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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 149

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Chapter 149

Su Shi still hasn’t completed his mission in this world yet, so he couldn’t check the amount of experience points right then and there, but he didn’t think that the other party would lie to him about this kind of thing. He nodded and got up to leave him. Behind him, the vines suddenly sprouted poisonous thorns that had an anesthetic effect.

Dr. Dark felt something piercing his flesh, but it did not hurt that much. He finally breathed a sigh of relief. As dizziness overtook him, he closed his eyes. The image of his body flickered twice and then disappeared into a stream of data.

Back in the basement, Yuan Zheng had also finished dealing with Sun Shuo.

Su Shi did not try to control Sun Shuo. After all, the opponent was strong and even Yuan Zheng suffered some injuries. Although the injuries were not serious, they were not light either. Panting lightly, he stood up and looked towards the door, where Su Shi stood quietly looking at him. The fierce killing intent on Yuan Zheng’s face dissipated instantly, returning to his calm and gentle aura.

The corner of Su Shi’s lips twitched upwards. He walked towards Yuan Zheng quickly: “Burn those wires. I’m going to take care of the main computer.”

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Yuan Zheng’s brilliant golden flames ignited and burned up the wires controlling the entire base. Su Shi also smoothly stopped Dr. Dark’s computer program.

The controlled residents and soldiers finally regained their consciousness, and the lifeless base became active again.

Yuan Zheng had originally planned to take care of the crisis the base was in and then just leave once and for all with the rest of the patrol team, but because Dr. Dark had removed all the senior management of the base, he had to stay and become the temporary leader of Base B.

Dr. Dark left behind a large number of experimental materials, some of which were cruel human experiments, and some of which were extremely precious discoveries. Yuan Zheng deliberately handed over the task of sorting out the data to the deputy team leader. The useful stuff would be kept for experimentation, while the rest would be completely burned and destroyed.

Sitting in a new office, Yuan Zheng was looking through the overall information of Base B. In one hand, he held a stainless steel cup.

There were a few pieces of broken chocolate in the cup. He couldn’t find any cocoa powder, so he could only look for the chocolate of cocoa butter. From there he would try to make them melt in reverse and see if this could satisfy Mu Shi.

Thinking of the other party’s rare and capricious request, Yuan Zheng’s eyes couldn’t help but warm up, and the corners of his lips also evoked a soft and gentle arc.

While he was daydreaming, a soft knock suddenly sounded at the door.

Yuan Zheng returned to his senses and looked over. He saw the deputy team leader. The deputy team leader looked like he wanted to say something but was hesitant to do so. Yuan Zheng could not help frowning slightly and asked, “What’s the matter, did you find something?”

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The deputy team leader has always been steady and prudent when taking care of business. Organizing the study was not a very important matter, so there shouldn’t be anything in it that needed Yuan Zheng’s personal attention. Yuan Zheng felt a little uneasy in his heart, but he calmed down and watched the other man walk into the office one step at a time.

The deputy team leader did not speak. He just flipped open a stack of notes and placed it on the desk in front of Yuan Zheng.

Yuan Zheng skimmed through the page really quickly. In the next second, his expression sank.

“The notes say that the source of Xiao Shi’s power is the hope of this world. As long as that tree of life, which represents the hope of all humankind, is planted, the apocalypse will start to reverse, the power of purification will spread, and everything will become the same as before…”

Although the deputy team leader looked deeply conflicted, he still finished reading out the notes in a low voice. He pressed his hand down heavily onto the stack of notes and looked up at Yuan Zheng with a pleading expression in his eyes.

“Captain, this is just because Dr. Dark hates Xiao Shi and wants to drag Xiao Shi down with him even if he dies, so he deliberately had us see these notes, right?”

Yuan Zheng didn’t answer the deputy team leader. He just took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. His eyes looked like they were about to turn red.

Blue skies, clear water, and clean air. There would be no more zombies and danger would not be lurking around every corner. Society would have real rules again and even the weak would be qualified to live. Everyone’s cold and cruel instincts would be destroyed, redeemed by new hope.

This was the dream that all of them were fighting for.

If these notes were true, then they would have no choice at all. They hoped more than anyone else that this was just a conspiracy of Dr. Dark to vent his anger, that it was just a painstakingly set trap.

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The hand holding the stainless steel cup started to tremble faintly. Yuan Zheng’s gaze darkened completely, and his voice unconsciously became hoarse: “You are right. How could there be something so easy?”

As he spoke, his fingertips were already on fire, and he was about to pick up the notes and burn it when a familiar voice suddenly came from the door: “What are you looking at?”

Mu Shi was allowed to go anywhere in the central building without restrictions.

Seeing that the two men looked very solemn, Su Shi couldn’t help but feel a little curious. Before the two could hide the note, he quickly entered the office.

Putting away the notes now would seem much too conspicuous. Yuan Zheng’s heart pounded. He pushed the notes aside, forced himself to calm down, and raised his head with a placid expression: “Nothing important. Are you hungry? I’ll get you something to eat right away…”

But Su Shi’s gaze had already fallen on the table.

The two men’s breathing almost stopped for a moment. Their throats ran dry and they couldn’t make a sound for some inexplicable reason. They could only watch helplessly as Su Shi’s eyes swept across the table and finally landed on something next to Yuan Zheng’s hand.

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Then he picked up the cup in Yuan Zheng’s hand.

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#The thing that you love is clearly hot cocoa.


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