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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 132

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Uggh, I am so done with my internet. I’ve been trying to post this chapter for. The. Past. Two. Days. Every time I get home from work and sit down to post this, I find my internet isn’t working. The connection in my area has always been a bit spotty, but never this bad. I low-key suspect the construction down the street is causing this. I don’t know how, but ever since they started construction, my internet has been even more glitchy than usual. In light of that, I’m going to change my updating schedule a little. Instead of saying “I’m going to post this chapter on this day,” it’ll be more like “I’m going to post these four chapters by the end of this week.” So the total number of updates will still be the same. I’m just giving myself more flexibility for when I post the updates to accommodate my spotty connection.

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Chapter 132

Su Shi didn’t even have time to say the excuse that he had prepared beforehand. He blinked several times and then stubbornly finished his scripted lines: “I once lost my way in this area and found this place by accident. But there were still people stationed here at the time, so they drove me away.”

“Okay, okay, I get it.”

Yuan Zheng responded and he couldn’t help but smile. His originally firm eyebrows softened into gentle indulgence. He nodded in agreement to Su Shi and leaned over his shoulder slightly. It almost seemed like there was a sense of patient encouragement in his tone.

“You really don’t need any of it at all? Munitions are precious in the post-apocalypse. Whether you keep them or resell them, they are very useful. You can exchange them for a lot of boxes of instant noodles…”

“You won’t cook them for me?”

The young man in front of him suddenly interrupted him. His dark eyes were fixed on Yuan Zheng.

Yuan Zheng was caught unprepared by such an inquiry. A warm feeling washed over him and he immediately compromised. His gaze was dripping with smiling intent. He coughed lightly and then nodded his head with all seriousness.

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“I will [cook for you]. When we replenish our supplies, I will cook whatever you want to eat. It’s just that your pot is already gone-”

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Yuan Zheng’s voice cut off abruptly when he saw the young man suddenly raised his head in horror. He was taken aback for a moment, and then he resolutely changed his tune: “It’ll be fine, I’ll just go back to the supermarket and get another one for you.”


While Su Shi was still in shock, the patrol team received news of the arsenal. They went and came back loaded with munitions. When they hit the road in a new armored vehicle, Su Shi, who was overreacting, was still deeply reflecting on the invisible harm that the entire mission caused to his own psychology.

This mission was full of strangeness. Yuan Zheng did not intend to let his people play the fool and be duped. He simply cut off communications with the headquarters and Base T. Then he led the team members to the target location in a concealed manner.

They traveled intermittently on and off the road for several days. When they were close to Base T, suddenly news spread outside that the patrol team of Base B had encountered the Son of Hell and they were brutally slaughtered.

Although the Son of Hell was notorious, the rumors surrounding him were mostly about him killing exiles and stealing supplies. This time, the news was that he had directly confronted a patrol team with a Class-A ability user leader, and easily decimated all of them.

Base B, as the party involved, abnormally did not make any statements, which was almost equivalent to tacitly acquiescing to the content of the news. The rumors became more and more outrageous, and in the blink of an eye it caused widespread panic in the major bases.

“This is simply nonsense! Captain, they’re clearly trying to spread rumors. Are they looking down on the Son of Hell or looking down on us?”

The striker was so angry that he slammed his fist against the equipment box beside him: “We have to do something about this, right? It would be too shameful if the rumors keep circulating like this!”

“Of course something needs to be done.”

Yuan Zheng spoke in a deep voice, and his frame of mind was not as relazed as before: “Resume communication with the headquarters, first explain the situation truthfully, and see what the headquarters has to say.”

“I’ve already explained things clearly, but I don’t know why, headquarters has not responded all this time, and it seems like they’re also blocking us.”

The deputy team leader frowned and shook his head. He sent a contact request again, but it was like running up against a brick wall. He did not receive any response back.

The abnormal silence lowered everyone’s mood. The deputy team leader tried to send a message again, but Su Shi suddenly stopped him with a gentle hand.

“You have to stop.”

Su Shi said to him. A flexible vine retracted from his finger into his cuff. Then he pointed to the infrared radar screen.

The two communication attempts have revealed the exact location of the patrol team to the other party. Now, there were several red dots representing thermal weapons rushing in their direction.

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The deputy team leader’s expression changed. He promptly turned on the shielding system, and then he reversed the steering wheel and drove onto a remote minor road. He pressed his foot to the accelerator.

Yuan Zheng’s eyes darkened slightly. He started to shout, “Mu Shi,” but stopped when he looked at the eyes of the young man that were still dark and calm.

According to the satellite cloud picture, a large number of troops have already assembled near the Bloodthirsty Forest. As a result of the universal panic, the people united together to encircle and annihilate Unbounded City.

No matter how strong the Bloodthirsty Forest was, it would not be able to withstand the indiscriminant bombing of so many thermal weapons. Even though the bases might not necessarily bring out devastating weapons such as nuclear warheads, once the Bloodthirsty Forest was breached, the Unbounded City would be razed to ruins in the blink of an eye.

“Abandon the employment mission, we’re also going to the Bloodthirsty Forest.”

Yuan Zheng’s gaze sunk. His voice was resolute and decisive.

The deputy team leader could not help but look up in shock: “Captain, then our mission-”

“Deputy, all of us are about to be added to the list of martyrs, are you still thinking about the mission?”

The petardier could not help but to interrupt him. He cracked his knuckles with his fighting spirit burning hot: “We should have done this long ago! If it was just spreading rumors, then fine, whatever, but why should we let them exterminate us? We should come out and give them a scare!”

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