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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 153

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Chapter 153

A year later, the zombies gradually disappeared, and the mutated plants gradually became silent. The people received a sudden pleasant surprise when they found out that the earth could just barely grow plants again, and the sunlight has regained its temperature.

Five years later, the barriers around the bases completely came down, and humanity made concerted efforts to build a new home in the resurrected world.

Twenty years later, the sky became blue again, and the water turned clear. The air was fresh and clean. Human society gradually improved. New laws and regulations were formulated and improved upon. The newest generation has even completely moved away from that hopeless post-apocalyptical memory.

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It seemed as if none of the dark times had every occurred, and the Bloodthirsty Forest has changed back into an ordinary forest. In the center of the woods grew a lush, verdant plant whose species no one could name, but as long as you approached it without nefarious intentions, you would feel the refreshing purifying energy.

A middle-aged man dressed as a general returned to the tree and stood there for a long time. He finally let out a chuckle and raised his hand in a salute.

Su Shi opened his eyes again. The pain in his body still seemed to remain in his soul, causing him to suck in a deep breath.

The system opened the back door a little too brazenly. Without consulting the Main World, it told the protagonist who chased after him to directly bundle him up and bring him back to the previous world. As a result, he still has some trouble walking.

After all, the protagonist’s code base has not been strengthened to the extent that he could completely escape from the world. This time, he used the power fluctuations between life and death to send the source code through, and it has already caught the attention of the Lord God.

Even if they met again in the next world, the other party’s memory would be completely sealed away. And he might not even be able to retain the identity of the protagonist.

When he first heard the punishment from the Lord God, Su Shi couldn’t hold back his spontaneous joyful expression, thus his waist suffered for another two hours.

“Host! Host! Host! Host!”

Su Shi rubbed his lower back and moved to the sofa to sit down. The display screen suddenly turned on, and the system let out a mechanical sounding thrill of surprise.

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“What is it? Did the Dark God give money to someone?” Su Shi asked.

He knew what the system was happy about. Annoyed by the excessive noise, Su Shi rubbed his brows. But he also could not help but be excited for what he got from the mission this time.

Explosive fireworks went off on the screen. Then a 3D projection was turned on with a bang. With Su Shi at the center, a realistic rain of banknotes suddenly rained down.

After enduring through several worlds, it was evident that he was not the only one mad from destitution.

Su Shi laughed involuntarily. He let the system run out of control and throw money all over the place, while he called up the main panel to check the gains of this task.

“Host has successfully carried the name of “extreme evil” till the end, saved the world, and successfully completed the mission in this world. You got an S grade. Congratulations to the host for the achievement of [truly scaring a staff member to the point of tears]. You gained a total of 150,000 experience points in this world. Deduct from that the 4,797 experience points owed to the system-”

“All right already. I’ll give you the rest as well. Think of it as interest.”

After obtaining so much money, Su Shi was suddenly a lot more generous. He interrupted the mechanical sound of the system with a smile, called up his own panel, and happily turned over the reward for this mission.

He was never able to carry the pot when he was with the protagonist’s group, but with the protagonist’s cooperation, until the end, most people in the post-apocalyptical world still thought of him as a very evil being.

This was the first time that he has not been whitewashed in front of all human beings by various unexpected methods. Although the population of the post-apocalyptical world has dropped significantly, the harvest was still very rich. In addition, the entire mission was completed very successfully. Even though at the very end, he and the protagonist were able to be candid with each other, he still received an S-rank rating.

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Most of the abilities in this world that he could choose from were all supernatural abilities, so even if he picked one, the usefulness was extremely limited [depending on the type of world he ended up in].

Su Shi went through the list of abilities several times and suddenly realized that the character of Dr. Dark was also on the list. He clicked into it out of curiosity and his eyes suddenly landed on the ability of [Come, Come and Hit Me].

“This is specially for the staff members who have to play the villain role, such as the Dark God. They use it to draw hatred. It is an active skill. After activating it, the effect will last for 24 hours. During these 24 hours, it can quickly pull the hatred of the people around you to yourself.”

Unexpectedly, the host would turn to such a lower page. The system quickly tacked on an explanation. The system’s mechanical voice was still in high spirits. Apparently it has not recovered from the ecstasy of getting rich overnight.

“Does the host want this?”

“Yes, I want this one.”

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[T/N: The author wasn’t being super obvious in text (likely due to China’s censorship), but the reason that Su Shi could not walk properly and that his waist hurt was because he rolled around in bed with the protagonist. Hue hue hue~

Also, it sounds like the system didn’t expect Su Shi to look in Dr. Dark’s file, which was near the bottom of the list, so it didn’t prepare descriptions for Dr. Dark’s abilities ahead of time. I’m pretty sure the system flubbed the explanation for that [Come, Come and Hit Me] ability and it’s gonna come back and bite Su Shi in the ass. Lol.]

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