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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 20

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Chapter 20

Feeling feeble movement from the arm of the other party, Wayne violently jerked his head up and was met with Daniel’s startled and lost gaze.

“I’m sorry… Did I scare you?”

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Wayne chuckled softly, trying hard to calm the expression on his face. He scrubbed his face vigorously with his hand. “These past few days, your situation was unstable, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I was badly frightened. While Nathan was away, I took the chance to rest here for a bit.”

Hearing that the other party hadn’t asked about the matter that he had just learned about, Su Shi let out a breath of relief. He shook his head helplessly and laughed. “Seeing your expression, I thought that you’ve come to tell me that the uprising failed…”

“Daniel, are you only thinking about whether the revolution would succeed or not?”

Wayne suddenly interrupted him in a gentle voice. His eyes fixed upon Su Shi’s pale and soft smile. There was a faint touch of hoarseness to his voice.

How exactly was he able to let go of those irreconcilable grievances? And how could he laugh so easily in the face of approaching death? Wayne simply could not imagine.

Su Shi blinked, meeting Wayne’s deep gaze. He lowered his head, the corners of his lips turning up faintly, and readily admitted his mistake. “Okay, okay, I know I also need to take care of my body. Don’t get angry, all right?”

After several arguments and counter-arguments, Su Shi was already well aware that the more he resisted, the more they would try to restrain him. In order to not have these two men take turns watching him like a hawk, he needed to admit his mistakes and cooperate actively.

With the system’s certain death setting*, Su Shi’s mentality was much better. Now he has safely shifted his goal into a new direction, from carrying the pot until death to maintaining his current experience points and assisting the protagonist in completing the task perfectly.

[*T/N: In Chinese, it said the system awarded him a gold metal for absolute death. There’s a bit of sarcasm in the sentence, but Su Shi is evidently happy with the result either way.]

He had sincerely apologized for his mistake, but found that the other person’s expression did not warm up at all. Su Shi was a little puzzled. He opened his mouth to speak again, but his lips were suddenly covered with warmth, blocking what he was about to say.

Wayne kissed his lips, his breathing heavy. This person before him was already suffering in pain and was steadily getting worse.

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But this man was still laughing and he was still apologizing to him as if nothing had happened. He obviously didn’t do anything wrong. He obviously suffered all the grievances and injustices from the beginning. But in those eyes, there was only a gentle calmness that he could not see through. It was to the point that he could not even find a glimpse of the unwillingness of before.

He couldn’t just admit that due to his concern he had placed excessive surveillance on him. He could only put all his emotions into that kiss. It wasn’t until the other man’s body softened due to lack of air and fell into arms weakly that Wayne’s mood finally calmed down.

Su Shi gasped for air swiftly. On his pale cheeks were hard to see flushes of red color. He leaned against Wayne’s arm exhaustedly, coughing and laughing.

“I see now. So you wanted me to think about this… My Highness*, we still haven’t finished our proper business yet. Wait until we have the new country set up. Then we will have all the time in the world for these romantic affairs. What are you so anxious for?”

[*T/N: Yes, he said “My Highness” and not Your Highness. ?]

His voice was a little lower than usual because he had just kissed, and it also carried some nasal sounds, especially gentle and warm.

That call of “My Highness” was spry and gentle, but revealed unexpected intimacy. When Daniel addressed him like this, Wayne’s heart jumped, and he instinctively held on to the other’s hand. “Will you stay with me till then, Daniel?”

“Not certain, you’d better move faster, I have a very anxious temperament.”

Su Shi smiled and spoke with a slight smile. His tome was still mild, as if he was just saying a very ordinary joke.

But Wayne understood what he meant.

The pain was still lingering in his heart. Wayne met his gaze and smiled* lightly with a gentle expression. He raised his hand and held the back of Su Shi’s neck. Then he leaned over and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “I promise you, Daniel. Within three months, I will let you see everything that you want to see…”

[*T/N: Both “smile” and “laugh” uses the same Chinese character: 笑 xiao. Sometimes I can tell the difference based on context clues, but other times it is vague, like here. So Wayne either smiled or chuckled lightly.]

“Really? So fast?”

He didn’t expect that there would be hope to complete the task so quickly. Su Shi’s eyes widened in surprise as he looked upon Wayne, who had a firm expression on his face.

Those eyes were full of the purest expectations and longings, almost like a child who had never been contaminated with darkness, so clean that the heart was filled with the weakest bitterness.

Wayne held back the sourness in his eyes, raised his hand, and pressed it on the top of his head. He rubbed and spoke with a patient smile. “Of course it is true. I promise.”

The news of Wayne’s death could not be covered up. After stewing for a few days, both the royal family and the public should have reached the limit of endurance. Coupled with the secret guidance of the insurgents, a large-scale insurgency uprising was just a matter of days.

He had been planning for a long time, and now there were also Daniel’s expectations. He would never let any mishap occur.

This guarantee without doubt was useful. The person in front of him instinctive withdrew his neck, slightly raised his head to look at him, and gently raised the corners of his lips. His pale eyebrows were filled with happy smiles.

Watching his eyebrows spread open, Wayne’s eyes were also soaked in warm colors, and he lifted his arms to embrace him.

“Very soon, Daniel. Everything will get better soon. I will tell everyone about your sacrifice and protection over the years. You can soon stand in the sun and accept the praise you deserve, okay?”

Su Shi’s smile abruptly froze over.

“No, Wayne—listen to me, what I want is not this…”

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