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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 23

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Chapter 23

Strong fear was born from the bottom of his heart. Wayne’s eyes darkened. He took a deep breath to stabilize his beating heart, and he did not hesitate to press the speaker button.

“Nightingale, get me a car at once, I’m going back.”

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Carter was a smart young man. Although he did not understand why His Highness Wayne made such a decision so suddenly, he still heard the strange tone of the other person. Without much questioning, he immediately went to have people make preparations.

Ending the brief communication, Wayne’s chest was still violently undulating, looking at the screen with faint hope.

Daniel was escorted to the door by the lieutenant, but he struggled to push away the other’s support and returned to the table. He took the notebook and shoved it into the lieutenant’s arms.

The two men walked out a few steps before they encountered a second wave of attacks. Sonic attacks were pervasive. Daniel forcefully took a few steps, and then his body turned weak without warning.

He was able to see that man planning his future with a smile, able to see the tender yearning light in those eyes.

It turned out that Daniel liked a peaceful life, and he only hoped to spend the rest of his life quietly—but even if it was just this, it was also very good.

He even thought at that moment that when the country was established, the government’s supervision and decentralization system would be re-perfected, he would drop all his responsibilities and honors, and take that person to find a place to live with him. They could do a lot of things like ordinary people, could raise a few horses, a few dogs, and lazily watch the sunset together.

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No matter what the future looked like, he would find a way to make Daniel’s wish a reality and gift it to him.

But just as this idea was taking shape, before he could figure out where they would live and what to buy, he watched that person fall down again.

Raising the speed to the limit, Wayne didn’t dare to think. Anything might make him breathless with worry.

He just had to rush back.

There was someone waiting for him.



The lieutenant spoke urgently as he hurriedly supported the marshal’s powerless body with his own. He stopped in his steps and anxiously waited for the marshal to recover.

Su Shi’s vision went dark for a moment before improving. This body was already very rundown. His chest was so stuffy. He coughed a few times into his hand and pulled away with a palm full of bright red blood.

“I’m not important, Nathan. We can’t run. First, go to Isaton Palace…”

The Terence government would not bring the royal family along with them and evacuate. The fiercer the situation outside, the more likely it was for the Terence government to exploit the royal family instead, and accidentally hurt members of the royal family in Isaton Palace.

Since Wayne had asked him to help take care of his family, he had to rush to mobilize the army right away, and forcibly leave together with the royal family.

Thinking of the burning flames in those black eyes, the corners of Su Shi’s lips quirked up weakly. He let the lieutenant help himself get to a car and go straight to Isaton Palace. He leaned back on the car seat and sighed lightly.

This was actually not something within the scope of his world mission.

Sooner or later, he would disappoint Wayne, so today’s choice might be all the compensation he could make.

With the marshal personally seeing to matters, the chaotic Isaton Palace finally came to order.

Daniel was always standing in the most conspicuous position. His thin figure was still hidden under the heavy cloak. Thus, the evacuation was orderly directed.

Artillery fire incessantly bloomed in the gathering darkness behind him, and the dazzling light reflected in his eyes, making everyone inexplicably have some confidence, and the original panic was finally stabilized.

The members of the royal family were escorted to safe underground shelters one by one, and the precious collections were properly placed, and they even brought enough water and food.

“Marshal, they’re all evacuated, we—”

The lieutenant took a step forward to help him evacuate, but the ground abruptly shook violently.

The plutonium explosion seemed to be happening right before their very eyes. In but a few seconds, the Isaton Palace, which had stood for hundreds of years, collapsed with a loud noise, and the crumbled masonry filled the entire sky with smoke and dust.

Su Shi was slammed behind a bunker by the lieutenant, barely avoiding the aftermath of the explosion, but his heart was still numb and astringent.

“It’s Isaton Palace, they detonated it!”

An angry roar lingered from the distance. Su Shi felt that he was lifted up by the lieutenant. In the smoke, the people holding the weapons had rushed in aggressively.

The people in front of them were full of anger, apparently treating them as the culprits who detonated Isaton Palace.

The secret pathway has been closed off and all the members of the royal family have been sent away. There were only the ruins of Isaton Palace, and they had no chance to defend themselves with words.

At this time, a pot* suddenly fell upon his head from the sky. The system must think that he had been too miserable as of late**.

[*T/N: pot = misunderstanding]

[**T/N: Because Wayne kept clearing away his misunderstandings]

Su Shi chuckled softly. Half kneeling, he propped himself up, coughed very lightly, and looked at the lieutenant by his side. “This time, I’m afraid you will be dragged down with me, Nathan…”

“I am very happy to be implicated by the marshal. If Marshal is willing to involve me every time, I would be even happier.”

The lieutenant answered calmly and continued to help him stand up with great patience. He raised his hand and easily restrained a young man, who charged at them with anger, and pushed him back whence he came.

“All right, all right. We can’t just stand here and fight. Let me think of a way…”

Su Shi smiled all of a sudden. He stood up amidst the billowing smoke and calmly faced the crowd of angry people.

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