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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 142

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Chapter 142 (45.1)

“If I give me experience points to you, can you-”

Dr. Dark spoke in a low voice and looked at Su Shi carefully: “Can you kill me right now?”

Before Dr. Dark could finish speaking, he saw the calm light in those pitch-black pupils, and immediately shuddered violently. When he returned to his senses, he changed his words: “Yes, I have, how much do you want!”

“Let’s play it by the ear. I’m not certain when I can return it.”

Su Shi responded flippantly as he casually pressed the switch of the flamethrower twice. He turned around and then very seriously boiled the water.

He had just been captured, and right now Dr. Dark should be torturing him as an experimental subject in every possible way. If he escaped easily, Base B’s fear for him would really reach its peak.

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According to Su Shi’s past experiences, once everyone’s attention was focused on him, no matter if it was good or bad, the odds of overturning the car would not be too low. It was better to reduce his sense of existence as much as possible, retain everyone’s inherent impression of him, and finally take his lunchbox* and beat it without anyone the wiser. Like this, there was still some hope.

[*T/N: lunchbox – a reference to actors leaving the filming set with a lunchbox after their character dies in the show, which means they’re done acting for that show]

The patrol team should be coming to save him soon. It might be better to wait a while longer.

The effect of the flamethrower was indeed much better than that of the spirit lamp. Looking at the pot that had been roasted black, Su Shi frowned, tore open the flavor packet and poured it in. Soon, the tempting aroma quickly spread throughout the laboratory.

He had accidentally picked up some spicy flavor noodles. Su Shi couldn’t help frowning at the spicy smell. He hesitated while holding on to the flamethrower. In the end, based on the principle that resources were precious during post-apocalyptic times, he opened the noodles and put them in.

Steam rose from the pot. The noodles unraveled and stretched out in the red soup. Guessing that it was about time, Su Shi put out the fire. Then he picked up a pair of chopsticks and put some noodles in his mouth. Caught off guard by the spiciness of the chili oil, he ended up coughing.

The pungent spiciness caused his eyes to water. Su Shi couldn’t help rubbing his eyes, took a few breaths of cool air, and then lowered his head again to eat all the noodles.

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He didn’t use enough water for the noodles, so the spicy flavor was even more concentrated. His eyes were swimming with tears from how spicy the noodles were.

Su Shi sighed softly, put down his chopsticks, and looked out the window.

If the protagonist didn’t come soon, he was going to die from the noodles that he cooked with his own hands.


Yuan Zheng was sitting in a bed. His eyes were fixed silently on a corner of the room.

The deputy team leader brought over a bowl of noodles. He only took one glance. His captain’s exceedingly calm expression was making him feel even guiltier. He cautiously nudged the bowl of noodles towards his captain.

“Captain, you just woke up, how about you eat something…”

Yuan Zheng interrupted the deputy team leader in a low voice, “Concealing it from me like this is only going to make me more worried and anxious, with no other benefit.” He turned to look at the deputy team leader. “Tell me the truth, what happened after that, and why am I still alive?”

Meeting Yuan Zheng’s gaze, the deputy team finally didn’t have the courage to make up any more excuses. He clenched his teeth and lowered his head. His voice was faintly hoarse: “Captain…”

“The doctor told me that it was Mu Shi who helped me get the antidote. He told you guys to bring me back first, and that he has some things to deal with himself.”

Yuan Zheng looked at him. The hands hanging by his side were already clenched tightly into fists. His shoulder wound was about to split open, but his tone remained calm: “When I woke up, you were not here. At that time, you were leading the others to save Mu Shi, right?”

The deputy team leader’s expression changed, and he raised his head in a hurry: “Captain-”

“All of you are injured. I’ve led you guys [as your captain] for all these years. I could tell with just one look.”

Yuan Zheng received the bowl of noodles that the deputy team leader handed him. With one hand, he brought the bowl to his mouth and took a few sips of soup. Then he set the bowl aside. With great difficulty, he propped himself upright on the bed.

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He had already taken the antidote, but it was impossible for the damage to his body to recover so quickly. Just the simple act of sitting up caused his arms to tremble faintly and a fine layer of sweat to spread across his forehead.

“Captain! Your body hasn’t fully recovered yet. Uncle Wuming* said that you have to wait at least another twelve hours…”

[*T/N: Uncle Wuming – the term “老伯 uncle” is used as a polite form of address for an older man. Not biological. And 无名 Wuming literally means “nameless.”]

The deputy team leader hurriedly tried to press Yuan Zheng back onto the bed. When he saw the stubborn light in Yuan Zheng’s eyes, he gritted his teeth and remained silent for a long time. Finally, he resolutely said the truth: “Captain, in order to save you, Xiao Shi surrendered himself to Sun Shuo. They took him back [to Base B]. We want to save him, but we couldn’t break through—if you want to save him, you have to wait for your body to fully recover!”

Yuan Zheng’s body suddenly went taut. His eyes flashed intense red. The deputy team leader felt a faint scalding from where his hand was in contact with Yuan Zheng. He sucked in a sharp breath and quickly backed away. His hand was already burned bright red.

Yuan Zheng lowered his gaze again. His abilities were already fluctuating violently around his body.

The light elemental ability continuously poured out from his crystal core. It rushed into every corner of his body, forcibly burning up any medicine that remained in his body. There was even a faint sizzling sound coming from his body.

“Captain, this is too risky!”

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