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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 13

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Chapter 13

According to the system’s requirements, unless it was under special circumstances, in any other situation, if the host were to personally explain his difficulties to someone not in the know, it was undoubtedly not allowed.
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Listening to the unrelenting deduction of points, everything went black before Su Shi’s eyes. He sullenly lowered his head.

Right away, at least four people around him express their concerns for his health.

On one hand it was the deduction of points, on the other hand it was the rapid decrease in the misunderstanding value. Su Shi wished that he could just bash his head against Wayne’s chest and die. Instead, he was involuntarily supported by a mess of arms and legs, all helping him lie down.

“Senior Daniel, I’m sorry.”

The tall young man, who had previously hung him up, was half kneeling by the bed. With his eyes red, he held on to the bedside and sincerely apologized.
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“We don’t understand your hardships at all. We misunderstood you and caused you grievous injuries, but you still haven’t given up on us. Even preferring to suffer injuries to take on our anger, and also to protect us from making any crazy moves…”

Su Shi lied on the bed. He smiled wanly at the man and lifted his hand to pat the top of the other’s head in forgiveness. He was so sad that he couldn’t even utter a single word.

The original amount of experience points has dropped at a visible rate. If these few people went out, perhaps one day, he would wake up and find that all the people in the country would know that he was an undercover agent worthy of the greatest admiration.

If only a meteorite could descend right now, smash the inside of the insurrection army’s headquarters, and kill everyone present*, then how good would that be?

[*T/N: The idiom used here is 同归于尽 tong gui yu jin, meaning “to die in such a way that somebody (or something) else also perishes / to take somebody down with oneself / to end in mutual destruction”]

This thought of self-destruction just emerged, when suddenly a loud sound exploded very close by. The entire headquarters shook with dizzying force.

Su Shi was shook by the intense sound wave until his vision turned black. From the pit of his stomach came forth a raw iron smell. He wondered dizzily if the system suddenly developed a wish-fulfillment function. Wayne had already leapt forward with alertness, protecting Su Shi under his body. “Hide!”
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After a series of explosions, Su Shi’s body was extremely fragile, almost pulled into the dark by pain and faintness. Contrarily, a gentle touch fell upon his forehead.

“Don’t sleep, Daniel. Stay strong for just a little longer…”

He subconsciously opened his eyes. Wayne’s black eyes held unconcealed pain and fragility.

He knew very well that Daniel’s body was already fragile. The insurgents have long become accustomed to such bombing attacks, but it was enough to make Daniel’s already weak fire of life completely extinguish.

Su Shi coughed a few times. Faint smears of blood appeared on his lips. He smiled shallowly and the dim light in his eyes brightened once again.

What a joke.

When he was unconscious due to serious injuries, this person took advantage of that lapse to stand up on his behalf and cleanse his name. He told the others all about his plans, thus causing Su Shi’s experience points to dissipate. Like so, he would be returning to the main space in a miserable state.

Don’t even think about it.

The strong obstinacy also seemed to stimulate the vitality hidden in the body. The life value that was faintly declining stopped falling, and began to slowly climb up again.

Wayne firmly protected him with his body. With his heart hammering in fear, he looked at the person who was riddled with scars suddenly pick himself up as if regaining some sense of conviction. The dazzling pride burst forth from his body again, impossible to ignore.

It was different from the ruthlessness of when he was the marshal and it was also different from the stubborn silence of the teenager in his memory. Obviously, he was given the greatest martyrdom and ridicule by his fate, but instead he was polished to become the most eye-catching gem in the world. His heart burned faintly with a luminous heat.

Those in command rushed out to strengthen the defenses and help with evacuation. The bombing continued. The windows could not withstand the intense sound waves and shattered. Dust fell from the roof.

Amidst the cannon fire in the sky, Wayne bent his head and kissed Daniel, kissing his bloodied lips.

“You will live on. I will use all my strength to make you live on…”

Su Shi calmly and gently raised his eyebrows, and smiled lightly at him.

It was a gentle and peaceful smile that has never been seen before, but the eyes were clearly determined, making Wayne’s heart sink in his chest.

“Wayne, can you hear that?”

Along with the ongoing attack, there were shouts for the insurrection army to give up Marshal Daniel.

The powerful attacks were like pouring rain. The equipment of the insurgents and the government forces was very different. Daniel always used the excuse that certain weapons’ destructive power was too large and might harm ordinary citizens to forcefully ban them from use, thus barely managing to shorten the disparity in strength between the two sides.

However, now all of it was raining down upon the insurgents’ position.

The gigantic lion lost its cage, and was already faintly exposing its strong fangs.

“There is someone in the government who wants to replace me. His means are more savage, more toxic, and more patient than me.”

Su Shi spoke slowly. His tone was calm, as if he was only describing one of the most common facts.

Wayne’s pupils contracted slightly.

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