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Chapter 130

The sharp gold power cut through one’s skin and flesh with no quarter. The electric arcs glowed with cold light, jumping and intertwining amongst the wounds, causing the pain to deepen rapidly, and the body to become stiff and numb in the blink of an eye.

Yuan Zheng would not mistake this feeling.

The original conjecture was overturned, and a thought that even he couldn’t believe suddenly rose in his heart.

The Son of Hell’s abilities that seemed to come from the underworld itself was too terrifying. It nearly ignored all the set rules of supernatural powers. Most opponents would not even have the courage to fight him head on, so even less people would realize that the manipulation of bloodthirsty vines and pitcher plants was ultimately a subdivision of plant manipulation.

When the Son of Hell appeared, Mu Shi just so happened to be absent, and when Mu Shi came back, the violent energy that belonged to the thunder-type supernatural being appeared in his body.

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The speculation that the deputy team leader once put forward suddenly seemed infinitely closer to the original truth of the matter.

Looking at the young man, Yuan Zheng’s gaze deepened for a moment, but the weak trembling of the young man’s eyebrows on his pale forehead roused Yuan Zheng again and he held his breath. He suddenly restrained all his thoughts.

If that crazy conjecture [of the deputy team leader’s] did indeed touch upon the truth faintly, then perhaps the young man was the same as his [Yuan Zheng’s] own deductions.

Yuan Zheng believed that the Son of Hell was in fact eager to put aside the dark past that has imprisoned his entire life. That he also wanted to try living the most ordinary kind of life. He wanted to get along well with other people, eat normal people food, and when he wanted to rest there would be someone to help guard his back.

Whether his guess was right or wrong, he shouldn’t be the one to destroy everything that they had.

With a very light sigh of relief, Yuan Zheng adjusted his posture slightly. He was just about to carry Mu Shi up, but found his movements stagnated.

All this time, Mu Shi had not let go of his hand.

A warm current flowed silently through Yuan Zheng’s chest, and the corners of his eyes felt faintly wet. Yuan Zheng didn’t let go of the young man’s hand. Instead, he carefully pulled Mu Shi into his arms and hugged him firmly.

When Su Shi woke up again, the pain in his body had subsided, and the ciolent lightning power had been completely tamed at some point. There was also a layer of jumping silver-white electric arc enveloped around his crystal core.

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There was a warm and cozy touch at his back that made him feel dazed. When he opened his eyes and blinked, he was met with Yuan Zheng’s concerned and worried gaze.

Yuan Zheng placed a hand on Su Shi’s forehead. Only after a long while, did he let out a sigh. He lightly pushed aside the wet towel on Su Shi’s forehead.

“How is it? Do you feel a little better?”

Su Shi’s memory gradually came back.

When he was hurting so much that he couldn’t even think straight, he had instinctively grasped on to the other person’s clothes. He vaguely remembered electrocuting the doctor. His memories after that were all fragmented and disjointed.

As if guessing his thoughts, Yuan Zheng’s gaze softened. Still holding Su Shi steadily, he patiently slowed down his voice: “Before, when Dr. He took you away, he buried a bit of power in you, can you feel it?”

Su Shi was slightly startled. Before he could speak, the deputy team leader pushed open the door and entered.

He held two bowls of hot soup in his hands. When he saw that Su Shi had regained conscious, he breathed a sigh of relief, and finally showed some relief in his eyes: “Fortunately, you managed to endure through it.”

Su Shi could see his own pot becoming more and more misty and faint, while a baseless pot fell upon Dr. Dark’s head.

An inexplicable envy burst forth within Su Shi. He turned around subconsciously, met the protagonist’s gaze, and tried to explain.

Yuan Zheng’s hand went to his back and patiently stroked him twice, as if to indulge him. At the same time it seemed to reveal a bit of appeasement.

“That power almost occupied your body. If it weren’t for your strong willpower, he might have gained control over you.”

The hand on his back was warm and gentle. The warmth of Yuan Zheng’s palm faintly passed through Su Shi’s clothes and seeped into his skin, satisfactorily comforting Su Shi’s still tired body.

Su Shi was so comfortable that he couldn’t help but close his eyes. He compromised and calmed down, quickly considering what was going on.

“You sure have really good endurance [to pain]. The doctor said you’ve been in terrible pain for a long time, and you even went through his medicine box looking for analgesics. Why didn’t you tell us?”

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The deputy team leader squatted down in front of him, handed him the bowl of soup, and kindly explained: “At that time, you lost consciousness from the pain. Only then did we know that you’ve been enduring the pain all this time. The doctor said that there was an unfamiliar force in your body that wanted to control you. Our captain examined you and found out that it was a residual left by that Dr. He. He tried to help you extract that foreign power. Right now, the situation looks good.”

It was actually a pretty good excuse, and it sounded much more reasonable than his original planned statement of “I accidentally ate a thunder-type crystal core.”

Su Shi blinked in surprise, and simply acquiesced to what the two had said. He raised his hand to take the bowl of soup, said thank you softly, lowered his head, and sipped the broth in small mouthfuls.

The hot soup slid down his throat and into his stomach, finally warming and filling his empty stomach.

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