinned, and patted him on the shoulder vigorously.

“It’s too bad that you missed witnessing a big scene. The real Son of Hell was here just now. Although he was dressed in tatters, his aura was really scary. I didn’t even dared to breath too hard. I almost thought he was going to kill all of us…”

“Thinking about how we’ve been chasing after him for so long. We were really overestimating ourselves.”

The sniper had suffered a serious injury, and his face was still a little pale. He shook his head with a wry smile, and sighed lightly: “Fortunately, we don’t have bad blood with him, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to escape today.”


The deputy team leader worked hard to clean up the scattered supplies and equipment. He suddenly made a sound and touched his jaw in a complex mood: “He even took away a box of instant noodles. The Son of Hell is really poor, ah…”

“All right now, leave another box of ham sausage. Pick some unworn clothes and put them here. Take as much equipment and food with you as possible. We have to leave here quickly.”

There were countless dangers in the forest at night. There was warmth and exasperation in Yuan Zheng’s eyes as he gave out tasks and everyone immediately became busy.

The armored vehicle could no longer be driven. The team members hastily sorted out the battlefield, and headed on the road again. They moved forward quickly, hoping to find a new resting spot as quickly as possible.

Su Shi followed behind the team. Unconsciously, his footsteps gradually became heavier.

It was a very dangerous act for humans to absorb high-level crystal nuclei. They must do it under a sufficiently quiet and peaceful environment. Even the slightest disturbance might harm their bodies.

The mutant plant was spawned by his power, and any power that it swallowed would automatically be transferred to his body, which was relatively safer than directly absorbing crystal nuclei. But the overwhelming lighting and gold abilities still wrecked havoc in his body, causing his chest to surge with blood, and his vision to gradually blacken with pain.

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Obviously, right now was not a good time to stop. The members of the patrol team were all injured and they needed to find a place to rest, otherwise the safety of the team would not be guaranteed.

His experience points have entered the negative numbers, and he couldn’t even afford painkillers anymore.

Su Shi frowned and pressed down the blood surging in his chest. His spiritual power firmly wrapped the tyrannical lightning power, and desperately compressed it into the crystal core.

“How are you doing? Can you hold up?”

Seeing Su Shi’s speed gradually slowing down, Yuan Zheng was a little worried, so he specially slowed down [for him], and gently supported his shoulders.

Yuan Zheng had just brought his hands up, but all of a sudden that young man grasped firmly on to the corner of his clothes, and silently collided into his chest. His body was taut with intense pain and trembling from it.

Yuan Zheng’s stomach plummeted. He stopped breathing as he turned over the person leaning against his chest and carefully embraced him.

Deep within the young man’s clear eyes was the intense pain that he tried hard to endure. His lips were pressed so tightly together that they had turned white. The person in his arms raised his head silently and looked at him, and for the first time his gaze revealed weakness and a vague call for help.

Yuan Zheng returned to his senses abruptly. Quick as lightning, he held on to that body that had weakened so suddenly. He knelt down and told him to lean on his chest. His voice was almost raspy with anxiety.

“Stop walking, doctor—come here quick!”

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“Murder, arson, robbery, but I know he is a good child.”

#Care for the Son of Hell

#What do you mean by leaving me a box of ham sausage?

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