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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 133

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Chapter 133

“The Son of Hell let us go. If he ends up getting killed because of us, regardless of how many bad things he did in the past, it would be our fault if he dies.”

Of to one side, the sniper also nodded in agreement. The team members had reached a consensus in a short amount of time, and the deputy team leader had no choice but to sigh reluctantly and turn the car around in resignation, driving in the direction of the Bloodthirsty Forest.

The sky gradually darkened, and Yuan Zheng’s gaze fell upon the silent young man in the corner of the car. Just as he was about to speak, Su Shi had already raised his head: “Stop the car.”

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The car was just passing by a medium-sized base that was recently destroyed by a wave of zombies. On both sides of the road were half-destroyed dormitory houses. These were the kinds of places where it was most likely for a large number of zombies to suddenly show up.

The deputy team leader hesitated for a while, brought the car to a stop, and then turned around patiently: “Xiao Shi, what is it? Did you notice something?”

Mu Shi nodded. His eyes fell on Yuan Zheng.

There was a faint pleading in those clear eyes. Unconsciously, Yuan Zheng’s heart softened. He reached for the young man’s shoulder and said to the deputy team leader: “Open the door. We’re getting off for a bit.”

“Oh no, no way. How can I let you guys go alone to such a dangerous place? It just so happens that we’re been driving for a long time. Let’s all get off and move around a bit. Little Log*, you go do whatever you want to do. We’ll keep watch for you.”

[*T/N: Refer to chapter 110 for a longer explanation on this nickname. If my memory serves me, this is only the second time he’s been called by this nickname in the story.]

The striker grinned and picked up his weapons without allowing for an explanation.

Mu Shi has never caused trouble for them, and now he suddenly wanted to get off the car, so there must be something that he absolutely had to do.

The other team members didn’t want to disappoint him, but they were also really worried, so they got out of the car together and escorted him into an alley.

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Following the map’s guidance, Su Shi walked to a seemingly ordinary warehouse. The light green vine in his sleeve came out again. A tender leaf reached out to slap against the fingerprint scanner, and the AI quickly decoded the lock, smoothly opening the dusty electronic lock.

The heavy door slowly opened, and the team members looked inside. Their eyes widened in surprise.

This seemed to be a private warehouse, but the contents were unbelievable, making them doubt their eyes.

All kinds of easy-to-store food items have been piled up to the ceiling, and on the other side were piles of medicines that were extremely scarce in these post-apocalyptic times. The owner probably wanted to hoard these things for a chance of survival, but before they could get to use it, they have already fallen under the erupting tides of zombies.

The team members’ eyes were shining. They could not help walking quickly into the warehouse and rummaging through the inventory. Cries of surprise would ring out from time to time.

Yuan Zheng did not follow them in. His eyes fell on Su Shi who was still standing by the door.

The young man also happened to look at him. There was no expression on his delicate face, but his eyes faintly showed a slightly nervous expectation, as if he was waiting for his response.

The corners of his thin lips were slightly curved, and the golden sunset fell on his soft and slightly curled hair ends, making him seem pure and gentle.

There were not the slightest vestiges of darkness left at all.

“This is great. It’s a big help.”

Yuan Zheng chuckled lowly, and he couldn’t help the emotions surging up in his chest. He lightly gathered Su Shi into his arms and stroked a palm comfortingly across his thin back.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to give us everything. You have to keep a little more for yourself, and give yourself a way out…”

The body in his arms moved a bit, and the young man raised his head to look up at him. Those shining black eyes faintly expressed unease.

“Don’t be afraid, nothing will change, everything will be exactly the same as before.”

Meeting his gaze, Yuan Zheng’s tone was soft and gentle. He hugged the body in his arms tight, and patiently held his hand: “First, let’s see what we can use from inside the warehouse. We’re still a few days journey away from the Bloodthirsty Forest, we-”

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His words halted abruptly and his eyes were filled with confusion and anxiety. He wanted to move, but his body has gone soft. He forced his eyes open with great difficulty, but the light of awareness in his eyes was dimming quickly.


Su Shi steadily supported the protagonist who he had caused to faint. On the way down, he placed the protagonist within the boundaries of the warehouse. With all the available supplies, it should not be a problem to live here for a few days.

The abnormal movements by the door attracted the team members’ attention. But when they looked over, they only had time to see their unconscious captain being pushed further into the warehouse.

Su Shi was still standing at the door. With his back to the setting sun, his expression was casted in shadows, and only his thin silhouette could be discernable. He silently took a step back.

Before the others could react, the heavy door of the warehouse abruptly closed on them.

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The author has something to say:

[How to hold on to a pot]

Step 1: Open a door.

Step 2: Cram the protagonist inside.

Step 3: Lock the door.

#From the gong’s perspective

#Son of Hell: I will give you everything. (っ^///^)っ now_praise_me.jpg


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