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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 140

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Chapter 140

Dr. He knew that if he didn’t handle this situation very carefully, he would be cut into pieces by Sun Shuo’s wind blade. He did not dare to tell Sun Shuo that his situation was hopeless.

Dr. He squeezed out a smile, and nodded again and again. He fetched out a bottle of medicine from the reagent cabinet and handed it to the other man.

“This medicine is specifically designed for destroying mutated vegetation. It won’t harm the human body. You should take the medicine. After a few days, those vines will wither. Then you’ll be fine…”

If it weren’t for Dr. He’s idea, then they would not have been able to capture the Son of Hell this time. Therefore, Sun Shuo did not suspect a thing. He took the medicine and downed it in one gulp. Then he moved his body around a bit.

“So I’m going to be okay now?”

“Yes, you’ll be fine, just fine.”

Without any hesitation, Dr. He nodded his head vigorously.

Sun Shuo finally felt relieved. He walked slowly over to the edge of the cage and looked at the young man who was lying silently inside the cage. He said to Dr. He, “This time, we were able to catch him thanks to you. I didn’t expect the Son of Hell to be a young brat…”

Just as he finished talking, Su Shi’s eyes abruptly popped open.

Met with Su Shi’s bright black eyes, Sun Shuo suddenly felt a vague sense of panic in his heart. Before he could react, the young man in front of him said calmly, “Dr. He lied to you. You are very angry, so you want to give him a good beating.”

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Su Shi’s words were baffling to Sun Shuo. The man’s brows knotted together, at a loss. But Dr. He’s complexion was already changing. He lifted his leg, about to run out the door.

But a blade of wind curved in front of him.

“Dr. He, what is going on?!”

Sun Shuo’s body was moving involuntarily. Before he knew it, he had already jumped forward and punched Dr. He in the chest. Hard. Extreme panic crept into his eyes.

Sun Shuo was still aware of everything, but he could not control his body at all. He could only look on helplessly as he punched Dr. He again and again. In the blink of an eye, he had beaten the man in a white lab coat to a pulp. At some point, Dr. He’s weakened voice couldn’t even beg for mercy anymore.

“You are no longer angry. Come back here now, help me open the cage, and then you can leave.”

Sun Shuo heard the Son of Hell’s voice commanding him again. His heart was already filled with boundless chills. He desperately tried to resist the instinctive actions of his body, but it was ultimately a futile effort.

Su Shi was filled with satisfaction as he watched Sun Shuo help him open the door to the cage. Su Shi staggered to his feet and walked over to the reagent cabinet. He identified an analgesic and a restoration drug, plucked them out, and down them both quickly.

“What the hell did you do to me?! Why am I listening to you? I-”

Sun Shuo looked upon Su Shi with horror, but before he could finish speaking his body was already automatically walking towards the door.

Behind him, Su Shi’s calm voice sounded slowly: “You weren’t listening to me, but your body was doing what I had asked. I still have something to do right now. You go back first, I will find you when I have time.”

If Sun Shuo had immediately expelled the vines from his body at the moment when Su Shi was making them sprout, or if right after Su Shi was captured he had been prepared to pay any cost and used his supernatural ability to strip the vines from his body, then he would still have a chance.

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But Sun Shuo did not do either of those things, so by the time he had returned to this base, his entire body was already completely dominated by the bloodthirsty plant that was under Su Shi’s control. Although it did not invade his brain, it was already rooted into his crystal nucleus. Unless Sun Shuo completely destroyed his core along with the plant, he could only live in symbiosis with the plant in his body forever.

After finally finding a puppet with such extraordinary strength, of course Su Shi wouldn’t just get rid of him so easily.

After Sun Shuo walked out of the door, Su Shi closed the door behind him. Then he walked over to Dr. Dark, squatted down, and patiently looked at him.

“You can’t hit me!”

Dr. Dark’s eyes were full of panic and chaos. He struggled to scurry backwards away from Su Shi.

“You can’t hit me. Just kill me already. My identity has already been exposed. If you kill me, your task will be complete. Just don’t hit me again…”

He has also played various villain roles that have committed heinous crimes, but he has always been killed off neatly, and then he would smoothly return to the main space to accept a new task. This was the first time that he has met a user that would beat him up every time they crossed paths.

He originally thought that he could play an antagonist role to the protagonist and use the opportunity to vent his anger, but now he regretted his decision to death. He only hoped that he could escape far away from this terrible guy, and never go to the same world as him again.

“Your mission hasn’t been completed, and neither has mine– don’t worry, I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t beat you with my own hands in the future.”

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