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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 3

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Chapter 3

This kind of warm gaze, it used to not be such a foreign thing.

They graduated from the Imperial Military Academy together and gathered a group of companions from scratch. Gradually they expanded their sphere of influence, and overcame countless obstacles together.

But when the government, which was under Terence’s thumb, took notice of their group and began to suppress and even ruthlessly squashed them, Daniel personally killed a teacher who cultivated them and was absorbed into the government shortly afterwards.

From there, Daniel’s career skyrocketed. He received promotion after promotion, and within five years he became the grand marshal and a person that the president heavily relied on.

Wayne never investigated the reason behind Daniel’s sudden betrayal. A traitor didn’t need a reason for their actions. It was enough just to get rid of them.

In the last battle, he personally sniped Daniel down.

Blood spilled quickly through the lens of his sniper rifle. The thin and wasting body fell to the ground without a sound. The government army, which was originally powerful enough to raze the insurgents to the ground, fell into disarray without their head. He was then able to safely withdraw his men.
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Wayne didn’t even have time to doubt. Based on Daniel’s military quality, how could he not have avoided such a hasty and obvious sniping attempt?

All this time, it seems that he have ignored some very obvious hints…

Suddenly, ambiguous conjectures started forming in his head. Wayne stewed in his thoughts in torturous silence. He almost couldn’t breath.

His fists clenched so tightly that his arms began to tremble, but he couldn’t seem to feel them at all.

The door was suddenly pushed open.

Wayne lifted his head. He positioned his body, ready to attack. His eyes flashed with a fierce and murderous light.

After he saw who was coming in, the tension in his body loosened instead.

Daniel’s hand was still on the edge of the door when he lifted his head to look at Wayne. Following behind him was the lieutenant bearing a tray with food for dinner.

Under the bright light, the paleness of that man’s face became much more obvious. His body was hidden beneath a big cloak, concealing its thinness.

Su Shi never had any combat awareness. He also did not feel anything when faced up against the other man’s imposing aura. In a steady pace, neither too fast nor too slow, he strolled to one side of the room and sat down. The lieutenant placed the dinner tray on the table.

Wayne’s eyes followed the lieutenant’s meticulous actions, and then he looked at the food on the tray, each dish was nutritious and could even be rated as sumptuous. He was silent for a moment before raising his head. “Daniel, do you have nothing to say?”

“I do. Right now I should be interrogating you for information on the insurgent army, but you won’t say anything anyways, so I might as well save my strength.”

This hot potato could not be eaten. It could only be flung far away. He will need to send Wayne back to the insurgent army in two days. Su Shi did not intend to waste any more time on him. He leisurely looked over the medical records on the side and answered Wayne without lifting his head.

Wayne did not anticipate the other side’s response and he stared blankly, stumped for words. His eyes subconsciously fell upon Daniel’s body.

The Daniel in his memories was proud. Proud and dazzling. His dark eyes always shone with a sharp light as if there were no impurities within them.

But the youth in front of him was leaning back with a relaxed air. With his claws retracted, he did not feel threatening at all.

Up until now, Wayne hadn’t realized that he did not understand the other person at all.

Perhaps because of his intense gaze, the originally laidback youth became alarmed. Daniel’s body suddenly tightened. His eyes flashed with turbulent lightning as he looked at Wayne, and his gaze became frigid.

It was a look that pushed the other party away at a distance.

Wayne’s chest roiled, but he did not look away.

Their eyes met without a sound. Su Shi remained taciturn on the surface, but inside his heart was pounding madly.

Just now, he actually received a warning that the protagonist’s misunderstanding value was on the edge of the alarm.
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Wayne was the biggest victim of Daniel’s betrayal, and of course, he was the first to misunderstand him. After Daniel was appointed as marshal, Wayne’s misunderstanding value reached eighty-nine, and Su Shi stopped wasting energy on him.

But just now, the degree of misunderstanding suddenly dropped sharply, and it has almost fallen to the edge of the precarious line.

Although he hasn’t had time to figure out where the misunderstanding points leaked away, he still had to deal with it as soon as possible.

“Daniel, has your injury gotten better?”

An ineffable urge pushed Wayne to open his mouth and speak in a low voice. The hand hanging to the side subconsciously tightened up.

“That’s right. Thank you for reminding me, I almost forgot, I still owe you a bullet…”

After receiving the warning from the system, Su Shi was super alert, putting in a hundred and twenty percent. His gaze turned cold once again. He smirked and held the table to slowly prop himself up. He looked down at Wayne condescendingly.

He twirled the exquisite gun lightly in his hand. Su Shi held Wayne’s shoulder with one hand and leaned in close to his ear. He pressed the muzzle of the gun up against the other man’s brows. “I am still alive. Are you disappointed?”

The gentle and languid youth from before seemed to be just an illusion. Right now the youth was icy cold. The muzzle of the gun pressed against Wayne’s skin. The cold feeling of the metal tied his heart into knots.

This was correct… This was how it was supposed to be.

Those eyes should be indifferent and arrogant. They should hold disdain for his defeated foe. It should be the arrogant ambition of betrayal.

Wayne tried hard to convince himself of this, but his mind couldn’t help lingering on the warmth of that moment.

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  1. Can someone explain ‘dog blood’ or is it ‘dog blood drama’ to me? Is ‘dog blood’ used as an adjective to describe anything, or does it have to be used in the phrase ‘dog blood drama?’
  2. What is ‘dog food’ in the context of Chinese novels?
  3. What does ‘chicken blood’ as in ‘injected with chicken blood’ mean?

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  1. Ooohhh, I love this story! The premise is so interesting! The acting, the misunderstandings! It reminds me a little of Villain’s White Lotus Halo. Awesome! I love the dichotomy between outward actions/words and actual thoughts, feelings and reasonings.
    As for your questions. I am not a specialist, but as far as I know: 1) dog blood = absurd, exaggerated, ridiculous, contrived cliche. It can also mean hypocritical behavior. Dog blood is used for scenes… umm, you know how it always rains during the sad scene in movies/anime? Yeah, that, plus all the romantic cliches. 2) dog food = PDA and lovey-dovey displays by couples. Chinese who are not in relationships call themselves ‘single dogs’ 3) ‘injected with chicken blood’ = to suddenly become extremely energetic/excited. It is like someone suddenly lit a fire under someone’s ass, to get a second wind – that kind of thing

    1. Fully agree. So when single dogs are being ‘fed dog food’ they are being subjected to public displays of affection or else someone is bragging. The display doesn’t need to be physical, it can even involve lovebird conversations.

      Thanks for the great translation ♥️

    2. Yes, it reminds me of Villain’s White Lotus Halo too, which is why I recommended VWLH on LMStB’s NU page. It’s hilarious how the MC wants to appear as bad, but everyone misreads his actions as good. XD

      Ooh, thank you for your in-depth responses. You’re really helpful! ^-^

      Does ‘injected with chicken blood’ usually have a positive or negative connotation? Or is it just a neutral phrase?

      1. In the old days in China (not sure if still part of Chinese medicine) but I’m pretty sure it was thought that chicken blood could give you more energy or something, I csn’t quite remember, I’ll have to look it up again. But I think in novels it can be used for either good or bad, it depends on the context

    3. Speaking of the Villain’s White Lotus Halo, it’s the story I just finished before reading this ???? I miss the story already

  2. Haha it must’ve been very scary for Su Shi when the misunderstanding dropped suddenly. He must’ve been wondering why it happened and I would too if I were in his place. I mean, he was just sitting down lol

    The first comment gave some good answers to your questions.

    Thanks for translating!

    1. Ahaha! I know right. I would be alarmed too. You just sit down and bam, your mission is failing. Like dude, I didn’t do anything? O.o

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    I have a question though- Did Su Shi transmigrated into a child Daniel, so that Wayne’s memories are about him? Or he entered the world at a later time?
    This novel is already amazing, can’t wait for the sweetness 🙂

  4. The MC’s halo has been activated. The ML now shall be smitten even with a gun muzzle up his head XD

    Thank you for the chapter! ?

  5. Awww. Poor Wayne. Su Shi had a close call there.

    1. I think it’s just “dog blood,” which is typically used as a metaphor for cliche or dumb drama. At least, that’s how I understand it from reading web novels.

    2. “Dog food” often refers to affectionate, romantic scenes.

    3. If someone is injected with chicken blood, it means they are riled up, excited, or agitated.

  6. Injected with chicken blood can have both good and bad connotations. XD

    Thank you for another wonderful chapter, Muse. Good luck 🙂

  7. The misunderstanding decreasing out of nowhere, causing Su Shi to be on the lookout to increase the misunderstanding. ? He’s gonna have his hands full. Thank you for the chapter!
    For your questions, I seen the comments above. Lol I understand ‘dog food’ because many novels used it to describe the PDA and lovey-dovey moments fed to the single folks. ‘Injected with chicken blood’, I have seen it used in both positive and negative connotations. Like allies with allies and enemies with enemies. Kind of like a shot of adrenaline at a critical moment. Thanks again~

  8. Oh, oh, omigosh, XDXDXD that was a great twist omg XD MC is gonna fail this world thanks to the ML XD thanks for the translation~~

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