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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 131

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Chapter 131

Su Shi didn’t know how long he has been asleep. The sky outside was already bright, and the bright light has penetrated through the cracks in the wooden house.

The protagonist still didn’t seem to have the intention of letting go. The arm outside of the blanket was cold from the chilly air, while his back was warm from the protagonist’s embrace, making him even more reluctant to move away.

This temperature and breath were both too familiar. Su Shi was even more uncertain if this was the same person or not. He lowered his head and drank the soup slowly. He spared part of his attention to listen to the vice team leader continue to prattle and nag.

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They were still staying in the woods. Yuan Zheng originally only wanted to find some place to shelter them from the elements, but then he accidentally discovered this hut left by a forest ranger, so he summoned the team members back.

Although the one that led the attack on them was commissioned by Dr. He, the ammunition was supplied from at least one base. Apart from the headquarters, the only people who knew the whereabouts of the patrol team was the Base T that commissioned them for this job.

The mission’s flavor was abruptly changed. Perhaps the entire commission was one big conspiracy. On the contrary, the team members did not have the interest to complete the task.

Yuan Zheng didn’t plan to just rush into the snare. He simply cut off all communications and temporarily stopped here with the patrol team.

All of these reasons actually made sense, but it was not difficult to guess the real reason once Su Shi observed this small wooden house and saw the team members scrambling to squeeze into the room with delight and concern upon hearing the news of his awakening.

The patrol team had stopped here just to wait for him to wake up.

Su Shi’s eyes pricked with tears. He lowered his gaze and raised the corner of his lips. He suddenly stretched out his right arm and spread his hand out. His eyebrows bend in a gentle arc.

In the narrow and dark wooden house, a refreshing breeze suddenly faintly flowed.

Verdant green leaves sprouted slowly from the center of his palm, and flower buds emerged from the branches and leaves. The buds unfurled into white petals, blooming silently. The flowers were small and delicate with brilliant golden centers. They were so beautiful that everyone watching felt their eyes going hot [with tears].

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It’s been more than ten years since the end of the world. The people have long become accustomed to seeing a gloomy sky and contaminated water and land. Plants have mutated into dangerous threats. The people have even started to forget what flowers originally looked like.

The lush daisies bloomed vigorously in the hand of the young man. The image burned itself into all the viewers’ retinas. The tight restraints that they had kept on their longing [for greenery] gradually loosened, and their visions were blurred by water vapors.

Su Shi didn’t speak. He just stuffed the bunch of daisies into the deputy team leader’s hands, and his clear gaze fell on everyone.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze was warm and wet with tears. His arms tightened unconsciously. He leaned his cheek against the young man’s soft short hair. The corners of his lips curved up gently, and he was suddenly very thankful for his decision.

Su Shi rested for a while, and finally recovered enough strength to get up. He insisted on having Yuan Zheng lead him out of the room.

Of course it was no accident that the protagonist could find this cabin. His [Bonanza] skill has activated again, and the red dot on the map that represented an arsenal was blinking incessantly, urging him to quickly appropriate it for himself.

[T/N: Reminder, his Bonanza skill was first mentioned in chapter 62.]

The Son of Hell mostly relied on his supernatural abilities to do things, and Unbounded City was protected by a bloodthirsty forest, so weapons and ammunition did not in fact have much use. However, the patrol team needed these things, and the armored vehicle had broken down on the road. Of course he did not plan to walk to Base T just like this.

“What is it? Did you find something?”

Seeing him walking deeper and deeper into the woods, Yuan Zheng also vaguely had some premonitions in his heart, and quickly followed him and helped him move aside any low-hanging branches.

Su Shi nodded and led the way. Within a dense forest, suddenly a modern building made of reinforced concrete appeared before their eyes.

Yuan Zheng stared, a peculiar light flashing through his eyes.

When he had carried Su Shi into the woods, it was deep into the night, and he did not have the motivation to explore the surrounding area. He only wanted to keep guard of the unconscious young man in the cabin. He did not expect to find such a large arsenal hidden in this forest.

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Seeing this building that has clearly been in used before, the small wooden house that appeared abnormally in the forest also got a reasonable explanation.

It was most likely not the residence of some forest rangers, but a lookout station where sentry garrisoned arms.

Yuan Zheng made this connection in the blink of an eye. He chuckled lowly. When he met with Su Shi’s clear black eyes, he could not help but raise his hand and lay it upon the young man’s shoulder.

“You don’t have to give us everything. You have to keep some things for yourself, understand?”

Even if you were to discover this arsenal by accident, you would still have to search around. It was impossible to go all the way to the arsenal with such precision.

But Su Shi didn’t even need to discern the direction on the road. Obviously, he had planned to bring Yuan Zheng here from the beginning.

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