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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 143

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Chapter 143 (45.2)

The light elemental ability could also have the effect of healing and purification, but it was much more intense than the gentle healing ability. The deputy team leader frantically wanted to stop Yuan Zheng, but he did not dare to approach his captain too rashly. His throat was choked with anxiety.

Due to the intense pain, Yuan Zheng’s muscles were pulled as taut as rods of steel. His chest rose and fell slightly, and there was some cold sweat oozing from his forehead. His voice was hoarse: “He gave me his crystal core.”

The deputy team leader looked up in amazement. He opened his mouth in disbelief. Panic colored his eyes.

Suspended in the air was a light green seed enveloped in the crystal core’s light.

The cool breath of life continued to overflow, flowing to every corner of his body and healing the body tissue that was burned and damaged by the excessive light power.

Yuan Zheng closed his eyes. The pain in his body was almost like a separate essence. He took a deep breath and stood up by leaning against the edge of the bed.

“I was just wondering… was I wrong at that time? My self-righteous meddling might have put him into danger because he could not act freely…”

Even before they had tried to contact others [outside of the patrol team], the Son of Hell had already been abandoned at the start of the post-apocalypse to live in the wilderness and ruins of a destroyed society. Yet he was able to survive depending on his own strength and power.

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Based on the Son of Hell’s abilities, if it wasn’t to save the patrol team or to save Yuan Zheng, he would not have fallen into anyone’s hands.

A sudden surge of regret overtook Yuan Zheng. Why did he have to pull Mu Shi back?

When he had hugged that body, he could feel the trembling from the body in his arms due to extreme forbearance. He could tell that if he had not stopped Mu Shi, then Mu Shi really might have chosen to take everyone down with a self-destructive death.

But even such a result was still far better than humiliatingly choosing to obey, falling into the hands of the enemy again, and being forced to experience the boundless pain and fear of being an experimental subject once again.

Yuan Zheng’s footsteps were still a little heavy, but he still pushed away the deputy team leader’s assistance and walked towards the door.

“I’m going to bring him back, or-”

Yuan Zheng looked into the deputy team leader’s worried yet complicated gaze. He took a deep breath and his eyes finally darkened completely.

“I’ll let him go.”

If Mu Shi could only survive by leaving their unnecessary warmth and reverting back into a fierce robber, then Yuan Zheng would no longer be self-righteous and bind those black wings.

Since everyone was anticipating the Son of Hell to be a powerful evildoer, then why not satisfy their wishes.

The deputy team leader hesitated to speak, and after a long while he finally sighed heavily. He stopped trying to persuade his captain, and just stepped forward to hand him the last bottle of recovery potion.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze warmed. He lightly patted the deputy team leader’s shoulder, took the potion, and drank it in large gulps.

The last vestiges of injury on his body were completely repaired, and only vague fatigue and residual pain remained, but they were not really troublesome.

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Yuan Zheng pushed open the door and walked out quickly. The bright sunlight outside made him instinctively raise his hand to block it. When his vision gradually recovered, he was slightly taken aback by the sight before him.

The Unbounded City was completely different from how the outside world had imagined it to be. It was not the nest of devils that everyone had thought it would be.

The paths were cleaned spotless. Several young children in clean clothes were running around and merrily playing. The bloodthirsty vines from the Bloodthirsty Forest that were terrifying to behold from outside were patient and tolerant in the hands of the children. They even thoughtfully picked up a child and held him up high so that he may pick the newly grown leaves from the apex of a tree.

A one-legged old man walked over on crutches and waved at them with a smile. Beside him, a girl wearing a veil took out candy from a basket and handed it out to the children.

A white cat with a missing ear jumped down nimbly from a roof. It ambled over to him, raised its head, and rubbed against his pants leg.

“This is Unbounded City.”

As if aware of Yuan Zheng’s gaze, the old man smiled and rubbed the heads of the children in front of him. He told them to go play elsewhere, and then he walked to Yuan Zheng’s side in a hurry.

“All the people and animals living in Unbounded City were abandoned by the outside world. This is the only place they can survive.”

The law of survival in the post-apocalyptic world was cold and cruel. All the weak and powerless beings were no longer sheltered. Instead, they were exiled [from the bases] to fend for themselves.

It was the Son of Hell who brought them here and settled them in the ruins that had been tidied up. As the days passed, the current Unbounded City was formed.

Yuan Zheng did not answer. He leaned over and rubbed the white cat’s head, but the light in his eyes dimmed more and more.

The old man seemed to know what he was thinking. He patted Yuan Zheng on the shoulder, smiled, and said warmly, “Don’t worry, that kid has a lot of crystal nuclei. He would give one to someone else at the drop of a hat. Even if he gave you one, a new core will form soon.”

Each ability user only had one main crystal nucleus. Once it was stripped, it could not be regenerated, which meant that person’s power would completely dissipate, so it was especially precious.

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The deputy team leader looked up in amazement and met his captain’s equally astonished gaze. He hesitated for a while before carefully opening his mouth: “Uncle, could it be that Xiao Shi’s crystal nucleus… is in the shape of a strawberry?”

The old man was about to explain, but when the deputy team leader asked him this, he couldn’t help but cough twice and nearly lost his mysterious attitude. He shook his head with a light cough.

“No, his powers come from a different source compare to other humans, and not from the so-called crystal nucleus. Rather, it comes from an intact plant—he’s only giving away a few seeds. It’s not a big deal for a plant.”

With that said, his eyes turned to Yuan Zheng, and his expression softened: “Even the cruelest bloodthirsty plant still needs sunlight. I understand your confusion, but might as well figure out what he wants before making a decision, okay?”

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