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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 150

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Chapter 150 (47.1)

“Did you make this for me?” Su Shi asked Yuan Zheng.

Su Shi’s eyes swept across the notebook, and landed on the cup that Yuan Zheng was still holding. He picked it up and took a sip.

The chocolate had just melted, and the cup was filled with slightly hot pure chocolate syrup. Su Shi just took a sip and couldn’t stop coughing. He looked up at Yuan Zheng and said, “Too sweet…”

His pure black eyes were still clear and bright, and there was a faint smear of chocolate on his lips. Yuan Zheng chuckled softly, got up, and wiped Su Shi’s lips for him. Then he handed Su Shi a cup of plain water.

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“I haven’t added anything else into the chocolate yet. Why are you so anxious?”

Su Shi blinked. He turned around, wanting to study how the protagonist made this substitute hot cocoa, but Yuan Zheng blocked him and smoothly led him outside of the office.

“This method didn’t work out too well. I’ll try it again and let you taste it if I succeed. Are you hungry? Let’s go get something to eat first…”

Their voices and figures disappeared together out the door. The deputy team leader stay rooted to the same stop. He was stunned for a long time. Finally he took a deep breath, and his eyes fell on the spread out notes.

His eyes suddenly showed a flash of determination. He picked up the notes, walked quickly to the stove, and threw them in.

The paper quickly burst into sparks and was swallowed by the burning flames in the blink of an eye.

As if he just realized what he had done, the deputy team leader’s face gradually turned pale. His body swayed and he fell to his knees weakly.

They could let Mu Shi know about the contents of the notes. After all, Mu Shi should be the one to make a decision on this matter. But whether it was true or false, they could not have these notes lying around.

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Human beings were selfish. If anyone outside the patrol team saw the contents of these notes, they would not hesitate to drive the young man into a corner, dig out the source of power from his brain, and then bury that faint glimmer of hope in the earth.

Hope that has been stained with blood and sin would not be the salvation for the apocalypse.

The last bit of paper burned brightly and then quickly died down into cold ashes.

The deputy team leader stood up and quickly left the office.

Yuan Zheng did not tell Mu Shi about this.

The two had lunch together, and Su Shi said that he wanted to go back to Unbounded City to have a look, but he didn’t see anyone else all afternoon.

Yuan Zheng absent-mindedly tried to do work for a while, but in the end he couldn’t calm down, so he simply put all his energy into researching hot cocoa substitutes.

Yuan Zheng smashed the chocolate into tiny pieces, stirred in hot water, and then added a small spoon of creamer. He meticulously completed every step of the procedure, and when the aroma overflowed, he poured out a small cup and handed it to the deputy team leader, who was lying down.

“Captain, I really can’t do it anymore. How about you ask someone else…”

The deputy team leader had been forced to drink hot chocolate in the office all afternoon, and his voice was hoarse. He protested feebly, but he had to take the cup and take a sip under the coercion of his captain.

“You burned the notes?”

Yuan Zheng turned around and suddenly asked a question that was completely irrelevant to the present.

His thoughts were slowed down by the hot chocolate. The deputy team leader was stunned for a moment. His eyes gradually dimmed. He pursed his lips and lowered his head: “Captain, if others see them, they will hurt Xiao Shi…”

“I know. I was planning to burn them too.”

Seeing that the deputy team leader’s expression did not scrunch up this time, Yuan Zheng tasted the substitute hot cocoa himself. Finally, a glimmer of satisfaction showed in his eyes. He patiently continued to stir the remaining hot chocolate in the pot.

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He was never going to leave those notes lying around, but he never thought that the always rational deputy team leader would actually do such an impulsive thing.

The deputy team leader looked at Yuan Zheng’s expression, and finally couldn’t help but speak in a low voice.

“Captain, Xiao Shi still doesn’t know about this, right?”

Yuan Zheng’s movements stalled for an imperceptible second. Then he lowered his gaze and said calmly, “I didn’t tell him.”

“I keep thinking that he is the hope that the world has given us, which makes sense. Or maybe the hope is placed on him, maybe… he is hope itself…”

His eyes fell on his captain’s unmoving back. The look in the deputy team leader’s eyes was complicated for a moment, but he mustered up his courage and continued to speak all in one breath.

“If it is the latter, then he came to this world for this purpose, no matter what we do, there is no way to stop him. If it is the former, Captain… no matter what kind of plant his core power is, do we really have to dig it out by the roots? Couldn’t a branch or a cutting be good enough?”


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