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Chapter 151

Having never thought of the idea proposed by the deputy team leader, Yuan Zheng turned around in surprise. He pondered for a while, and suddenly poured the chocolate from the pot into a cup.

“I’ll go look for him.” Yuan Zheng said he was going out to look for Mu Shi, but halfway there he turned around and went back to the office first. Only after he was fully prepared did he go to Mu Shi’s bedroom.

Mu Shi had returned to his room at some unknown point in time. Inside the room, it was quiet and peaceful. There was warm light seeping out from the edges of the door.

After calming down a bit, Yuan Zheng knocked on the door twice, and then he gently tried to turn the doorknob.

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The light was still on. At first glance, there was no one in the room, but there was something bundled up in a ball shape under the blanket. The shape gently raised and fell with the frequency of someone breathing.

Yuan Zheng’s eyes crinkled with a warm smile. With light steps, he carefully walked over to the bed.

The blanket suddenly moved and a head stuck out. Mu Shi stared at him with hazy eyes. His gaze was unguarded and there was clear trust in his black pupils.

Yuan Zheng’s breathing turned shallow, but there was still a soft and gentle smile in his eyes. He rubbed Mu Shi’s slightly messed up hair and said, “Why did you go to sleep so early today, are you tired?”

Su Shi was still terribly sleepy. After confirming the identity of the person who came into his room, Su Shi nodded absent-mindedly. He was about to carelessly go back to sleep.

Under the light, his lips seemed particularly pale, and there was not much blood color on his cheeks.

Yuan Zheng’s heart tightened. He put down the cup and hugged Su Shi, only to realize that his body was actually terrifyingly ice-cold.

“What happened? Are you injured?”

An ominous premonition suddenly rose up in his heart. Yuan Zheng told him to come into his embrace. Even nestled up against Yuan Zheng’s chest and shoulder, he still felt cold to the touch.

Held in that warm embrace, Su Shi’s spirits lifted a little. He leaned into Yuan Zheng’s chest and raised his head to meet the other person’s dark eyes. There was a complex look in the other man’s gaze.

“You saw it, didn’t you?”

Yuan Zheng caressed Su Shi’s back. His chest felt so painful. It was as if his heart was being torn apart, but his tone became even calmer and softer. He gathered Su Shi up and had the young man lean against his shoulder. His cheek lightly brushed against the soft ends of Su Shi’s hair.

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Yuan Zheng didn’t make it clear, but Su Shi still understood what he meant.

Yuan Zheng was being very careful with the strength he was exerting to hug Su Shi, as if afraid that he might hurt Su Shi by accident. His warm breath washed over Su Shi, and Su Shi’s extremely weak body gradually regained some strength.

Su Shi looked into Yuan Zheng’s eyes. There was so much pain in Yuan Zheng’s gaze. It was as if the other man was about to shatter into a million pieces. Su Shi shook his head. He wrapped his arms around the other man’s neck and shoulders, and leaned his head against the crook of Yuan Zheng’s neck.

“I didn’t see it. I knew it from the start.”

When the story reached its next plot point, he would naturally receive an order to carry out the next task. The reason he went into the office at that time was to provide a reasonable opportunity for him to know about this matter.

But when Su Shi saw the pain Yuan Zheng’s eyes, he was not willing to use that excuse in the end.

Yuan Zheng looked at him quietly. There was doubt and also understanding in his eyes. In the end, he put on a gentle and tranquil face. He rubbed Su Shi’s head lightly.

“Let’s not talk about this. Try this first. We really don’t have any milk, so I can only use non-dairy creamer as substitute. I don’t know if it’ll suit your taste.”

The slightly cold hot chocolate turned hot again in his palm, and the familiar aroma spread out.

Su Shi held the cup and took two sips. The frankincense of the non-dairy creamer was not pure, and the traces of industrial products could still be tasted through the mellow aroma of cocoa, but he still drank the hot chocolate with utmost seriousness, one mouthful at a time. Then he met Yuan Zheng’s expectant gaze.

“It’s very good, it’s the best drink I’ve ever had.”


Yuan Zheng raised his eyebrows slightly, overwhelmed by the praise. With a smile on his lips, he hugged Su Shi. He spoke in a soft and hoarse voice: “I have tried dozen of recipes, and I finally managed to make this. I don’t know if I can-”

Before he could finish speaking, Su Shi had already wrapped his arms around Yuan Zheng’s neck and raised his head to kiss him.

The slightly cool lips were warmed by the hot cocoa. The sudden kiss caused Yuan Zheng’s mind to go blank.

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The bottom of his heart gave birth to infinite bright joy, but in the next second it was entangled with agony and grief. The feeling burned so hot that his breathing turned rapid. Tears almost broke through the confinement of his eyes.

A hand was placed on his cheek, wiping the cold and embarrassing tears for him.

“Maybe I was originally a tree. Bury one of me in the spring, and in the autumn, there will be many of me…”

Su Shi didn’t have much strength left in his body. Soon, he was unable to keep upright and had to lean back into Yuan Zheng’s embrace. He leaned against the other man’s shoulder and tried to comfort him with this unique notion.

Thinking of the picture described by the other party, Yuan Zheng couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth. He smiled with tears in his eyes, and pressed a kiss on Su Shi’s forehead: “What happens after you bear fruit to so many of you? I’ll make noodles for all of you?”


Su Shi couldn’t bear it anymore. He slammed his head against Yuan Zheng’s chest. He sniffled. “Honestly, let’s change our secret signal next time. I think your instant noodles are pretty good too.”

Yuan Zheng didn’t really understand what Su Shi was saying, but at least he knew that his cooking skills were being praised. Yuan Zheng rubbed Su Shi’s head with a slight smiled and asked the young man to lean on him. He carefully traced his eyebrows in silence.

“Don’t be sad, I will accompany you in the form of grass and trees.”

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