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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 26

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Chapter 26

Su Shi burst into tears and banged his head on the other party’s shoulder. Finally, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth. “I thank your whole family…”

“No. It is I who should be thanking you on behalf of my entire family. If you had been even a little bit late that day when you rushed over, Terence would have blown up Isaton Palace and put the charges on the protesters.”

Wayne shook his head with a smile. He pulled the other man into his embrace and gently kissed him between his brows. “I must repay you well. This is my father’s order, Daniel.”


This person who had eliminated his experience points and even grabbed his pot dared to claim to be repaying him?! Su Shi looked up desperately, but the lieutenant, with his discerning judgment, had already flashed out of the room and even thoughtfully helped lock the door.

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Su Shi should have guessed, Wayne had already long bribed out Nathan.

The view before Su Shi’s eyes turned dark. Before he could even react, he was already covered by the familiar warm atmosphere.

A flow of warm air brushed by his ear, causing him to tighten his body, but he was embraced by the hotter body. Su Shi subconsciously held his breath. He raised his hands and gripped the fabric of the clothes around Wayne’s shoulders, but suddenly felt a wet warmth spreading on his own shoulder.

“Daniel, I was finally able to keep you*.”

[*T/N: Wayne is most likely saying he was able to preserve Su Shi’s life, but the word he used was 留住 which has implications of asking someone to stay and being able to keep hold of someone.]

The person in his arms was lively and warm, and was no longer like before, where he was so cold and fragile that it made one scared into breathlessness.

The voice in his ears was thick and hoarse, and even trembled as if the speaker was trying desperately to maintain control. It was such that Su Shi’s original tight grip on the other’s clothes began to loosen.

“Sorry, Wayne…”

Su Shi sighed very lightly, and leaned quietly into that embrace. His arms rested on the other’s broad shoulders, and slowly tightened comfortingly.

He could feel Wayne’s trembling forbearance beneath his palm.

What he experienced was only a task, and what the other party experienced was real pain and panic.

The strong sourness spread silently in his chest. In fact, he knew better than anyone that for Wayne to protect him, Wayne had to put in more effort than the original plot dictated, and he had to give up many advantages and conveniences that where at his fingertips.

Well—it was just one world. Even if he didn’t earn a lot of experience points, the consequences shouldn’t be too serious.

In any case, even if he didn’t give up, there were probably not much experience points left anyway.

Su Shi chuckled, suddenly holding the other person’s shoulders seriously. He told Wayne to straighten up and look at himself with a bright smile in his eyes.

“Okay… I will listen to you. I will live well and stay by your side. Whatever you want to do, I will accompany you to accomplish it. Sounds good?”

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Wayne stared at him silently, and his dark eyes suddenly burst into bright fireworks.

His gaze beamed with a warm smiling expression. He patiently rubbed the top of Su Shi’s head. His tone was soft and gentle as he leaned in intimately to whisper into his ear.

“Daniel, I know that you like a peaceful life, and that you want to find a quiet place to stay away from the world. You don’t need to change because of anyone, including me. This time, change it to have me stay with you—wait for me. When I finish all the current affairs in hand, I can always be with you and do whatever you want…”

No. Actually, that was just a plan of convenience when it seemed like there was still a chance of the experience points being saved. For an intellectual high-level game, as long as there was no need to fight, political affairs were obviously more interesting than seclusion.

Su Shi blinked. Before he could explain, he was kissed softly by the other party.


His body still hasn’t recovered completely yet. Just a kiss caused Su Shi to become dizzy from lack of oxygen. He leaned against Wayne’s arms, panting heavily, and shaking his head sternly. “It seems that your royal potions is not all that powerful…”

“It’s because you don’t know how bad your physical condition was before.”

Thinking of the pale and silent appearance of the man that he brought back in his arms, Wayne’s eyes dimmed. He gently stroked the thin back of the man within his embrace. His sight almost blurred once again with tears at the tepid body leaning against his chest.

“It doesn’t matter. Daniel, we have a long time together, a long, long…”

Su Shi smiled, sighed helplessly, and reached out to him in compromise.

Just this once, it wouldn’t be bad to pretend that this was a rare chance for a vacation.

Indeed, he had not slowed down for a long time.

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For the first time, Wayne saw that the person in his arms was completely relaxed. The originally delicate, pretty, and gentle face became even more kind and calm, which made people feel soft in their hearts.

Wayne held his hand and looked at the clear light in those eyes, and his eyes opened with boundless warmth. He opened his mouth to speak, but then the emergency communicator in his pocket suddenly rang with an urgent earth quaking sound.

Su Shi jumped inexplicably, straightened his body, and stared at him silently.

Normally, emergency communications were no longer needed.

Wayne’s gaze also sank. He opened the communicator and responded briefly, holding his hand and tightening silently.


Just as Su Shi opened his mouth to inquire, Wayne wrapped his arms around his shoulders and kissed his forehead gently. “It was just a little accident. I can deal with it very quickly. Don’t worry. Wait for me to return.”

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly got up and left the ward.

Of course, Su Shi was terribly worried.

The lieutenant rushed back to take care of him shortly afterwards, but he avoided his words and refused to tell him the truth. Su Shi was so anxious that he was almost angry with him, but he hadn’t had time to speak, and suddenly there was an almost crazy and proud laughter outside the window.

It was a patrolling barge used for publicity. It floated over the city. The whole city could see the image above and could clearly hear its sound.

Projected from above was Terence’s image.

“I know all of you can hear and see me clearly, my people.”

Terence had been hiding in Tibet for a few days, and already seemed to cut a very sorry figure, but his eyes were still flashing with madness and pleasure.

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