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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 146

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Chapter 146 (46.1)

“Don’t worry, I didn’t kill Dr. Dark. He is your prey. I’m leaving him for you to take care of personally.” Yuan Zheng said.

When he met Su Shi’s gaze, the trace of bloodlust in Yuan Zheng’s eyes faded away. He carefully carried Su Shi into the car and told him to rest his head on his shoulder.

Before the guards could chase after them, the deputy team leader had already deftly changed directions. He stepped on the accelerator and rushed out of Base B. The deputy team leader was still in shocked. He looked at the captain through the rearview mirror. The captain was currently coaxing Su Shi to sleep.

“Captain, when did you rise to S grade?”

After fighting side by side for so long, they were all familiar with Yuan Zheng’s abilities. To blow up an entire laboratory at such a distance, yet still accurately leave the person inside alive, that was something that was impossible to do with Yuan Zheng’s original strength.

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They couldn’t brazenly drive into the base with an armored vehicle while staging a rescue operation, so they had stolen a car at the last minute. The windows on the car were broken, and with the car going at full throttle, cold wind kept rushing into the car.

Su Shi was mostly wrapped up in Yuan Zheng’s arms, and thus avoided the cold wind. When he heard what the deputy team leader had said, he also raised his eyes and looked at Yuan Zheng.

There was a warm glow of concern in his dark pupils.

Yuan Zheng lowered his head to look at him, rubbed his head with a smile, and said in a soft and low voice, “It’s thanks to the crystal core you gave me. Originally, I still had some ways to go before leveling up, but when I woke up, I found out that your crystal core helped me break through that layer of barrier.”

Wood could make fire. Then the strength of the fire element would increase and the light element would naturally become stronger.

Su Shi nodded with satisfaction, closed his eyes, and leaned back again. After a while, he couldn’t help dozing off.

Yuan Zheng sat upright and held him motionless. He couldn’t help stroking the ends of Su Shi’s soft hair with his fingertips again. He lowered his gaze pensively and looked at the person who had suddenly dropped all his defenses and was dozing peacefully in his embrace.

Yuan Zheng abruptly remembered that vague dream again.

At that time, he was sitting on the cusp between life and death, and it was hard to tell if it was some fractured memory or merely a hallucination.

He could feel like he was remembering something, but it was as if he had bumped up against some kind of restriction or rule, and that memory was erased again, leaving behind only vague memories.

The body has memories. The soul has memories. It felt like something in his body had been completely reset, and the thing that was missing was recovered. As a result, the entire person became unprecedentedly complete and real.

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Yuan Zheng didn’t know if Su Shi was also aware of it, so he suddenly stopped guarding against him and avoiding his embrace.

He touched a soft kiss to the dozing young man’s slightly fluttering eyelashes. It was a quick thing, there and then gone.

They had a smooth journey. The Bloodthirsty Forest seemed to know who they were and did not create any obstacles to block their path, letting them return to the Unbounded City safely.

Su Shi did not wake up during the ride back, and he continued to doze after they got back.

Yuan Zheng did not ask anyone else for help. Alone, he carried Su Shi back to his room and gently laid him down on the bed.

Su Shi was dead to the world. He did not stir at all when Yuan Zheng transferred him from his arms to the bed and then wrapped him up in a blanket.

Su Shi had long exhausted all his energy. He had gone through a fierce battle and then had to endure pain all over his body. From the moment their eyes met, Yuan Zheng had noticed Su Shi’s exhaustion. In those black eyes filled with unguarded surprise, there was also a deep tiredness that said he has long been on the verge of hitting his limit.

In the face of such fatigue, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Yuan Zheng sat by the bed and looked at Su Shi until the sky gradually darkened. Warm light fell on the young man’s delicate countenance, casting a faint shadow. Suddenly, all of Su Shi’s sharp edges and aloofness seemed to be blurred.

The throbbing within him finally broke through the limit of his reason. Yuan Zheng couldn’t help but hug the body that was quietly curled up under the blanket. He held his breath and leaned down.

The person who was sleeping suddenly opened his eyes.

Moist, black eyes looked at Yuan Zheng seriously. Su Shi did not avert his eyes, but he also was not taking the initiative to meet the other man’s gaze. It was as if he was still trying to confirm something.

Yuan Zheng’s movements stopped. He saw that Su Shi had suddenly woken up and quickly pulled back: “I’m sorry…”

Su Shi suddenly opened his mouth, “Can you make hot cocoa?” His throat was a little hoarse after sleeping for a long time. He carefully pushed himself up into a sitting position.

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Yuan Zheng was already reaching out to help steady him. He then picked up the warm water from the bedside table and gave it to the young man.

Taking a few sips of warm water, Su Shi finally relieved the thirst in his throat. Su Shi looked up at him. Seeing the other person’s blank expression, he repeated the question seriously: “Can you make hot cocoa?”

All of Su Shi’s subtle alienation was gone upon their reunion this time. He already had somewhat of a hunch in mind, but he still did not dare to carelessly make such a hasty determination [without proof].

Yuan Zheng was stunned for a moment. Then his expression softened slightly, and he rubbed the young man’s soft short hair: “You want to drink cocoa? I don’t know if anyone still produces cocoa powder in these post-apocalyptic times, but I will go to the supermarket and see if I can find some.”

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