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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 148

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Chapter 148

There was no hatred or resentment in Mu Shi’s eyes. The young man just kept looking at Yuan Zheng persistently. His gaze was clear and unclouded, as if he was talking about something that couldn’t be more normal.

Yuan Zheng’s eyes suddenly felt hot. He took a deep breath, stood up, and hugged the young man tightly.

Ten years ago, the person in his arms had stepped out from hell. He was injured, isolated, and without help, yet he still chose forgiveness and to stay silent.

He recalled the time when Mu Shi used his abilities. His powers were strong enough to destroy an entire base, yet he had used it to make a daisy bloom. Then he handed the flower to them with such bright eyes.

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Yuan Zheng should have realized it then. He should have realized that Mu Shi’s heart has always been as bright as a crystal.

“Let’s… let’s go back.”

He tightened his arms for a moment and warmth filled the space between his arms and chest. Yuan Zheng closed his eyes, pausing for a moment in the crook of Su Shi’s neck. Then he straightened up once again. His eyes were filled with new light.

Base B has become a city of the living dead.

Pedestrians were walking on the road, but there was a transparent line connected to the backs of their heads. Their eyes were sluggish, and their steps were staggering. Except for the lack of hideous faces and sharp claws, they were almost indistinguishable from zombies.

“How did it become like this…?”

The striker’s face changed colors several times. He stopped a man to question him, hoping to find out more about the situation, but no matter how he questioned the other person – even going so far as to grab the man by his collar and shake him – the other party still did not respond.

Everyone became more and more uneasy.

The deputy team leader looked over to the street corner. Suddenly, he lowered his voice and said, “He careful, someone is coming!”

There was a group of people coming towards the direction of where the team was. These people carried wooden sticks and iron pipes. Their physical fitness looked very average. At a glance, they appeared to be ordinary people without any supernatural abilities. Their expressions were also empty and numb. It was as if they were only following some sort of preset command.

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The team members were not even sure if they should fight back, so they stepped backwards hesitantly. But then, one of the people from the incoming group rushed over with an iron rod and ruthlessly swung down towards the doctor’s head.

The vines in Su Shi’s hand slithered out to pull the doctor backwards.

A cluster of flames flashed across Yuan Zheng’s fingertips, burning the transparent line behind the man’s head. The man’s movements immediately stopped in the middle of action. With a light push, the man fell to the ground stiffly.

Su Shi knew that Dr. Dark had intended to do something that a villain character ought to do, but he didn’t expect Dr. Dark to go this far.

Su Shi’s gaze darkened. He dug out a seed and slapped it on the ground. Roots sprouted and spread in all directions. He closed his eyes as he received the information relayed by the roots. Then he walked quickly towards the big central building.

Yuan Zheng had already blown up the laboratory. In the basement of the central building, the pale-faced Dr. Dark was firmly blocking them head-on.

“You guys, you guys… don’t come over here!”

The memory of getting beat up was firmly imprinted in Dr. Dark’s mind. So when he saw Yuan Zheng, he was so frightened that he hurriedly hid behind Sun Shuo.

Sun Shuo’s eyes were red. It was impossible to tell how clear-headed he was. Those transparent threads were actually connected to his body. A steady stream of energy was being extracted and stripped from the entire base and poured into his body.

The light in Yuan Zheng’s eyes sank slightly, and he motioned for the team members to wait outside the door. He exchanged glances with Su Shi. Then the two of them walked into the room together.

Both of them had their own targets to deal with.

The moment they entered the door, Yuan Zheng’s figure shot out towards Sun Shuo.

Su Shi avoided the two men who were fighting fiercely and went straight to Dr. Dark who was hiding in a corner. He dragged Dr. Dark out of the room. Purple orchid petals unfolded behind him. Then he straight up lifted the other person into the air and flew away.

“Little Log!”

[T/N: Reminder, Little Log is a nickname for Mu Shi a.k.a. Su Shi]

The striker shouted in a panic. He was about to go after Su Shi, but the deputy team leader stopped him. The look in his eyes was complicated. “Tell him to go.”

The source of all the pain and darkness in Mu Shi was from Dr. Dark. Even if Mu Shi was able to not resent all human beings, and even went with them to deal with the difficult situation of Base B, no one would stop him from handling the sinful careerist with his own hands.

Su Shi dragged Dr. Dark to the top of the building. He was distracted as part of his attention was focused on the fight happening in the basement. After assessing the situation, he was completely relieved.

It was really a battle with no suspense. If it wasn’t for the fact that the protagonist needed to be trained by opponents of comparable strength after he has risen to S grade, Su Shi might not have kept Sun Shuo alive until now.

They were finally away from the crowd. Dr. Dark also breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly followed up eagerly: “You finally want to kill me?”

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Su Shi nodded lightly with a thoughtful expression on his face. Vines flicked out from his cuff and wrapped tightly around Dr. Dark’s waist. Then he tossed him off the roof.

The miserable shriek ripped through the deathly still air of Base B. Su Shi tugged backwards with his hand. He leaned over the edge of the roof and looked at Dr. Dark good-naturedly.

“How many experience points did you transfer to me?”

“Five, five-” Dr. Dark shivered. His body plummeted again at great speed. “Millioooooon…” His final word screeched through the air on his way down to the ground.

Su Shi was shocked by the extravagant amount of points the other party gave him. Su Shi, who had been impoverished for several worlds, couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. With a tug on the vines, he pulled the other man back. “I have startled you. Do you have a preferred way of death?”

Lying at the edge of the roof, Dr. Dark was gasping on his last legs. Whimpering and sobbing, he entreated in a low voice, “Make it quick and painless please…”

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