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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 136

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Chapter 136

The opponent’s ability seemed like it would be difficult to deal with. Su Shi did not dare to release the tropical pitcher plant at all. He covered the wound on his shoulder with one hand. With ragged breaths rattling through his lungs, his eyes narrowed in on Sun Shuo.

The red-colored seeds blended in seamlessly with the blood dripping from Sun Shuo’s chest. With a nudge of mental command from Su Shi, the seeds quietly drilled into the opponent’s wound.

The leaf that Su Shi had grabbed at random was barbed with spikes, and the wound that it caused was painful to the extreme. Sun Shuo did not notice anything unusual at all. He just gritted his teeth, pulled out a bottle of recovery potion, and gulped it down.

The mask of hypocrisy was completely thrown away, and Sun Shuo’s complexion turned gloomy again. His chilling eyes fell on Su Shi: “It seems like you are smarter than I had anticipated—in this case, we definitely cannot let you go on living…”

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A cruel red light flashed through Sun Shuo’s eyes. All of a sudden he raised his hand and then swiped it through the empty air.

The wind blade still remaining in Su Shi’s wound abruptly exploded, and the intense shock of pain instantly deprived Su Shi of his will. Before he could even react, his body collapsed to the ground.

Without giving Su Shi any time to breathe, the artillery fire from the sky poured down again. Without Su Shi to supply it with power, the Bloodthirsty Forest was torn apart again in the blink of an eye.

A smug smile finally appeared in Sun Shuo’s eyes, and he waved his hand vigorously. The soldiers from Base B pushed out a cold steel crossbow machine, and aimed in the direction of the figure who was unable to move.

A familiar image suddenly popped into his mind. Su Shi swiftly lifted his head and looked at the unremarkable dark green liquid mounted on the alloy crossbow. His vision constricted.

“This is the latest weapon developed by Dr. He. It can cause a person to begin melting from the inside of their body, and it will also corrode their crystal core and completely pollute their power. Since this forest depends on the Son of Hell to thrive, then as long as we inject this tube of liquid into his body, even the forest will be corroded and wiped clean.”

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Sun Shuo spoke leisurely. Satisfaction suffused him when he saw that the leaders of several of the other bases were pale and shocked by Base B’s new weapon. He turned his eyes back to the figure still half-kneeling in the forest, and raised the corner of his mouth cruelly.

Su Shi lowered his head slightly. His short and fine hair scattered across his forehead, and warm blood dripped down, dyeing his vision bright red.

This liquid drug wasn’t some new weapon. When he was at the central base, Dr. Dark had already successfully developed it and injected it into the bloodstream of a batch of experimental subjects.

[T/N: The next part is a flashback]

Those children who were used as experimental subjects soon began to struggle desperately in pain as icy despair spread from their bodies. After a long ordeal, they finally quieted down, and lost any signs of life. Then they were hastily pushed into a shallow pit.

A layer of soil was thrown on top, but the pain was etched deep into the abyss of their flesh.

In the next moment, a violent explosion shook through the secret laboratory, mercilessly destroying all the buildings that were above ground. In the blink of an eye, the bustling central base was reduced to a pile of ruins.

From the rubble, a pale boy struggled to dig himself out of the soil and prop his body up again.

The liquid drug and radiation had produced an unexpected reaction.

The mutated plants firmly protected him. A crystal nucleus formed quietly in the midst of his brain, and light returned once more to those dark pupils.


[T/N: End flashback]

Su Shi’s chest rose and fell slightly. The light in his eyes died out. His gaze fell on the additional clause [within the limit set by the character parameters, blackening is allowed once], and then a red haze blossomed across his vision.

He had obviously already given up on revenge, but if they would not even allow him to live…

The fluctuations of his immense spiritual power spread out quietly, and the Bloodthirsty Forest suddenly became silent in an instant.

The power of his crystal nucleus surged violent, and the lightning-type ability that he had consumed also could not wait to join in. It crackled against the dark branches and leaves.

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Contrary to what Sun Shuo had claimed, it was the Son of Hell who was constraining the Bloodthirsty Forest. Once he let go of his control over the forest, it would become the graveyard of everyone present.

The humans were unable to perceived the shift in their environment. They were still smugly awaiting the victory at hand.

Sun Shuo sneered and pressed the launch button hard: “Humanity does not welcome you. Go back to hell!”

Su Shi lightly raised his lips and a lowered his gaze. His spiritual power fluctuated violently. The alarm in his head sounded sharply, alerting him that his character’s blackening value was approaching the warning line.

In hindsight, the system realized what Su Shi was trying to do and it tried to stop him in a panic, but it was forcibly blocked.

Su Shi closed his eyes.

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