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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 138

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Chapter 138

Sun Shuo’s voice choked off. His body was stiff and stagnant. Then he looked down at his chest and horror entered his eyes.

A verdant young leaf protruded from the wound on his chest.

His spiritual power swept across his body in a hurry. His complexion quickly turned pale and a look of extreme panic entered his eyes.

Su Shi’s expression remained as calm as ever as he continued to power energy into Yuan Zheng’s body and repeated: “If you people save him, I will surrender.”

“This is no good. I’m being restrained by the Bloodthirsty Forest!”

Screams of terror rose from the crowd. When they looked down they found that the vines all over the ground had imprisoned them without their knowing. Ice washed through their veins. With just a thought, their opponent – the Son of Hell – could have them sucked dry right then and there.


The anxious voices of Yuan Zheng’s team rang out from beyond the edge of the crowd. They were just a step slower than Yuan Zheng. When they finally rushed onto the scene, they saw this terrifying situation in front of them.

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The Son of Hell knelt motionless on the ground. The person cradled in his arms was not breathing. Those eyes that were always smiling gently were now closed. Blood continued to gurgle out from his chest while the body gradually began to cool.

Su Shi didn’t look at them. He just lowered his head and a crystal nucleus slowly emerged from his palm.

His crystal nucleus was a gentle pale green and it was not in the sharp octagonal shape of other ability users. Instead, it was remarkably similar ot the shape of an ordinary plant seed.

The lost of power made his face go pale. Su Shi lowered his head, stuffed the crystal nucleus into Yuan Zheng’s mouth, pushed the man’s body forward, and whispered again, “You guys save him…”

He still had spiritual power. He could still control the Bloodthirsty Forest and directly destroy everyone present.

But he couldn’t save Yuan Zheng.

Dr. Dark definitely has an antidote on hand. The other person wanted to bring Su Shi back as experimental material, so he would never use a deadly poisonous drug to deal with him.

Electricity was already crackling in the air.

Sun Shuo’s voice was practically hoarse in fear: “I have the antidote. I have a regeneration potion. I will save him. You pull back first!”

The air went quiet again. Su Shi actually withdrew his spiritual power. The vines gradually loosened, and Sun Shuo’s body recovered a little bit of mobility.

The team members ran over in a hurry, their eyes already showing fear and helplessness.

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Su Shi got up, took a step back to hand Yuan Zheng’s body back to them, raised his hand to take the potion proffered by Sun Shuo, and then handed it to the deputy team leader with red-rimmed eyes.

“Feed him the antidote. Go to the Boundless City. It’s safe there…”

The crystal nucleus has left the body, and once his spiritual power was dissipated, it could no longer be reformed.

The deputy team leader was stunned. He hesitantly received the antidote and handed it to the doctor. Just as he was about to speak, Su Shi suddenly backed away quickly.

He has completely renounced the protection of his spiritual power and his body was already very weak. He could not completely avoid the figure that appeared in front of him.

Sun Shuo’s gaze was red with anger. He converged all of his powers into his muscles and punched his chest heavily.

Su Shi’s body flew up into the air, crashed heavily into a tree trunk, and slid down weakly.

His glasses had fallen off due to such a violent action, but he no longer had the energy to pick them up and put them back on again.

When his saw the familiar and delicate face, the deputy team leader was shocked and confused. He anxiously wanted to go over to the young man: “Xiao Shi-”

“Boundless City…”

Su Shi leaned against the tree and soundlessly mouthed the words to the deputy team leader. Then the red-eyed Sun Shuo entered his field of vision. Sun Shuo seized Su Shi by the collar.

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Su Shi calmly met Sun Shuo’s resentful and infuriated gaze. Then his eyes trailed downward and stopped on the other man’s chest.

When Su Shi stopped restraining the crowd, it temporarily restored Sun Shuo’s ability to move, but the bloodthirsty plant that he had planted into the opponent’s body was still dormant under his blood vessels and flesh, just waiting for his mental command.

Sun Shuo’s eyes narrowed, but he abruptly stopped himself from further action.

He watched, unable to do anything, as the patrol team fed their captain the antidote, carried him onto their backs and walked into the Bloodthirsty Forest. There was no way to know if Yuan Zheng was already dead or still alive. There was a sharp pull in Sun Shuo’s chest, and he forcefully suppressed the rage in his heart. He pulled Su Shi’s already unsteady body and locked him up in the metal cage that was prepared long ahead of time.

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