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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 25

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Chapter 25

Wayne’s tone was very firm and sincere, which made the crowd’s emotions gradually calm down, and they reflected on the truth that may have been ignored.

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In the hearts of the majority of the people, Daniel’s image was closely associated with the Terence government. So their hatred of Daniel actually stemmed more from their hatred for the government and the government’s brutal acts.

But Wayne had always been the leader in the hearts of the people. Thus, seeing him praise Daniel so unreservedly naturally shook the people’s original deep-rooted ideas.

“Last time, someone said that although Daniel forcibly raised taxes, he never actually collected that part of the taxes. At that time, I said nothing could be believed, but could it be that it was true?”

“My elder brother is a soldier in the government army. He said that Daniel is a good man, and we even laughed that he was brainwashed…”

“But he did indeed do a lot of bad things. Don’t tell me that all those are fake?”

“Could it be that there is some secret difficulty? Daniel is indeed arrogant to the point of being loathsome, but he is still much better compared to those domineering and rotten government officials.”

“If he is really a bad person, why would His Highness Wayne specially speak up for him?”


Hearing the murmurs of the crowd, Wayne’s expression softened.

People’s views could not be changed right away. Right now, he was just planting a seed in the people’s hearts, and when the time was right, he would spur this seed into a towering tree.

The boulder in his heart finally settled, and Wayne breathed a sign of relief. Then he turned around and reached out to Daniel. “Go back with me, okay?”

The light in those eyes was warm and firm. Although it was a gentle inquiry, it still had a firm undertone that seemed undeniable.

Su Shi didn’t dare to check the status of his experience points anymore. He blinked away the desperate water vapor in his eyes, forced up the corner of his lips, and reached his hand out.

His energy was exhausted long ago. It was only through perseverance that he was able to hold on up till now. Suddenly relaxing, a wave of dizziness washed over him. He walked forward a few steps with the support of Wayne, before his body shut off without warning and his entire person fell down weakly.



The lieutenant and Wayne’s tense voices rang in his ears. The strength sapped away rapidly from Su Shi’s body and his consciousness blurred out. He felt someone carrying him horizontally and tried to struggle a little for dignity, but the strength of the arms around him tightened again. “Your body is weak, Daniel. Don’t be willful.”

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His experience points have already been decreased to this degree. In comparison, being carried like this wasn’t hard to bear.

Su Shi sighed violently and finally gave up his stubbornness. He leaned frankly on Wayne’s chest and let his consciousness slip into the deep darkness.

In any case, he must not admit that he passed out because of excessive sadness.

A long time seemed to have passed. Su Shi could vaguely feel that the environment around him changed several times before finally settling down. People came and went. He tried to open his eyes, but was pulled back to the quiet and comfortable darkness several times.

When he finally got rid of the drowsy sleep completely and opened his eyes again, he found himself lying in a very clean and warm room.

“Marshal, do you feel better?”

The lieutenant was standing beside the bed and keenly aware of his movements. He supported Su Shi gently with a hand behind his back to help him sit up.

His memory from before the coma gradually returned to him. A sudden shock struck Su Shi, and he grasped the lieutenant’s wrist with his heart thumping violently in his chest. “How many days have I slept? What’s going on outside? Is the uprising going well? Wayne didn’t explain anything else to them, did he?”

“Five days. The situation is very good and smooth. His Highness Wayne has been in charge and hasn’t had time to say anything.”

Seeing that his family’s* marshal finally regained his spirit, the lieutenant’s gaze held warm relief. He helped Su Shi lean on the headboard and quietly reported the situation outside.

[*T/N: They are not family or blood related, but saying someone is of your family implies closeness. Or if it’s an ‘us versus them’ situation, then someone in ‘your family’ is on your side, a.k.a. your ally.]

“The members of the royal family were moved to a safe place, and members of the government encountered ambush after hurriedly evacuating that night, and soon they were defeated. Now the situation in the whole country is very good, and they will probably win soon.”

“This is not bad. Looks like my efforts weren’t wasted after all…”

Even if the experience points could no longer be retained, at least there was a bonus for completing the task to comfort him. At least that way, it would not be too much loss.

When Su Shi relaxed and leaned back, rubbing his forehead and pondering if there were any details that had been forgotten, he found that the lieutenant’s gaze seemed different from usual. He could not help but look up. “What is it? Did I get something wrong?”

“Marshal, you’re not going to ask about the condition of your body?”

The lieutenant smiled helplessly, patiently asked a question, and handed over a cup of hot cocoa that he had just made.

Su Shi blanked. He took a sip from the cup subconsciously, and finally realized that his body did not seem to be quite right.

The pain of several old injuries has been alleviated and the persistent tingling in his chest had disappeared. He had renewed strength and did not feel dizzy when he moved or cough up blood.

Wayne happened to enter through the door at that time, and when he saw Daniel’s innocent blankness, his eyebrows softened. He took off the cloak stained with gunpowder and blood and walked quickly to sit next to the bed. “How are you? Do you feel a bit better?”

“As repayment, the royal family took out many precious healing potions and gave them to you through His Highness Wayne. It seems that during your sleep, the body’s absorption effect was really good.”

The lieutenant smiled brightly, and for the first time there was a relaxed light in his eyes. Wayne’s gaze held a soft smile. He raised his hand and stroked the soft bed head of the person who seemed to be palpitating with fear. “What is it? Has it not sunk in yet?”

No. Of course he realized the implication of his situation.

The pot that he took great efforts to heat up was thoroughly cool down this time.

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