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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 29

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Chapter 29 

The bed was very soft. Even if he were thrown on top, it would probably not hurt much. But Wayne still laid him down gently. Wayne silently closed the door and windows, silently placed him down, and silently removed his clothes.

The power in those hands was still calm and stable, but the quick up and down undulations of his chest along with the darkness in his gaze gave Su Shi some very unpleasant premonitions. “Wayne, listen to me explain-”

He didn’t have time to explain.

The scorching breath engulfed him. A faint taste of blood seeped between his lips and teeth, mixed with an ice-cold acerbic liquid, and created a complex and heavy flavor.

Su Shi’s strength gradually lessened.

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In the period of time just now, how painful Wayne’s heart really was, Su Shi had no way of empathizing without personal experience.

He couldn’t say anything, and of course he could not explain either. This way of venting seemed to be the most effective form of comfort that he could give.

One side completely surrendered control, leaving behind only gentle tolerance and cooperation, as if offering a silent apology, but on the contrary, it gave birth to an even more serious apprehension and lingering fear in the other side.

Wayne’s arms trembled slightly, exerting more strength to monopolize the pliable but tough body within his embrace. He lowered his head onto the other’s neck, panting for breath. Tears fell silently.

“Don’t get hurt anymore. I’m so scared, Daniel…”

Su Shi’s chest suddenly felt so painful that it was hard to breathe.

He was totally wrong.

The other party didn’t know the whole truth yet. He was just thinking how much he could let Wayne vent, how much he could comfort the other person, but he didn’t realize that it would push him to the abyss of despair.

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Su Shi couldn’t think of an appropriate method to deal with the upcoming situation. He could only close his eyes, but his heart had become a mess.

Don’t know how much time had passed, but the sky outside the window had completely darkened when Wayne’s mood finally calmed down.

The other person lay on the bed without saying a word, but it made Wayne feel uncontrollably guilty. He carefully held Su Shi’s body as he helped him clean up and change his clothes. Then he changed the bed sheets and gently laid him on top.

When Daniel was in a coma, Wayne often came over to take care of him in this way. His movements were very practiced and proficient.

Su Shi had never been good at feigning sleep. Of course, Wayne was aware that the other party was not asleep, but he was irritated at himself for going too far, and feeling guilty, did not dare to open his mouth. He stood quietly by the bedside. Seeing that the other party was still not responding, he leaned over his forehead and lightly kissed it.

“I’ll go out and check on the situation. I’ll have Nathan come and take care of you. I’ll be back soon…”

His tone was so soft that in the end Su Shi couldn’t bear to continue pretending to be asleep like this. He abruptly raised his hand and caught on to that person who was about to turn away and leave. Only after a moment of silence did he open his mouth to speak. “There are still a lot of things to take care of outside, and you need to personally attend to them, is that right?”

Wayne didn’t know why he asked this all of a sudden, but he nodded subconsciously, and gently stroked the ends of Su Shi’s hair. “Something big like this just happened, I should go out and show my face, even if only for a bit. Are you hungry? How about I bring back something for you to eat?”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

Su Shi coughed, looked up at him half-heartedly, and touched his nose in guilty conscience: “I actually want to say that if you have a lot of things to do, then go attend to your matters first. You don’t need to come back to see me later…”

“And then you will take the opportunity to run out again, show up coincidentally at the right time, and scare me into a heart attack?”

Wayne laughed involuntarily, finally releasing the air choked in his chest. He tapped Su Shi’s forehead with his fingers. “If this continues, I will have to tie you up here.”

“Relax, I won’t run out again.”

Seeing the rare and easy smile in Wayne’s eyes, Su Shi still could not bear to say anything, but he softened his eyebrows and nodded his head. He patted the back of Wayne’s hand twice. “Go. Let me rest for a while.”

He was indeed worn-out from being tossed about excessively, and this sentence was really convincing. Wayne couldn’t help laughing. He tucked the quilt around Su Shi and kissed his forehead again, before finally getting up and walking out the door.

The lieutenant standing at the entrance of the stairs saw him come out, and quickly walked over: “Your Highness Wayne.”

“I keep feeling like there is something more that he wants to say… Help me pay more attention to him. I will be back soon. Notify me immediately if there is anything.”

Wayne nodded slightly, whispered a few words, and told the lieutenant to remember to get some food for Daniel, and then hurried back to the office.

The room was quiet. The lieutenant knocked on the door twice and pushed it open slightly, but suddenly stood rooted in place.

It was not the first time that he had seen the Marshal fall, but the scene in front of him sent a cold shiver running down his spine. Something seemed to be forcefully gripping his throat, not letting him release a single sound.

The person on the bed was lying on his side, his back curved slightly, and he was trembling because of a cough. Bright red blood had already dyed the towel and the sheets.

The blood seemed to flow endlessly. As he coughed, more blood continued to rush out.


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  1. Noooo what’s happening?! Su Shi seemed ready to be pampered! The poor guy never seems to catch a break. I feel bad for Wayne… When he comes back and sees Su Shi like this, I’m not sure how his traumatized heart will fare. Thank you for translating!

  2. Tsk. Wayne really seemed to comprehend that nothing Daniel did was his own choice all this time, and yet he still refuses to let Daniel make his own choices even about this. He just one-sidedly decided to be attracted to this person and without their conscent, permission, or encouragement, wanted to enter a relationship with them. Su Shi passively allowing him to ‘vent’ his emotions really is the best response at this point, since this is yet another thing Daniel didn’t get to make a decision about but has to go along with. Unlike everyone else, I really have no sympathy for Wayne who has never taken Daniel’s actual wants into consideration and just did whatever he thought was right without asking or listening. And he’s supposed to become a good ruler? Really doesn’t listen to anyone.

    1. I don’t think so, I mean he never forced the MC. I agree that their relationship started abruptly, but both are willing. I believe the MC likes him back, maybe not as much, but he still does.

    2. Exactly! And the fact he didn’t consider Daniel’s body condition before tossing him around just because he couldn’t control his emotions…..he is soo weak! I can’t believe…

  3. gosh let mc die (this is so weird, am i sick in the head?) i just cant handle for him to bear the painn.. he suffer so much ?

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