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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 144

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Chapter 144

The girl glanced over in their direction. Then she leaned over and spoke softly beside the children’s ears.

The boy at the head of the group suddenly ran towards Yuan Zheng with his fists clenched tightly. He stopped in front of Yuan Zheng, panting for breath. The boy took out a handful of candy from his pocket and shoved it into the man’s hand. Then he rummaged in his other pocket for more candy.

“Big brother, I’ll give you all my candy, can you help us bring Mu Shi-gege back?”

[T/N: gege means “older brother,” not necessarily blood-related]

Yuan Zheng’s lungs stuttered. He looked into the bright, clear eyes of the child.


Looking at the figure sitting in front of his experimental table and struggling with a bowl of spicy instant noodles, Dr. Dark carefully leaned over and hesitantly tried to probe, “When is your protagonist going to come pick you up? I still have some more recovery potions. Would you like to send him a few more bottles…?”

“I took all of it already and didn’t leave any behind for you.”

Su Shi waved his hand. His throat was hoarse from the spices. He sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes.

Next time, he definitely wouldn’t choose this flavor anymore.

Dr. Dark slumped back in an instant. After thinking for a while, his eyes suddenly lit up: “I am blinded by greed. I plotted to seize control of Base B. Just when I’m about to succeed, you came and kill me. Then Base B will become yours. What do you think [about this plan]?”

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Su Shi had no interest in the base, and was about to decline, but then he suddenly thought of the people on the patrol team.

The whole thing was a complete conspiracy from the very beginning. Base B has made up its mind to provoke everyone’s fear of themselves. The patrol team was undoubtedly the bait that has been sacrificed.

With his split second defection in the Bloodthirsty Forest, Yuan Zheng’s name has already been completely tied to the Son of Hell and Unbounded City. Even though Sun Shuo was already under Su Shi’s control, Base B has already lost all trust in the patrol team’s members.

For the protagonist, the higher you go in a world, the stronger the power that can be absorbed.

Su Shi suddenly became interested. He put down the bowl of noodles and turned around: “How long will it take?”

“Are you interested? I knew you would be interested!”

Dr. Dark raised his head as if he had been granted amnesty. His gaze was luminous. “I have already started making arrangements, and now Sun Shuo is under your command. Have him follow my orders temporarily, and I will be able to get the base in one month at most!”

The task Su Shi had accepted just happened to be [get rid of the Doctor of Hell and protect Base B]. Su Shi certainly did not intend to refuse the opportunity offered by the other party to successfully complete the task. After pondering for a while, he nodded, and handed out a pale green seed to him.

“This is my crystal nucleus. As long as you hold it in your hand, he will listen to what you say.”

His crystal core had to be compressed and formed by the power of condensation. The strength it took to do that caused Su Shi’s complexion to turn a little pale. The drowsiness, which was previously suppressed by the spiciness of the noodles, rose up again.

After fighting for a whole night, the painkiller finally took effect and numbed his aches. His body entered a sleepy, relaxed, and tired state.

Su Shi yawned, looked around, walked over to the only dissection table in the corner where he could lie down, turned over, and lay on it lightly: “I’m going to sleep, help me clean up.”

Dr. Dark’s expression flickered, but he didn’t have the courage to say the words to persuade Su Shi to come down. He crept up to clean up the experimental table, and leaned over to see if the person was asleep. Just as he walked to the edge of the dissection table, the door of the laboratory was suddenly pushed open.

Su Shi was just about to enter the land of dreams when he heard the sounds. He instinctively propped up his body, and looked towards the door.

Dr. Dark’s complexion has changed greatly, and he hurriedly pressed Su Shi back down. He hastily pulled over a sheet of white cloth and covered Su Shi with it: “Don’t move, I’m begging you, don’t move a muscle…”

For the Son of Hell to be sleeping peacefully in his laboratory, no matter who saw this sight, his villain boss character would collapse immediately. For the staff, their punishment for breaking their character settings was much heavier than that for users. Just deducting experience points would be a light punishment. He might even be banished to a more wretched world.

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After hiding Su Shi in a hurry, Dr. Dark calmed down a bit. Then he turned around and looked at the door, but the expression on his face instantly froze.

Yuan Zheng was standing steadily at the doorway, his chest heaving slightly. His body was still wreathed in the killing intent that had carried him all the way from the gates to the lab. Cold wind poured in from beyond the door, bringing with it the scent of freshly spilt blood.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze swept across the interior of the laboratory, and the corners of his eyes suddenly tightened.

The wicked doctor was standing beside the icy dissecting table, looking at Yuan Zheng with uncontrollable panic and nervousness. He was trying to cover up the dissecting table, which was covered up with a white cloth, behind him.

That layer of white cloth caused infinite fear to suddenly appear in Yuan Zheng’s chest, and the hands hanging down by his side were already trembling faintly.

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