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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 141

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Chapter 141

Su Shi patted Dr. Dark’s shoulder in a friendly manner. He then casually crooked a finger and the plants in the corner extended towards them. The plants then dragged Dr. Dark’s body up and stuffed him onto a chair.

The more evil things the other person did, the higher Su Shi’s rating would be upon completing the task, and the experience points that could be obtained at the end would be doubled accordingly. In order to earn more experience points, he had to make this Dr. Dark live a little longer.

Looking at the ruthless figure standing in front of the reagent cabinet, Dr. Dark shivered. He tried to slam himself into the corner of the cabinet [to suicide], but the plants in the laboratory stopped him, and dragged him back to the chair to sit down.

Su Shi ignored him. He picked out the reagents that he needed from the cabinet, making sure to gather a sufficient amount, and then he threw it into the little tropical pitcher plant that he was carrying with him. From within the pitcher plant, he fished out a packet of instant noodles and a little pot. He filled the pot with some water and put it on the spirit lamp atop the experiment table.

The flame from the spirit lamp was very small, and even after cooking for a long while, the water in the pot was still only lukewarm.

Su Shi picked up the flamethrower hanging on the wall and looked at it, but in the end he set it aside while Dr. Dark looked on in fright. He sat in front of the experiment table with his chin propped up on his hand. With the other hand he touched the dancing flame of the spirit lamp with his fingertips.

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The faint scalding of his fingertips caused him to subconsciously withdraw his hand, but the chill in his heart still lingered.

The warmth that was gradually cooling in his chest still seemed to exist. He subconsciously folded his arms around himself, but he couldn’t touch anything.

After all, the Son of Hell wasn’t some endlessly benevolent weakling. Under the specified character parameters, he had the right to be blackened once.

But at that time, he had actually gotten rid of the limitations of the character setting, and he had also thrown away the black pot that he needed to shoulder. If everyone thought that a person who has had to bear unjust treatment would definitely sink into the path of vengeance, then he didn’t mind sinking once and showing them what an evil fiend he could become.

This world allowed for mild blackening, so his movements weren’t immediately hindered. By the time the system sensed something was wrong and tried to forcibly stop him, he would have had enough time to do what he wanted to do.

He could use his body as nutrients, and his blood and life force to irrigate the Bloodthirsty Forest, and have the forest completely devour all the human beings who were blinded by greed and fear. He could just put a stop to this mission, forget about the experience points, and return directly back to the main world.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t get any experience points. It didn’t matter if he violated the rules and got thrown into the Hundred Refinements Space. It didn’t matter if he got punished for disrupting the plot line. None of that could be worse than that time when he was covered all over with cuts and bruises and sinking into a cold abyss.

He was in a hurry. From the start, he didn’t want to stay in this world for too long.

But just when he was about to stimulate the power in his crystal nucleus and completely integrate his body into the dark and dank forest, that warm embrace once again inexplicably protected him, pulling him back right before he sacrificed himself. At the same time, the blackening value that was on the verge of approaching the warning line slowly dropped.

The plot line that was on the verge of collapse was brought back on track, and his chest, which had been cold and hard, gradually warmed up.

He suddenly hesitated.

The Dark God was able to follow him into this world.

What if that exceptionally familiar warmth was the firelight that he had been thinking of all this time? What if that person had already broken through the barriers of the world and chased after him [to this world]? If Su Shi terminated the mission ahead of schedule because of his doubts, and returned to the previous world through a back door, then he would inadvertently brush past that person and miss the chance to reunite with him.

“Let me ask you-”

The progress of the spirit lamp was too slow, and Su Shi finally lost his patience. He turned his chair to face the terrified Dr. Dark behind him. He picked up the flamethrower and with a snap ignited a light blue flame.

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Just as he was about to speak, he swallowed back his words.

Now was not the time to beat the grass to scare the snake*. If that person has not completed his upgrade, and Su Shi asked about it right now, then it may cause the main system to be on alert.

[*T/N: “beat the grass to scare the snake” – Chinese idiom meaning to inadvertently alert an enemy]

Su Shi lowered his eyes slightly and pondered. The flamethrower in his hand roasted the little stainless steel pot. Unable to withstand the heat, it immediately started to sizzle.

With his expression remaining unchanged, Su Shi met Dr. Dark’s terrified gaze. His words petered out without a trace. He leaned over slightly with an amiable expression. The flamethrower still rested in his hand.

“I’m a little tight* lately. Do you have any extra experience points?”

[*T/N: “tight” as in “tight on cash”]

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: I, the Son of Hell, am collecting money.

#No, no, no, the flamethrower can’t be held upside down.

#You can’t play with a spirit lamp with your fingers.

#You can’t cook instant noodles in the laboratory. Ahhhhh!


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