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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 30

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Chapter 30

The lieutenant couldn’t speak. He looked back and forth helplessly, preparing to turn and call for help, but was stopped by the low tenor of Su Shi’s voice.

“Close the door, Nathan.”

Su Shi worked hard to prop up his body. His arms were trembling faintly. The scent of blood in the air made him uncomfortable, but his train of thought was still as clear and distinct as before.

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“Useless. The protective cover is actually used to shield against anti-matter radiation…”

The short period of calm after radiation exposure has already passed. His body has already begun to rapidly decline all around. His internal organs were rupturing and bleeding. The severe pain made him want to curl up his body like a shrimp.

But he still has something to do.

The lieutenant was also aware of how terrifying the radiation was, but still didn’t want to believe this reality. Choked with emotion, he lent a hand to that man struggling to get up. “Marshal, there must be a way. Persevere a bit longer, I will call His Highness Wayne back–”

“Idiot. If I wanted him to see, then why would I have endured until now?”

Su Su smiled softly, interrupted him in a low voice, and tried to walk over to the desk.


There was a sobbing quality to the lieutenant’s shout, but Su Shi still stubbornly sat at the table, spread out his notebook, and fumbled for a pen.

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“Let me finish this task, Nathan. There is nothing much I can leave behind…”

This notebook was a record of Daniel’s crimes, and he could get two thousand points for reward by writing everything down. Before, it was not worthwhile for him to work so hard for these two thousand points, so he did not fight to the death to write everything down.

But in this current situation, perhaps he could count on these two thousand points, so as to not end the first world with negative experience points.

Cold sweat blurred his vision. Su Shi tried not to let the blood he was coughing out land on the book pages. He wrote down the last few decrees one by one, and finally let go of the pen with a breath of a relief.

With tears in his eyes, the lieutenant supported him in the chair and stubbornly wiped the blood on his lips.

When Su Su curved the corner of his mouth weakly, his eyes fell on the notebook that he had yet to close. He sighed lightly, and suddenly started to cough fiercely. In the end, some blood was splashed on the paper.

It was too late for him to do anything else.

There was a sudden rushing sound outside the door. The door was violently thrown open with a bang, causing one’s eardrums to echo with the sound.

Wayne stood panting heavily at the door, his hands resting on the doorframe, his eyes red with blood.

He had just stepped out the door and was glancing at the surveillance screen casually, wanting to confirm whether Daniel was having a good rest.

He just couldn’t help wanting to see that person.

“Go, go with me to see a doctor…”

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Wayne opened his mouth dumbly. He picked up Su Shi wanting to leave, but the other party gently held his wrist.

Just this brief moment of labor and that hand had become ice-cold and damp, even losing most of its strength, only holding together like an empty shell, looking like it would break away with just a little pressure.

But he couldn’t bear it.

Su Shi’s eyes were already red with blood, and his vision was extremely blurry. He tried his best to open his mouth, but could only force out in a weak voice, “Right here, I have something to tell you.”

“Okay, right here. We won’t go anywhere. You speak, I’ll listen.”

Wayne shook terribly. He carefully put the person in his arms back on the bed. His voice was hoarse and it trembled. He was so regretful that his vision was about to turn black.

Swallowing the surging blood, Su Shi tried to turn over and held his hand firmly. “I don’t blame you. It can’t be cured. I already knew. Just greedy…”

He paused and thought for a while, but added another word: “Sorry.”

Because he knew long ago that this was a dead end without a solution. So he was being very abnormal and forgiving.

But behind those forgiving and accepting words, how could there not be some silent desire that was hidden deep?

Wayne stared at him with his heart hammering in his throat, breathing slowly. Finally, he fell to his knees beside the bed weakly.

Su Shi took Wayne’s hand and stroked his cheek with a trembling hand. His brows softened as his eyes fell silently upon Wayne’s body.

The HP bar was decreasing rapidly, jumping to the single digits in the blink of an eye, one by one the number went down until it finally stopped completely at zero.


The lieutenant spoke softly, and there was already some helpless fear in his eyes.

The curve of those eyes was still gentle, but the light inside had been completely extinguished.

Wayne knelt quietly beside the bed, stiffly wrapped in darkness.

“At that time, he asked me, if there were still a lot of matters outside that I had to attend to personally, right?”

He suddenly raised his hand and gently stroked the man’s forehead. His strength was gentle and careful, and the corners of his lips curved into a gentle arc.

But in his eyes there was nothing but desolation. It was so empty that it made one’s heart feel despair just from looking.

“At that time… why didn’t I answer no?”

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