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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 18

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Chapter 18

“After you were kidnapped, Matthew had accused the marshal’s guards of negligence, and wanted to take the opportunity to switch in some of his people. I received orders to choose the new guards. I picked a few of his people and stationed them on the periphery, and also took the chance to select His Highness Wayne as a bodyguard by your side.”
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The lieutenant spoke warmly, and skillfully inserted the needle into his arm. Then he handed him a cup of hot cocoa. “You need to take it slowly. Your stomach is not good. Still need to heal a bit more before you can eat freely. His Highness Wayne changed his outer appearance. His iris and fingerprints have also been disguised. You can rest assured, there will be no problems with his identification.”

Every time they spoke about business, it would be linked with words of coercion, urging to take care of his health and convalesce. Even if he wanted to pretend that he didn’t hear and slip away, it was impossible.

Su Shi sighed resentfully, leaned his body backwards, cupped the cocoa in his hands, and pursed his lips. “Nathan, are you hiding something from me?”

These days, his lieutenant and Wayne have been very close. Although he could already guess that these two fellows were trying to obstruct him from completing his mission by every possible means, Su Shi still had a vague feeling that they were still plotting something else behind his back.

He couldn’t crack Wayne no matter what, so he could only pin his hopes on the lieutenant.

Su Shi frowned indifferently at the hot cocoa, and waited for a long while, but the lieutenant did not respond. He raised his gaze suspiciously, but found that the lieutenant who had always been firm and calm was actually red-eyed, and even his body seemed to be trembling.

He seemed to have touch upon some extreme topic.

Su Shi’s heart quavered. His interest spiked. He partially propped himself up and beckoned to the other with his hand. He patiently indicated for the other person to sit on the bed. “Say it, what else have you not told me?”

His tone of voice was very soft and seemed to carry a hint of a smile.

The lieutenant raised his head and was met with his gentle and even suspicious eyes. The pain that had always been suppressed could not be ignored. It seemed to rush up from the bottom of his heart, causing him to cry out of the blue.

“Marshal, I went to the military academy and found the top secret file that was sealed by your teacher…”

“You really went?!”

Su Shi’s heart sunk, and his spine straightened.

That was the only black spot in his history. He couldn’t believe that mad teacher hadn’t gotten rid of it.

Once the top secret file was found, it meant that everyone could see the scene of his teacher beating him until both snot and tears ran down his face. He was broken to the point of lying on the ground and crying.

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It was not difficult to imagine that his image of the majestic marshal would be greatly reduced.

The more Su Shi thought about it, the more his headache increased. He raised his hand to rub at his forehead. His eyes revealed a seldom seen flustered state.

“As expected, you already know about this…” Nathan said.

Watching the change in his expression, the lieutenant almost vomited blood. He suddenly grabbed the marshal’s sleeves, his chest heaving up and down, “You already know that you are not destined to live pass thirty years old. Am I right?”


Su Shi abruptly looked up. A light of surprise emitted from his eyes.

He really did not know about this at all.

He was only less than half a year away from the age of thirty. If he knew that there was such a good thing, he would not be so eager to find a way to die.

Nathan was stung by the light in the marshal’s eyes until his stomach turned sour. The lieutenant’s vision shook. His voice was hoarse and gloomy.

“Even I already know, then your teacher must be clearer than anyone else about your capabilities. He placed his hopes on you, but he was also worried that you would be enticed but the Terence Government, so from the start he injected you with a special medicine developed for assassination. Whether or not your mission is successful, you are doomed to not live past five years.”

At that time, Su Shi had been beaten until he was muddleheaded. He really didn’t notice that he had been injected with some drug. He listened to the lieutenant’s words with a slight surprise. In his head he was already composing an essay at lightning speed on the things that he could do using this matter.

Looking at Su Shi’s apathetic and tranquil expression as if the matter was of no concern to him, the lieutenant’s eyes turned the color of blood, and his stomach did flip-flops.

“You should have felt it for a long time! After the injection of the drug, you will become weaker and weaker. Your physical strength will get worse and worse. Your body’s reaction speed will start to lag more and more. That’s why, at that time you were easily seized and subdued by His Highness Wayne…”

“No, at that time, I was just-”

Su Shi subconsciously refuted. But he stuttered to a stop because he refused to admit that he could not have beaten Wayne. After a pause, he smiled and said, “I just didn’t want to raise a hand against him no matter what… My body actually is not that bad, Nathan. You’re over thinking it.”

It turned out the system had arranged things so considerately. If he knew early on then he would not have spent so much effort seeking death, and instead focused more on his experience points, perhaps his lost of points would not have been so terrible.

Thinking that he wasted such a great opportunity, Su Shi sighed with regret and could not help but be depressed.

With tears in his eyes, the lieutenant lowered his head. He held onto Su Shi’s sleeves and did not let go, as if he wanted to leave something behind with the force of his grip.

Su Shi’s foul temper had also dissipated. He helplessly held onto the other’s shoulders, and shook them with a tiny bit of force. “Nathan, come on, cheer up. Since things are already irreparable, then what’s the use of you being like this? I am aware of my own circumstance, so remember to help me keep this secret. You must not tell Wayne about this, understand?”

After listening to his words, the lieutenant raised his head and opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but then he was met with the marshal’s serious gaze, and in the end he just glanced at the corner of the room and nodded silently.

Su Shi was reassured. He happily leaned back on the bed and considered how to make good use of such a great opportunity.

Before the monitor screen, the cup in Wayne’s hand was already broken into pieces. The deep red color of blood was diluted by the water. It spilled onto the table in pitter-pattering drops and then converged again on the table surface. From start to finish, he knew nothing about this.

His vision was hazy with liquid, but he could still clearly see the scene that he had just saw on the monitor screen.

Daniel was not resigned.

He had regrets. He had struggled. But his ending had been fixed from the beginning, so he had long lost the opportunity and heart to resist.

But in his eyes revealed that he was unwilling and unyielding. Even if he had been treated unfairly, that person had never given up hope.

He believed that Daniel must want to live.

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