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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 145

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Chapter 145

“No, it’s not like that! Wait a minute, I can explain-”

Dr. Dark backed away in a hurry. Just as he was trying to explain himself, Yuan Zheng struck him hard in the chest. The crisp crackling sound of bone breaking could be heard, and the taste of iron filled his mouth.

His body flew backwards and he smacked heavily against the hard instrument stand. He tried to crawl back up, but failed even after multiple tries. With difficulty, he coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. He curled up like a shrimp, trembling in fear, and shrank back.

Yuan Zheng’s chest rose and fell rapidly. He almost didn’t dare to lift the white cloth because he was so afraid of what he might find, but he still forced himself to stretch out his hand and slowly lift the white cloth with a faintly trembling hand.

The familiar face hidden below was finally revealed. Yuan Zheng’s eyes abruptly darkened, and the strength in his body immediately dissipated. He almost fell to his knees, but the person lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

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Those pure black pupil clearly reflected Yuan Zheng’s image. Suddenly, it was like they were lit up with stars. The young man’s delicate eyebrows and eyes curved into a soft and beautiful arc, but it was still difficult to conceal the faint redness of the eyes.

Yuan Zheng held his breath subconsciously, and carefully stroked the young man’s somewhat pale cheek.

The temperature of the young man’s skin was warmer than Yuan Zheng had imaged, which made him calm down. He was afraid tha the other party had already suffered some cruel treatment under Dr. Dark’s hands, so he didn’t dare to move his body carelessly.

Su Shi ran out of patience. He grabbed Yuan Zheng’s hand and exerted a bit of strength to pull himself up. Then he slammed into that familiar warm embrace.

Yuan Zheng’s arm trembled violently. His hot tears almost brimmed over and fell down his cheeks. He forcefully swallowed down the choked feeling in his throat and hugged the body in his arms tightly.

The temperature in the lab was set low, and the dissection table was terribly cold. Finally wrapped up again in that fresh and warm embrace, Su Shi couldn’t help sighing in contentment. He snuggled his head comfortably into the curve of the other person’s neck. Intense tiredness surged up, and he didn’t want to move at all.

Su Shi’s intimate gestures made Yuan Zheng’s chest burn hot.

Yuan Zheng blinked back the water vapor in his eyes, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but lift upwards. He carefully wrapped Su Shi in his arms and attentively checked whether the other person was hurt or not.

“I’m fine.” Su Shi said. He was just a bit panicky because he was feeling thirsty from eating the spicy noodles. Su Shi cleared his throat and held Yuan Zheng’s arm: “Is it safe outside?”

“I closed the emergency doors on both sides of the hallway. It’s safe for the time being.”

Su Shi’s slightly hoarse voice made Yuan Zheng’s heart sink. He held Su Shi’s hand. His gaze fell onto those still reddened eyes [of Su Shi’s]. He worriedly folded an arm around Su Shi’s shoulders: “What did Dr. Dark do to you? Did he hurt you?”

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To be able to break free from such a dark past and able to face down a sky filled with artillery fire alone, just what kind of experience would make Mu Shi cry? Yuan Zheng did not dare to imagine.

Out of the blue, from the corner of the room came the loud sound of heavy objects falling to the floor.

Su Shi looked over and met Dr. Dark’s pleading eyes. He couldn’t help the corners of his lips from pulling up a bit.

Su Shi shook his head gently and said, “You came here very quickly. He didn’t have time to do anything to me.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, there was something off about his voice, and his eyes reddened all over again. Contrary to his words, his expression made Yuan Zheng feel even more stuffy and unbearable.

Yuan Zheng couldn’t bear to destroy his façade. His eyes softened again. He hugged the person in his arms and comfortingly stroked his back: “It doesn’t matter, we’re going back now. It’ll be fine once we go back…”

Both Su Shi’s mind and body relaxed. Tiredness has filled his body up to the apex of his head. Su Shi agreed in a low voice, and leaned back into Yuan Zheng’s arms, obviously no longer planning to care about what happens after.

Yuan Zheng embraced him. His eyes were soaked in a gentle and indulgent warmth. He hugged the young man firmly, and walked towards the window.

“If you’re sleepy, then go to sleep at ease. I’ll bring you back, okay?”

Held within Yuan Zheng’s arms, the last chill in Su Shi’s heart was taken away. The blackening value quietly dropped, and he simply buried his face in the other man’s warm neck and responded vaguely.

Those spicy noodles have absolutely wrecked Su Shi [in a way that Dr. Dark never could]. His voice was all nasally from the spice.

Looking down at the young man in his arms, warmth spread through Yuan Zheng’s chest and he tightened his arms even more.

Beyond the window, it was cold and windy, but within the man’s embrace, it was as warm as a gentle spring.

Su Shi closed his eyes and took the initiative to raise his hand to embrace the other man’s strong shoulders, gripping it tightly.

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The arm wrapped around his back trembled lightly. It was as if he had obtained a long awaited response, and he couldn’t wait to use all his strength. The halyard firmly clasped the protruding masonry outside the window. The cold wind whistled in his ears as he jumped down.

The vehicle was waiting below, and the deputy team leader hurried up to meet him.

Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief before closing his eyes, but the laboratory behind him suddenly burst into dazzling flames, followed by an earth-shattering explosion.

The deafening loud noise made him subconsciously tense in alarm as he raised his head. After determining that the experience points inside the laboratory was still in a human shape, he breathed a sigh of relief, but the panic had yet to completely settle.

Under the light of the scorching fire, Su Shi seemed to observe a faint trance of icy redness in Yuan Zheng’s eyes.

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