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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 15

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Chapter 15

The artillery fire just stopped and the smoke had yet to fully dissipate.
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“The time is up, since they haven’t considered it yet, they don’t have to think about it anymore.”

The man standing at the forefront of the government army was indifferent. He raised his hand, prepared to order another attack. The lieutenant on the side suddenly stopped him: “Matthew, what do you want to do?”

“Of course, it is to launch an all out attack. These people have already provoked the dignity of the government to this point. Do we still have to continue to retreat?”

Matthew looked at him arrogantly, and his eyes flashed a little dark.

Matthew’s matter of course tone endlessly incensed the lieutenant, causing the lieutenant to knit his brows and advance a step. He tried his best to suppress the volume of his voice, “You know that the marshal is still inside!”

“Of course I know, but I believe that the military qualities of the marshal will never be injured in this ordinary attack.”

Matthew leisurely took off his gloves. The corner of his mouth curved up as he looked at the lieutenant’s eyes filled with rage. “Don’t you believe in our marshal, Lieutenant Nathan?”


This question was very cunning. Of course the lieutenant could not deny his trust in the marshal, but once he nodded, it would be undoubtedly acquiescing to the other party’s order.

With the marshal’s current physical condition, it was impossible to escape the next attack.
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But if he told the truth, it would only make it more reasonable for the other party to suggest the marshal leave the army to recuperate. Then he would take the opportunity to replace the marshal.

Following the marshal for so long, the lieutenant knew better than anyone else, how much it cost the marshal to acquire his position and how important it was to the marshal.

Staring at the other side’s smug look, the lieutenant’s chest heaved vehemently, and his eyes were red with anger.

Matthew revealed a faint smile. He spoke with satisfaction, “Good, listen to my orders, start–”

“I advise you not to, Matthew.”

The light voice interrupted him without urgency.

Everyone subconsciously followed the sound, looks of surprise popping up on their faces.

Daniel walked calmly over the broken wall. His body was still covered in a cloak. His face seemed pale, but his eyes were calm and bright.


The lieutenant’s eyes lit up. He quickly greeted the marshal, wanting to go help him. However, Su Shi gently held down his arms and looked at him with a comforting smile.

Matthew’s facial expression was a bit ugly and his greeting was reluctant.

Previously, Nathan and Matthew had disputed in low voices, so their conversation was inaudible to the soldiers around them. But the soldiers could see for themselves the marshal coming out of the place where they almost attacked, and they looked upon Matthew with some distinct ill will in their eyes.

They only knew that this battle was to recapture the marshal, but they did not know that the marshal was actually inside.

In the hearts of the people, the Marshal Daniel was the embodiment of the Terence government. He was a cold and cruel demon. In the eyes of the soldiers, the marshal was their most revered existence.

The marshal was a man who lived in the same space as his subordinates. He would pat their shoulders with a smile and accurately call them by name. He would not ignore even the most ordinary soldier.

In the years when Daniel was in charge of the government army, the soldiers’ remuneration was finally guaranteed, and there was even some surplus money to give to their parents and family members.

The grassroots soldiers in the government army were mostly poor people, but they had to take this path for their livelihood. For them, Marshal Daniel was undoubtedly the benefactor who gave them a second life.

But just now, they almost opened fire on the place where the marshal was.

“It’s great to see that you are safe, Marshal Daniel.”

Matthew’s smile was a little stiff as he quickly went up to greet the marshal. Su Shi did not pay attention to the other party’s extended hand. He only nodded his head faintly to him, and placed two fingers on the brim of his hat.

This careless military courtesy clearly revealed an arrogance that could not be offended or questioned, making Matthew’s face even more ugly.

There was even faint sneering among the soldiers.

“Are you aware of how much munitions the insurrection army has buried in the underground of their headquarters? Rashly launching a powerful attack will only flatten everything and everyone here to ground zero.”

Daniel’s hand fell on the lieutenant’s arm, as if to comfort the loyal subordinate’s extreme emotions. His gaze swept across to Matthew’s slightly distorted face.

“Perhaps you take pleasure in dying in the line of duty, Matthew, but I don’t have the same admirable enthusiasm as you. Let’s go back. I don’t want to send your or my obituary to the president’s desk.”

“Daniel, Wayne is dead. They can’t organize effective resistance. Now is the best time to destroy the insurgents!”

Matthew shook his head incredulously. His eyes flashed with a feverish light. “Don’t talk to me about your theory of peaceful separation. If your theory was useful, then you wouldn’t have fallen into their hands!”

“Look at your brain, I can even heard the harsh noise of the gears rusting when it is running.”

Su Shi sighed and shook his head in a pity. “You did not suffer from a successful resistance, because they have already given up this place to evacuate. Otherwise, how else did I come out safely? Could it be that they suddenly discovered that I was actually an undercover spy, who had been painstakingly hiding for many years, so they oh so generously sent me back?”

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