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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 16

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Chapter 16

When the lieutenant heard this, his entire body became covered in cold sweat. He looked at the marshal who was calm through and through. The admiration in his heart became more and more intense.

What Su Shi said really made sense. Matthew couldn’t think of any rebuttals at the moment. He couldn’t help but look awkward. “Marshal Daniel…”

“If you hadn’t wasted so much time, perhaps they could have been traced. It’s a pity that when you just ordered an indiscriminate bombing, they have all evacuated. Just as I was about to follow their trail, I was almost killed by the attack you ordered.”

Su Shi spoke unhurriedly, secretly praying that the time he could delay would be enough for Wayne and the others to evacuate. He held on to the lieutenant’s arm and raised his head. His eyes held a ridiculing chill.

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“This is the result of my investigation, Mr. Military Secretary. If you don’t trust my military qualities, you can naturally send a team to check in. I am a little tired, I will go back to rest first.”

The soldiers immediately parted to open up a road. They escorted the marshal who was covered in smoke to board the best-conditioned command vehicle.

Matthew’s driver also voluntarily jumped out. The lieutenant helped Daniel sit in the co-pilot seat, took over the driver’s position, and then started the vehicle.

Left behind in the rolling tail smoke, Matthew’s face was distorted beyond measure.

“Way too thrilling, Marshal. You really dared to gamble with him…”

In the rearview mirror, the silhouette of the army could not be seen anymore. The lieutenant finally relaxed and sighed softly, but then his heart suddenly tightened.

The marshal was limp in his seat. His face was paler than before. It would seem that he had not fallen out of his seat only because of the seat belt holding him in place.

His eyes were closed and his face revealed his unspeakable pain.

The lieutenant was so nervous that he could barely breathe. He turned on the autopilot mode. Then he carefully supported the marshal’s shoulder.

Daniel’s body suddenly burst into painful convulsions. Blood spilled through his tightly closed lips and splashed onto his starched military uniform.

When the decision was made for Su Shi to return to the government, he could not even stand on his own, much less confront Matthew and talk so much.

In order to buy enough time for everyone to evacuate, he had used the [Life-Saving Gift Package], and now the side effects have finally broken out.


The lieutenant’s eyes suddenly became red, and he hurriedly wanted to hold him, but suddenly saw the light smile of the marshal’s lips.

Such a smile made him suddenly unable to breathe.
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“Nathan, no need. My own body, I know better than anyone.”

This was a very good node*. He used the last of his life force to guard the protagonist, allowing him to escape from danger. He played a crucial role in promoting the story. The rating will definitely improve.

[*T/N: 节点 jie dian – literally “node”]

There were more and more people who knew the truth. The current amount of experience points was already the limit he could get.

Su Shi’s voice was low. His life value was rapidly declining as a result of suffering the side effects, and he used the last of his strength to hold the lieutenant’s trembling wrist.

“Help me apologize to Wayne. I still couldn’t keep my promise. This is the last time that I’ll lie to him. Won’t lie in the future…”

Both his consciousness and strength flew off quickly. Finally he lowered his head and fell into a deep darkness.

“No, marshal, no, you won’t die…”

The lieutenant choked up with emotion as he held Su Shi in his arms. He fumbled for the syringe in his breast pocket. He held in his tears and injected Su Shi with the medicine.

This was a precious medicine only afforded to the royal family. It could unlock a gene locked within the human body and revitalize the system.

When Wayne entered a state of suspended animation, and the Terence government hurriedly transferred him, it was precisely this type of medicine that miraculously raised him from the dead.

The royal family had three of these injections. One of them was used on Wayne. The remaining two was in the lieutenant’s hands who was responsible for coordinating their actions.

Originally, it was just because he didn’t have time to get in contact with Wayne, so he didn’t have the chance to give the medicine back. Who knew that it would come in handy?

This kind of medicine must be extremely precious, but as long as it could save the marshal’s life, then he would rather apologize for his offense after everything was settled, but he would definitely still use it on the marshal.

The lieutenant did not dare delay for even a second. He immediately switched the vehicle back to manual after injecting the drug, and desperately drove to the government building at top speed.

The marshal was sent to the rescue room as fast as possible.

After a day and night of treatment, Daniel’s vital signs finally stablilized and he was transferred to the senior ward. The president personally assigned the most professional and comprehensive escort.

Su Shi woke up befuddled.

He thought he was most likely in the next world already. It was better to take a look at the mission ratings and experience points of the last world, and then understand his new situation.

When he thought of his last decision, which was quick-witted and prompt, a happy smile sparkled in his eye and he relaxed his breath.

He opened up a review of the world and his face abruptly became stiff.

Su Shi’s hollow gaze shook with fear. Just then, someone pushed open the door and walked towards him step by step under his absent-minded gaze.

The man was wearing a white jacket and thick-rimmed glasses. A mask covered half of his face.

But it could not hide the luminous light boiling over in those dark eyes.

The other party closed the door behind him. He stepped in front of Su Shi and raised his hand to caress the pale, almost transparent cheek.

The person leaned forward to the side of Su Shi’s ear. His tone was extremely soft, but it was like hot magma was about to burst forth.

“Daniel, what do you mean by ‘the last time you’ll lie to me?’”

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Su Shi: It… it is… wu wu wu*, QAQ…

[*T/N: 呜 wu – onomatopoeia for whimpering]

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