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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 139

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Chapter 139 (44.1)

Su Shi’s body fell into the ice-cold cage, but his pain receptors were already going numb.

Su Shi did not resist any longer. He swept his gaze indifferently across the faces full of fear and jealousy. His lips curved silently. He closed his eyes as if tired and quietly leaned on the cage bars behind him.

After confirming that he no longer had the strength to resist, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief, and they finally found the courage to cast their gazes on the Son of Hell who has such a fearsome reputation.

Without the disguise of glasses and shadows, they found that the Son of Hell was not as ferocious as the rumors say. His features were particularly delicate and pretty. Although he was covered in blood, he did not cut a sorry figure at all, and he did not seem like a vicious and merciless evil robber.

Some people were starting to have doubts and their actions became hesitant. But there were even more people eyeing the destroyed Bloodthirsty Forest with greed in their gazes.

In addition to the fact that Base B was sincerely planning to trap and suppress the Son of Hell, the reason why the other bases were willing to help was not only due to fear and panic, but also for greed over the mysterious Unbounded City.

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Rumor has it that the Son of Hell committed countless evil acts and robbed people of numerous precious resources. If they could successfully break through the Bloodthirsty Forest and get inside the Unbounded City, they would definitely be able to strengthen their bases in a short time.

Sun Shuo was naturally aware of these people’s ulterior motives, but he had to give up some rewards to appease the other bases. Sun Shuo’s expression fluctuated irregularly. The thrill from capturing the Son of Hell has long since dissipated like smoke in thin air. He hurriedly gave the order to withdraw back to the base and rushed back with a gloomy face.

There were deadly hidden dangers buried in his body. He must find Dr. He as soon as possible and get rid of these deadly vines.

He focused on the return back to the base with tunnel vision while still carrying the regret of missing the opportunity to explore the treasures of the Unbounded City. But out of nowhere came the screams of fear and pain from behind him.

The group of people paused for a while and turned their heads hesitantly.

The first people to rush in the forest were already caught up in the vines, and the terrifying plants with no discernible shape dragged them into the depths of the forest. Then all that was left was silence.

Without anyone to restrain it the Bloodthirsty Forest was no longer a picky eater and it captured any invader that had the aura of an ability user. The vines mercilessly preyed on any and all life forms that dared to approach the forest. The forest quickly filled up on power and returned to its previous size in a blink of an eye.

Sun Shuo’s expression could not help shifting again. This time, there was a vague sense of happiness on his face. He did not dare to tarry for another second and urged everyone to rush back to their headquarters.

Su Shi did not put up any resistance along the way. He was quietly brought back to Base B and then delivered directly to Dr. He’s laboratory.

“Dr. He!”

Sun Shuo stalked forward. There was a tint of fierce anger in his eyes. He grabbed Dr. He by the lapels of his white coat: “You said that I don’t need to be afraid of the Son of Hell’s abilities. But look at what happened to me now. What are we going to do about this?!”

Before Dr. He could appreciate his prize, he was dragged towards Sun Shuo. He tremblingly raised his head and was frightened by the wind blade that appeared beside him. He instantly went silent. After a long pause, he carefully said: “Let me go first. I- I’ll think of something…”

Dr. He has studied the Son of Hell’s abilities for a long time and has a general grasp of it. Although the opponent’s abilities were extremely powerful, he has never been properly educated in their use, so his techniques were very crude and simple. As long as you could avoid a fatal blow, it might not be that difficult to deal with.

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But according to Sun Shuo’s verbal account of events, this Son of Hell’s usage of supernatural powers was already completely unscrupulous. And a lot of his techniques were almost whimsical in their creativity. Not even Sun Shuo has been able to conceptualize such methods of application.

Looking back at the young man who was still motionless and unconscious in the cage, Dr. He’s anxiety finally calmed down a little. He pulled Sun Shuo to stand under the X-ray and performed a careful body scan.

The result made him tremble. His palms could not help oozing cold sweat, and his face couldn’t help turning pale.

“How is it? Is there a way to fix this?”

Sun Shuo was feeling very uneasy. He stepped down from the scanning table and grabbed Dr. He nervously.

“There is a way, of course there is a way…”

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