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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 19

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Chapter 19

“Is he asleep?”

After finally sorting out his mood, Wayne went towards the bedroom. Just outside the door, he bumped into the lieutenant who was leaving quietly from the room.

Looking at the red eyes of the other party, the lieutenant gently nodded his head. After a moment of silence he spoke up, “You’ve heard everything, Your Highness Wayne.”

“I’ve heard everything.”

Met with the lieutenant’s somewhat complicated gaze, Wayne faintly nodded his head. A moment of stillness. Only when the other party was about to brush pass him, did Wayne finally open his mouth and spoke in a heavy voice, “Before this, you never talked to me about this matter.”

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“At that time, the marshal’s situation was not stabilized yet. I didn’t want to say it rashly and have you be even more worried.”

Nathan replied back steadily. He turned towards the other side’s dark eyes, took a deep breath, and raised his head.

“I know that there’s a knot in your heart, Your Highness Wayne. The marshal has also known all along. He never thought of explaining himself. When I first started following him, he had nightmares. In his dreams, he kept apologizing, always begging the person in his dreams – don’t force him.”

The color of Wayne’s pupils deepened. His hands clenched into tight fists at his sides. It was almost as if his entire person had become a sculpture.

Looking at his reaction, the lieutenant’s eyes showed some sorrow, and his voice became gentler. “I know that you respect that teacher very much, but originally the marshal could have lived very well, could be just like the rest of you, become a hero loved and admired by all, and live openly under the light of the sun…”

Those who have already walked in the dark no longer have the opportunity to completely return to the light.

This one point, they were clearer about it than anyone else.

“I will definitely find a way…”

Wayne spoke slowly. His voice was extremely low, seeming to be hoarse with blood. “I will rectify his name, let everyone know that he is a real hero. I will bring him back into the sun. He will live well. He will definitely be able to live well. I promise.”

The lieutenant did not answer. Instead, he raised his hand in salute. Then he silently watched as the other man entered the room. Finally, he walked away with tears in his eyes.

Wayne opened the door quietly. Daniel was asleep on the bed.

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The quilt was tucked up to his shoulder with one of his arm exposed where the intravenous needle was inserted. There was still some weakness on his brows, and the air was touched with the scent of cocoa.

Wayne’s entrance did not alarm Daniel. He walked over slowly and sat down in the chair by the bed.

Only when he was quietly asleep like this would all the defenses around this person finally be completely removed. He looked innocent and soft with black hair strewn across his forehead. A thin sheen of sweat was sprinkled across his pale forehead.

As if he was still seeing the scene on the monitor screen before his eyes, Wayne’s chest fluctuated roughly several times before finally returning to calmness. He gently wiped away the fine sweat on Daniel’s forehead. The palm of his hand inadvertently brushed against the other’s eyelashes, bringing him an extremely covert sensation of softness.

Daniel seemed to have felt his touch and subconsciously knitted his brows, but he was unable to break away from the deep sleep. It was only an instinctive response. He murmured something in his sleep and then shrank into the quilt.

Wayne thought he saw the clean and soft image of Daniel in his teenage years.

Wayne’s breathing stuttered as he remembered the words of the lieutenant when he left. An intense pain abruptly exploded from his chest.

Like he was being cruelly pierced in the chest by a dagger, the jabbing pain spread through his bloodstream, and every breath brought with it a heartbreaking pain.

He hurriedly swallowed down a groan of pain and bent down silently, lying on the side of the bed where that man was asleep. His chest hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe.

They used to be classmates and comrades-in-arms. He never tried to understand the other party more deeply. He didn’t know what Daniel was like when he wasn’t in training or carrying out tasks, didn’t know what his real side was like when he was relaxing in private.

Only now was he faintly able to peep into that teenager of before.

Just because he was better at using silence to protect the inner sincerity, just because he was more able to withstand loneliness and darkness, so he was unable to have any independent choices of his own.

It might even be that he was never asked: whether or not he was willing to fade into darkness and shoulder a blackened name, whether or not he was willing to shoot his teacher to death, whether or not he was willing to enter a countdown of his life from the start of the mission.

In the past five years, how many things did this person carry on his shoulders? When Wayne seized and subdued him, what was he thinking in his heart?

Cold tears leaked out from the corners of his eyes, leaving dark traces behind on his cheeks.

Wayne finally couldn’t sit still anymore. His body slipped from the chair and fell onto Daniel’s bedside. He pressed his forehead against the back of his hand.

He knew that it was too late. Not even with all the power of the royal family could he guarantee that it would be enough to sustain the life of his person, and if it could sustain him, how long would it last.

Even if he could really help the other person survive, he would not be able to make up for all these too deep injuries.

In the end, he was not able to sleep a smooth and steady sleep. Su Shi coughed a few times and when he opened his eyes, he was shocked by the person lying on his bedside.

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