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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 2

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Chapter 2

Su Shi’s mission in this world was: to suffer in silence, become the dog of the government, and let the insurgent army misunderstand Daniel, believing that he betrayed them for wealth and status.

If the leader of the insurgent army dies while under his command, then the current advantageous war situation could be reversed, and the misunderstanding would become a reality. This would equate to the direct failure of his mission.

Su Shi couldn’t afford to pay the penalty fee of failure. With worry heavy in his heart, his speed became faster and faster. His stomach rolled and his eyes flashed a deep black for a moment.

“Marshal!” The lieutenant whispered and quickly stepped forward to support him. “Marshal, your last injury has yet to fully recover, you can’t force yourself too much.”

“I am not important…”

Su Shi leaned against Nathan and waited for his bout of dizziness to pass. Then he took a deep breath and stood up again.

The interrogation room was just up ahead.

It was a matter of life or death. He must rush inside and save himself from the danger of failing his mission, and prevent the punishment of a penalty fee.

Standing outside the door to the interrogation room, Su Shi’s entire demeanor suddenly changed.

His eyes became cold and indifferent, and the lines of his face turned sharp. The body that was tortured by pain slowly straightened up, and his footsteps became aloof and proud.

The door was pushed open. Hearing the sound, the man inside the cell raised his head and looked at him with a silent gaze.

He only delayed for a moment, but the man’s body was already covered in injuries. There were wounds all over his person. Yet in this difficult situation, his grand aura was still visible.

Su Shi couldn’t help but acknowledge that the royal’s elite education was perfectly reflected in Wayne’s body.

The man’s body was tall and strong, with powerful and graceful muscles. Half of his handsome face was hidden in the shadows. He was obviously trapped in the dark, but within his unfathomable eyes there was still an indomitable light.

Su Shi stopped at the threshold. He let out an inconspicuous sigh of relief.

Fortunately, his experience points were still safe.

Su Shi hid the relief deep within his eyes and turned his gaze cold. He raised his hand and took over the whip from the subordinate. He slowly bent the whip in his grip, and curved the corner of his lips into a cold smile.

“How is the interrogation going? Did he say anything?”

The whip was made of a special alloy and it had a sharp barbed edge. If a person was hit with the full force of this whip and did not receive timely treatment, it was entirely possible to be beaten to death.

Su Shi handed the whip to the lieutenant behind him, and nodded slightly in a discreet manner.

Nathan silently took the whip. He approached the restrained man and brought down the whip. The force was well controlled. On Wayne’s back bloomed a visually impactful wound, but it was not deep enough to hurt the bones and internal organs.

The whip roared with the sound of a sharp wind, and the blood seeped silently from the wound.

Now he only needed to find a chance for Wayne to faint. Using the excuse of wanting to interrogate Wayne for more information, he could have people treat the man’s injuries, and then he’ll inadvertently leak intelligence to the insurgent army and have them come rescue the prisoner.

Then he will throw his hot potato as far away as he could.

“He said nothing, Marshal.”

The subordinate quickly stepped forward and bowed respectfully. “If you will allow, we intend to impose a more cruel torture on him until he gives information that will satisfy you.”

“There is no need for heavier punishment. He is far more important than you think.”

Su Shi arbitrarily waved his hand. In a low voice he said, “We have too many things to dig out from him. If he breaks, it will be troublesome…”

He was still speaking when the chain suddenly sank and Wayne fainted without a word.


The timing of the faint was indeed perfect.

He had prepared lines ahead of time, but he didn’t have to use them now. Su Shi clasped his hands behind his back and turned around. The lieutenant understood intuitively. He circled around Wayne once, checking over his injuries. Then he stepped forward and broke the silence at the right time.

“Marshal, he seems to have a very serious old injury. If you want to continue to torture him for information, I am afraid that I will have to administer some treatment first.”

Although it was clear that the lieutenant was telling the truth, the subordinate was unwilling. After all, a meritorious deed was right in front of his face, waiting for him to claim. “Marshal! Actually, we can inject him with a wakening agent. The medicine’s effectiveness can last for three days-”

“Better to give him treatment first. He is still a highness after all. You still have to give the royal family some face.”

Su Shi said lightly. At the sound of the cold voice, the subordinate was instinctively unable to speak. He quickly looked for someone to send Wayne to the medical room.

The injury on the body was real and the fainting was also true. Wayne was pushed to the medical room and his old wounds finally received consummate treatment.

Temporarily got rid of the cold cell and the cruel torture. The contrasting warmth made him faintly relaxed.

Quietly lying on the examination table, Wayne recalled the hurried glimpse he got of those eyes.

That perfect pair of eyes were arrogant and cold, but at the moment when Daniel just stepped onto the threshold, there was a flash of something in those eyes that Wayne couldn’t avoid taking notice of.

There was something very close to relief, could even be called gratified… it was some kind of warmth.

His chest felt faintly hot.

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Translator Rambles

Hey there! Just letting you know that I am also translating The Big Landlord. It’s a Chinese BL transmigration story set in historical China, and also my main project at the moment, thus more frequently updated. Go ahead and take a peek at it while you’re waiting for updates on this story.

Also, I noticed that it takes me much longer to translate LMStB than it does for me to translate TBL. I feel like this author has more flowery prose, so it takes a lot more head scratching to puzzle out the meaning. (TAT) But I read the first two arcs of this story and I love how the ML dotes on the MC, so I would like to persist in translating this story, even though it takes more time.

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  1. Nathan seems like a really good guy. I hope the ML wouldn’t be one of those who ‘misunderstand’ the MC, -just so we can get to the doting part a lil bit sooner XD-

    Thank you for the chapter! Happy New Year! ?

    1. Happy New Year!

      Yeah, Nathan is a great dude. ^-^ The misunderstanding gets cleared up rather early on in the arc, at least for the ML, so the doting starts quite quickly, which is what I like. I feel really unsatisfied with stories that have long drawn out misunderstandings and only a chapter (or two) of sweetness at the end. Those are so frustrating. ? In this story we have the MC repeatedly trying to get the ML to misunderstand him, only to have the ML repeatedly reassure him, or misunderstand him in a different way, if you know what I mean. Heehee. (ノ≧ڡ≦)

  2. After seeing so many names in pinyin, seeing western names comes as a shock lol. And the main character’s name “Su Shi” really is similar to sushi haha

    I hope the incoming misunderstandings won’t be too painful… T-T

    Thanks for translating!

    1. Lol XD I know what you mean. It’s kind of unexpected to see English names pop up in a Chinese novel.

      Don’t worry, the misunderstanding won’t last very long, at least not for Wayne, and we have Nathan who is in the know and supporting the MC. 🙂

      Also, Happy New Years!

  3. Yeouch. Poor ML!

    Between this series and The Big Landlord, I’m more inclined to like this one at this point probably because of the setting. I favor sci-fi over historical China. That said, they both look like good series with clever MCs. The Big Landlord is good. I hope this one also lives up to my expectations.

    Great choices, translator!

    1. Thank you! ^-^
      I really like An Zi Ran because he’s such a clever and collected protagonist. But in terms of story I favor LMStB just a tad more at the moment, because new and shiny things are always more interesting. But I committed to TBL first, so I will continue to update TBL on a consistent basis, because I don’t want to disappoint the dedicated readers. I plan to make LMStB my main project once I’m done translating TBL. If I happen to pick up more shiny projects along the way, then I’ll let the readers vote on the next main project.

  4. I have to say, you have an amazing eye for stories, and your translating is beautiful as well, whether it be Big Landlord or this one. Thankyou so much for picking this up! <3

  5. I have to say, you have an amazing eye for stories and your translating is beautiful as well, whether it be Big Landlord or this one. Thankyou so much for picking this up! <3

  6. Oh, I really like this. Reminds me so much of How to Die as Heavy as Mount Tai and Heroic Death System. I can already see myself enjoying every chapter from this novel. Thank you for translating!!! Wayne sure has quick eyes, lol~ The power of the ML, seeing what others cannot see. I read through the comments, will there really be no long misunderstandings? ? Because that would be a big relief after reading so many novels where the misunderstandings are endless! ( ̄. ̄)

    1. Yes! It’s a relatively short misunderstanding on the ML’s part. I was super happy about it when I was MTL-ing the raws, and was pleasantly surprised with Wayne’s quick grasp of the situation. I also get quite frustrated with long drawn out misunderstandings, especially when the honeymoon period afterwards is short. There’s just not enough catharsis in those cases. I found a different fast transmigration story that was like that: misunderstanding for most of the arc and maybe one chapter of sweetness to resolve everything. I’m like: “Please great author, give me more sugar. You tortured my soul with so much bitter misunderstanding, you should at least compensate me with more sweetness than this. ?” But I thought the MC in that story was sassy and competent. I also liked the banter between MC and the system, so I might translate a teaser for it when I have more time.

      1. That…honestly sounds like torture to me. ? There were novels that cut me to pieces with how long they drawn out the misunderstandings, the blame and the endless cycle of repeating it all over again. I nearly wanted to throw a chair when all we get is an apology and one chapter of sweetness. Like what was all the tears that my heart shed for? I wanted numerous amounts of ‘dog food’, intimacy and sweet moments to be shared to follow against the hundreds of chapters of plain torture. One chapter is just not enough. ?
        Yeeesss, thank you for explaining about the short misunderstanding!!! My heart needs some time to heal from the battering of cold MLs and scheming people. Lol

        1. Ahaha, I see what you did there. Dog food. ? Agreed! Single dogs petitioning BL authors for more dog food!

          I’m okay with cold MLs, but only if they’re cold to everyone else and warm to the MC. I wouldn’t mind if they went so far as hot and steamy either. ?

  7. Wow. This. Is. Awesome.
    I can already envision the feels and tears. ?????
    Thank you Muse and a Happy New Year to you! ????

  8. I don’t usually comment, but I stumbled upon this story from the translators note at the big landlord.

    I instantly fell in love just by reading one chapter. I hope you can update again soon. Because I’ve tried to MTL-ing, and I give up as soon as I tried.

    Happy New year! You are awesome as always!

  9. *happily does the cha-cha dance* I love this update! Again, thanks for picking it up, friend.

    Also, I hope you spent Christmas happily with family! Happy New Year’s btw.

  10. Não tem como eu copiar meus agradecimentos traduzidos _/\_ Mesmo assim muito obrigada por traduzir..e espero ansiosa pela continuação…


  12. Wow thanks for taking your time in translating this novel! It must be difficult when the language is more ‘flowery’ than normal.

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