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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 27

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Chapter 27

“Congratulations on your victory and the freedom you desire. It’s just a pity that everything is over. You will be buried with me, with the leaders you admire and follow, with your heroes…”

“Nathan, go to the government building immediately.”

Su Shi didn’t listen any more. He just picked up the clothes stacked on the side. His tone had an unquestionable determination.

He could tell with a glance the background environment behind Terence. At the lowest level of the government building was an antimatter warhead, which could destroy the entire capital through the collision energy generated by the explosion.

The antimatter warhead originally would never have been detonated, because Su Shi should have been taking control of the reins at the government building. Naturally, Terence would never approach him again after knowing about his betrayal.

If it wasn’t because of him, the protagonist should have successfully created a new country and reached the pinnacle of life. Terence should be captured in the middle of escaping, and there should be no accident.

The change to the plot really caused the main thread of the story to deviate uncontrollably.

He must get everything back on track as soon as possible.

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Facing the indisputable light in his eyes, the lieutenant did not say anything more.

By the time the two arrived, the government building was already surrounded.

After His Highness cleared things up, no one dared to disobey Marshal Daniel’s orders. Su Shi reached the ground unimpeded all the way. Terence was standing inside a protective cover, holding the remote control device, and yakking proudly about the conditions he wanted.

There were hidden snipers everywhere and photonic weapons waiting to be deployed. Wayne was standing in the forefront. The ease and gentleness in his eyes when the two of them were alone were long gone, and replaced with only angry dark flames.

“Well, look at who’s here. Why isn’t it the Marshal Daniel that I trust the most…”

Seeing Su Shi’s appearance, a light of ridicule appeared in Terence’s eyes. He turned to Su Shi with a sneer, looking up and down at this powerful subordinate who had deceived him into trusting him.

“I have to admit that I never would have thought that the powerful assistant I trusted, my most admired marshal, would actually be a hidden bomb lurking beside me from the beginning. Such a great hero bearing humiliation in the dark.”

Su Shi’s face went pale at last.

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This was a citywide live broadcast.

Just great.

He had never thought that in the end, the one forcing him to wash himself clean (of his bad reputation) and completely destroying all hopes of preserving his experience points would be Terence, this big villain.

He also didn’t know if it was too late to self-destruct with the other party.

Wayne abruptly turned around. When he saw Su Shi, a fierce flame ignited in his eyes. “Daniel, you should be taking care to recover from your injuries.”

“When I thought about being exploded into fireworks in the ward, the place next to you is undoubtedly more attractive to me.”

Su Shi did not meet his gaze, but walked slowly towards Terence. His voice calmed down. “Terence, what do you want? My life?”

“You are indeed my marshal. Only you can understand my mind the best.”

Terence laughed proudly and turned to look at Wayne. “Look at the weapons around you, Your Highness Wayne. As soon as I leave this protective barrier, you will have me killed instantly. You think I’m really stupid enough to believe that I can blackmail you for a spaceship and escape from here alive? From the beginning, I just wanted you to be buried with me. And by the way, I really enjoy your stupid anxious faces…”

“If you’re done talking then how about you shut up, Terence.”

Su Shi stood beside Wayne and stopped the other person by placing a hand on his chest. Then he stepped forward calmly. “Before dragging everyone along into a mass funeral, you would rather watch me die in front of you, or perhaps even kill me with your own hands, right?”

There was a subtle change in Terence’s expression, and some bloodthirsty light suddenly appeared in his eyes: “Look at my considerate* marshal, you are absolutely right… why, did you purposely come to repent to me?”

[*T/N: The word used here is 贴心 tie xin which also implies closeness and intimacy. Terence is saying that Su Shi knows him so well because they’re close.]

“I came to repent to my teacher. From the start, I should have taken you down with me. Because I was still selfishly eager to live, so I was hesitant and gave you this opportunity.”

Now that it has reached this point, he could only shoulder whatever pot he could pick up, and try to defame himself as much as possible, even if only by a little bit.

Su Shi spoke slowly and walked forward step by step. Don’t know when he obtained an extra dagger, but it was now in his hand, and his fingertips stayed on the sharp blade.

“Senior Daniel, you can’t go any further. It’s a protective cover. It can absorb the energy of any heat weapon, and you will get burn if you touch it!”

Carter spoke quickly, but Su Shi remained unmoved and only nodded casually.

Before anyone could see clearly, he had already buried the dagger ruthlessly into his chest.


Translations by Vanilla Muse. 

Wayne’s eyes were almost overflowing with blood. He took a step forward but was stopped by the lieutenant who had tears in his eyes.

“I forgot to tell you that during my tenure, I once changed the protective cover settings and set the gene lock to my DNA. In other words, except for your iris and fingerprints, my blood is also capable of opening this barrier.”

Facing the miserable look in Terence’s eyes, the corner of Su Shi’s mouth curved up. He calmly stepped into the protective cover, his eyes flashing with cold chill.

“You—what are you doing!”

Terence was just a politician, and seeing the blood dripping from the dagger that Su Shi pulled out at will, he could not help going soft in the knees, and stumbled backward.

“Of course it is to fulfill your* wish, Your Excellency the President.”

[*T/N: Su Shi uses the respectful you 您 nin instead of the casual you 你 ni here to be sarcastic.]

Su Shi continued to smile as he advanced forward, holding the dagger freely in his hand, as if he didn’t notice his injury at all. His tone was still mild and level.

“Three seconds. Are you confident that when I accidentally stab you to death, you can successfully press the controller in your hand?”

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    In other words, [except for] aside from your iris and fingerprints, my blood is also capable of opening this barrier.”

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