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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 21

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Chapter 21

“But I want it.”

Wayne stood up and looked at Su Shi. In his eyes was the reflection of Su Shi’s tense and uneasy face. He patiently guided, “Daniel, you have been guarding the light all this time. Don’t be afraid of it.”

It’d be a wonder if he weren’t afraid.

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Su Shi watched as his experience points were inserted with wings. His heartbeat drummed. Holding on to Wayne’s wrist firmly, his chest couldn’t stop thumping up and down. “No—Wayne, you can’t do this…”

His expression was way too tense. His forceful movement even caused the needle to fall out, and it left a dazzling bloodstain on the back of his hand.

Wayne frowned slightly. He took the overreacting person into his arms and patted him gently. Then he took his hand and wiped the blood off the back of it. “Don’t be afraid. Exactly, what is the matter? Tell me, okay?”

It was rare for him to speak so softly like this, so his tone inevitably had some rusty stiffness, but there was still enough warmth in it to calm a person down.

The protagonist was a person with clear logic. As long as Su Shi found a reason that could be justified, the other party might consider his frame of mind and attitude.

Su Shi’s mood gradually calmed down. He averted his gaze with a guilty conscience and cautiously brought out the excuse that he’d just gathered: “Wayne, I swore to our teacher, that all the things I do, I won’t tell other people for my entire life…”

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He remembered Wayne’s admiration for that lunatic teacher. Precisely because he had shot the teacher himself, this person had been ardently at odds with him for five years. If he hadn’t accidentally fallen into the other person’s hands, then most likely the final outcome would be him running out of luck one day and getting shot by the protagonist. Then he would be returned to the main space.

From his current standpoint, looking back on his past self who had called that kind of outcome “bad luck,” it was really too superficial. (Because the current trajectory could be even worse.)

But precisely because of this, if it were the teacher’s last wish, then it would probably be enough to persuade Wayne.

Su Shi calculated this with confidence, but the other party did not speak for a long while. He raised his head in doubt, only to find that within the depths of Wayne’s eyes there seemed to be burning a strange and dark flame.

His heart jumped and he couldn’t help but tremble lightly.

They have faced each other many times, regardless of whether it was friendly and amicable or tit-for-tat, even when Wayne had shot him down from a few hundred meters away, or when Wayne had seized him by the neck so that he was unable to move a single step, he had never felt that the other party was truly frightening.

Only this one time, the dark flame in those eyes actually made him feel a little chill.

“Wayne, I—”

Did Wayne’s fanatical worship of the teacher reach such a point that he couldn’t even stand it when Su Shi mentioned it like this?

Su Shi felt a bit of uncertainty in his heart. He pursed his lips and lifted his head. But the flames in those eyes suddenly went out, leaving only a very gentle sadness and helplessness.

At the same time, his terrifying and imposing manner quietly dissipated. Wayne placed his hand on the ends of Su Shi’s hair and gently rubbed it.

“You don’t have to live for the teacher, Daniel. From now on, you don’t have to listen to what he says. You have the right to live for yourself and do what you want to do. No matter what you want to do, I will do everything possible to help you accomplish it. Do you understand?”

Impossible. If he said he wanted to shoulder the blame till death, it would be strange if the other party were willing to help.

Su Shi looked away glumly, unwilling to answer.

Looking at his seemingly numb reaction, Wayne’s eyes gradually filled with a powerless sad pain.

Daniel was so scared of the teacher that just a mention of him would cause him to faintly tremble. It would seem that the fear and obedience had long been implanted deep in his heart.

Exactly what kind of means did the teacher use to completely destroy a person, make him accept such a cruel arrangement, and unable to even give birth to the slightest resistance to disobey?

Even though the teacher had already died, he still controlled Daniel. If he didn’t happen to break through all this, Daniel might follow the teacher’s instructions, silently complete the final guard, silently bear the infamy and misunderstanding, and fall into the darkness before dawn*.

[*T/N: dawn – metaphor for a new age after a successful rebellion]

But since he had already broken through, it was impossible to let such a result develop.

“It’s okay, Daniel. It’s okay. As you said, we’ll finish the business first, and these can be discussed slowly.”

Obvious changes were too unacceptable for the opponent. They could only find a way to lead the situation, first ensure that Daniel survives, and then slowly guide the unwillingness and hope in his heart to be completely released.

Wayne took him back into his arms, patiently patted him gently, and softly kissed the other person’s eyebrows and nose, causing the pale and cold skin to become stained with a faint rosy color.

“I still need your help, Daniel. When the uprising breaks out, I will return to the insurgent army and lead everyone to overthrow the Terence government. I still need your role in the government and I need your help with my family. You’ll make it so that I won’t have fears of troubles in the rear, right?”

Hearing the familiar task, the man in his arms lightened again. He raised his head to look at him and nodded slightly.

Wayne felt disconsolate in his heart, but still smiled and nodded. He gently stroked Daniel’s soft hair ends. “It’s okay, we still have time, we still have time for everything…”

Although the royal family had been squeezed out of the center of power and its financial resources have fallen sharply, it still had a deep foundation, and there were still many medicines that were hard to find outside. Although it was not as good as the miracle that could almost bring one back to life, it could at least effectively improve one’s physical condition.

As long as Wayne could regain his status, he could use the reasoning of returning a favor and access those medicines. As long as he had those medicines, there was a way to prolong the life of the other party.

Daniel’s body was still weak. Only a short while had passed, but he already seemed sluggish. Wayne carefully helped him lie back down, and softly ordered a few words for him to take good care of himself before he exchanged positions with the lieutenant outside and instructed him to help the marshal with the medical drip.

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