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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 14

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Chapter 14

Of course he knew.
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Meeting the other’s dark eyes filled with inscrutable emotions, Su Shi coughed twice and groped for Wayne’s hand, trying to hold it gently.

“If it weren’t for a chance to kill me here, he would not carry out such a fierce attack. If you don’t hand me over, whether I am dead or alive, he will use this as a reason to annihilate the insurgents…”

“But we might not lose.”

Wayne’s heavy tone of voice interrupted him. Within his pitch-black pupil ignited an intense blaze. “This isn’t all the strength of the rebel army. Daniel, if we really want to fight to the death-”

“I know that your arsenal is underground five hundred meters away from here. It is still a very hidden base that can be used for rest and recuperation. The government’s underground has been laid with explosives, and several people are trustworthy insiders. I have been sheltering them all the time.”
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Su Shi said in a low voice, canceling the abrupt plan that Wayne was about to put forth. He met the shocked eyes of Wayne, and smiled calmly and gently, “Well, I have been watching you guys for so many years, it can’t be that I don’t know anything.”

“You know everything…”

The artillery barrage somewhat halted. Wayne stood up and muttered. The pit of his stomach couldn’t stop undulating.

Daniel always stood at a distance.

He was just looking over them from afar and he already knew the deepest secrets of the insurgents. If they were really hostile to each other, the consequences were almost unimaginable.

The ability of the other party was far more terrifying than what he imagined. Only now did he understand the intention of their teacher to choose Daniel to go undercover.

“You do not need to undervalue yourself, Wayne. Your ability is in another area, you are a natural leader, people will involuntarily follow you, you will become their faith, their light.”

Su Shi said warmly, seamlessly breaking down the other’s psychological barrier.

“Of course I know that you can win, you can win – but you have to consider the price. You must not want to see, in the dawn of victory, those boys lying with a cold body.”

“I have already reached this step, Wayne. Let me finish my task. May I?”

Wayne looked at him. The light in Su Shi’s eyes was bright and unclouded. It made Wayne’s stomach hurt and paralyzed his tongue.

He had no way to refuse.

Born in such a world, their destiny could not be completely their own. He was willing to use all his power to protect Daniel, but what they both wanted was the new country in their dream, which was the wonderful future they had painted countless times.

Even if in that future this person may no longer exist.
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They were all wrapped up in the wheel of destiny.

“My identity, remember to help me keep it secret. No matter what, I have to mix in with the government, and also make my body a bit better.”

Su Shi stood up, with a smile and a warm voice, raising his hand to hold the silent Wayne.

He was very clear about what choices Wayne would make.

There were too many responsibilities on the other’s shoulders. The expectations of the people, the glory of the royal family, and their ambitions were enough to suppress this passionate feeling in the deepest part of the heart and prompt him to make a correct decision.

In all fairness, if he was not tied to such a nervous system, Wayne was a very good protagonist.

“The first time you held me, it was to take that bullet for me. The second you hold me, is to have me send you to your death.”

Wayne slowly raised his arms and gently hugged him. He laughed bitterly as he whispered.

Su Shi forced a smile. He shook his head. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Al burst in through the door with a body covered in gun smoke. “Your Highness Wayne! Let’s quickly evacuate Senior Daniel. They are about to launch another attack. Our brothers might not be able to hold off-”

His words suddenly stuck in his throat, staring blankly at the situation in front of him, hesitating he said in a meek voice, “S- Senior Daniel…”

“I know. Al, could you give me a hand.”

Su Shi pulled back and held himself upright using Wayne’s arms. He smiled shallowly towards him with a calm look.

“You hand me over, then immediately move out, and recover in the base for a while. You did a good job. Now… I should go back to my battlefield.”

“But the doctor said your body is already in a very bad state. If you continue to push yourself, there will be problems!”

Originally, he thought that Senior Daniel would return to the insurrection army. He did not expect that the other party would go back to the murky government. Al rushed forward and clapped himself hard on the chest. “We can protect you! Even at the cost of my life-”

“But I hope that you will be alive and be able to follow Wayne, to create a country full of light and warmth.”

Su Shi interrupted his words and turned to look at Wayne. After a long time, the other party faintly nodded his head. Suddenly he pulled Su Shi back into his arms, using strength to press him against his chest. His voice was low and clear. “Come back alive…”

He lifted his hands and held on to that rigid body. Su Shi’s expression became peaceful. His tone was warm and soft, but his oath was firm and resolute.

“Okay, I promise.”

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: Go to death, hahahaha-=≡Σ(/≧▽≦)/


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