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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 31

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Chapter 31

Su Shi’s consciousness gradually separated from the body, and finally fell into complete darkness.

When he woke up again, he had returned to the familiar main world.

“My host, you don’t seem to be in a good mood.”

The mechanical voice rang flatly, but no matter how one listened, it seemed to carry a malicious sense of Schadenfreude.

Su Shi glanced angrily at the big screen with flashing data strips. He flopped onto the sofa, and lazily rubbed his forehead. “Looking at the situation from all angles, is there something I had missed that deserves celebration?”
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The data on the screen flickered quickly, and after a long silence, the mechanical voice sounded again.

“The score for this world, the host successfully obtained two thousand experience points, consumed one [special anesthetic], deduct fifty experience points…”

“How come there are only two thousand points!”

Su Shi staggered up and interrupted the mechanical voice with incredulity. “It should be that everyone in the country thinks that I am a traitor. Even if the misunderstanding is resolved in the capital, the country is so big—”

“In order to make a bigger impact, the villain BOSS chose global broadcast. People in other cities have either voluntarily or been forced to watch your feat.”

The system replied without missing a beat, and in scrupulous detail. The screen flashed twice. “In fact, the world is currently holding a huge funeral for you. Do I need to broadcast it for you?”

“…Forget it. I don’t want to watch.”

Su Shi fell back onto the sofa, sighed heavily, and put his hand on his forehead. Light seeped into his eyes from between his fingers, stinging his eyes.

That brat didn’t even tell him one thing that was pleasant to the ears.
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Fortunately, it was just this one world. If that damn system gave him a few more worlds like this, he might be angered all the way to the switchboard. Then he would directly drag the data out into the material world and press it hard to the ground.

And along the way, tell him that he didn’t die, but merely changed places to live on…

The host’s mood did not seem to be very good. The system flashed the screen twice dully, and finally switched back to the rigid mechanical sound.

“The remaining one thousand nine hundred and fifty experience points have been calculated into the balance of the new account. Congratulations to the host for accomplishing [not carrying a single pot] achievement. Task completion rating is A. The protagonist’s misunderstanding value is one hundred. And the current world comprehensive rating is S level. Host can choose one skill from anyone in this world to copy, and directly improve the mastery to the highest level.”

“One hundred?”

Su Shi abruptly stood up. His back went cold. He couldn’t feel pleased with the S-grade rating at all.

Could it be that Wayne still felt that he was a traitor? Did Wayne do all of those things just to confuse Su Shi and make him willing to die for him?
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Thinking of the blazing and sincere flames in those eyes, Su Shi was suddenly out of breath. His eyebrows tightened as he tried to recall any suspicious performances, but his heart was inexplicably filled with extremely empty blankness.

He still couldn’t believe that Wayne didn’t believe in him.

“Was there a mistake in the calculations? Check it again. I remember that the final misunderstanding value has dropped to zero. It doesn’t matter if the grade is B or C, I just need to know the real data…”

Su Shi muttered, his voice faint. His palms even started to exude cold sweat.

The system was silent for a while. The data scrolling on the screen stopped. The mechanical voice was still as tranquil and inflexible as before.

“No mistake. The protagonist still believes to the last moment that you* actually want to live.”

[*T/N: System uses respectful you 您 to address Su Shi.]

Su Shi’s heart suddenly sank.

“So—so it’s like this. I understand…”

His voice was unsteady. He tied to force himself to relax as he swiped his fingertips across the virtual screen in front of him a few times, and then came to a stop on the image of Wayne’s head.

He lightly touched it. The photo suddenly disappeared, turning into several options for skill points.

He clicked on the [Royal Martial Arts] option. Su Shi retracted his hand into a fist. He lowered his eyes for a moment. Then he raised his head and smiled gently. “I’m ready. Enter the next world.”

Everything in front of him quickly turned into a torrent of data. Su Shi closed his eyes and let himself fall, when the system’s mechanical voice sounded in his ear.

“Lord Host, taking into account the hard experience of earning experience points in the last world, the difficulty of the task in the next world will be adjusted appropriately, and strive to make it easy for you to carry the pot. Happy misunderstandings…”

[*T/N: At the end the system says 背得愉快, which means “carrying the pot” and “cheerily/pleasantly” so I translated it as “happy misunderstandings” to sound more like a succinct parting remark.]

In the depths of Su Shi’s heart, he felt anything but reassured. He opened his eyes amidst the torrent of ones and zeros, and watched the void in front of him vigilantly. “What do you mean?”

“Changing to more understandable terms, that is to say-”

The mechanical voice gradually faded. The ending sound seemed to carry a faint smile of interest.

“When you arrive in the next world, be prepared to receive the pot once you open your eyes.”


Su Shi’s body sank suddenly. When he opened his eyes, he was blinded by dazzling flashing lights, and he had to close his eyes again.

People were scrambling to push a microphone in front of him, and excited faces followed behind each other. Finally, a microphone broke through the siege, and the reporter quickly opened his mouth, his eyes flashing with excitement.

“Mr. Mu, is it really like what Film Emperor Lin said, that it was your driving mistake that caused the accident?”

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The author has something to say:
System: You’re awake, here is the pot, for you \( ̄︶ ̄)/

The translator has something to say:

Su Shi’s system is so sassy. Haha. XD
And Su Shi definitely cares about Wayne in some way, even if he is not fully aware of it himself. Heeheehee.

We are now officially on arc 2. Yay! Thank you for your patience up until now. Special shout out to Syeki, who helped me translate the first half of arc 2. Since I only have to proofread her chapters and fix the formatting before posting them, I should feel less pressured now. I’ll continue to work hard at translating during my free time to stockpile some chapters for the future. See you again tomorrow~!

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  1. Hmmmmmmm seems like the feelings were reciprocated ?
    I hope Su Shi gets a good ending in at least one of the worlds…

    OwO what kind of world will this one be? Showbiz?

    Thanks for translating!

  2. Broadcasted that event to the ENTIRE WORLD. Damn, that villain really didn’t hold back at the end.

    Poor Wayne.

    I wonder what the truth is behind this driving accident.

  3. In the end, Su Shi still got a S rating! Even if things didn’t go how you expected, it was alright(?) in the end! Good for you Su Shi! I’m excited to see how Su Shi will shoulder the blame this arc ah~ Thanks for translating!

    1. I know right? It’s like a student expecting to get a F or D in the class, just to be told they got an A! Im happy for him ^^

  4. I’m confused. Does SS think because he got an S-rating it means that Wayne thinks Daniel was evil or he wanted to live not die??

    1. He thought the S-level was because Wayne still thought he was evil, so he was upset. But the real reason he got the S grade was because Wayne misunderstood that he wanted to live.

  5. Lol global broadcast, I have to say, Terrance must have had a secret stash of gold or something in Tibet right? How else can he afford to be so fancy haha

    Also oooh so the misunderstanding value isn’t specific to the job then? Does that flexibility only apply to the protagonist? Because if not I have questions about the system ?

    Ahhh show biz / entertainment arc!! My favorite type of arc! So excited!!!!!

    1. The system seems surprisingly flexible. As long as it’s a misunderstanding about the MC, then he will get points, which is lucky for him, because he can never seem to get the ML to misunderstand him in the way that he wants. Bwahahaha. XD
      If you like show biz, I recently picked up a new novel with that setting: This Alpha’s Pheromones Are Exploding.

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  7. “No mistake. The protagonist still believes to the last moment that you* actually want to live.”
    omg so the next world is the entertainment circle, I like it:D
    Thank you for your hard work!

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