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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 33

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 33

For someone so cowardly, Lin Jing sure acted fast.

Su Shi raised his eyebrows and his eyes fell thoughtfully on Lin Jing’s pale face. He nodded slightly at the men: “I understand, please give me two minutes.”

With that, he walked slowly towards Lin Jing.

Lin Jing took two steps backwards, his eyes darting around guiltily: “Jin, Jinchu— you help me bear with it for two days. When elder brother comes back, I’ll ask him for help with the PR, it’ll definitely be alright…”

Mu Jinchu was orphaned at an early age, he had been entrusted to the Lin family by his father when he was young. The Lin family held the largest economic company in the entertainment industry, and naturally paved the way for their old friend’s only son. Until the passing of the Lin brothers’ parents, when the company was handed over to Lin Feng, he had lacked for nothing.

It was for precisely this reason that Mu Jinchu had been willing to take the fall for Lin Jing.

“It’s just being away for a few days, it’s not a big deal, elder brother wouldn’t be bothered.”

Su Shi rubbed at his eyebrows and spoke plainly.

Since he was a child, Mu Jinchu’s temperament had been withdrawn and taciturn. He had never been close with the Lin brothers. With his own younger brother in a precarious situation, Lin Feng would certainly not lend a hand to the outsider pegged as the culprit.

This did not concern Su Shi. It was just that Lin Jing’s distraught expression made him worry that he would hinder his efforts to shoulder the blame.

“Don’t talk to anyone about this. When you get home, remember to check if anyone at the party knows something they shouldn’t. Don’t repair the car, dispose of it as soon as possible.”

Lin Jing listened in stunned silence. He stared at Su Shu with traces of shame in his eyes: “Jinchu—“

“Since you have already committed to this, you must see it to the end. I will deal with this myself. Just take care of your own public image, don’t worry about me.”

Protecting the mission was of foremost importance. Su Shi did not have time care about Lin Jing’s emotional state, and reviewed the whole process in his thoughts. After confirming that there were no omissions, he was finally a little relieved and lightly pushed Lin Jing back.

“Alright, go home now, remember to send me the details of the whole situation before and after, so that I will know what to say. Work fast, okay?”


Lin Jing’s eyes were red, his head hung low, and his voice was nasally and choked: “I will talk to elder brother—”

“Don’t you cry, and don’t you dare tell elder brother!”

This time, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the protagonist’s misunderstanding value. Su Shi cut him off and lowered his voice threateningly.

“If elder brother knows the truth, he would force you to publicly apologize, freeze all your accounts, break both your legs and lock you in a little black room…”

Lin Feng has been controlling the Lin family for a long time. Lin Jing’s face turned a ghastly white. He gaped at him, and shook his head in horror: “I won’t say anything!”

Feeling reassured, Su Shi nodded and turned to leave, but Lin Jing suddenly seized his arm: “Jinchu, how about you also come home first, ask them to wait, wait for elder brother to return…”

“I have already publicly admitted to it in front of the reporters. The news of this should already be all over the Internet. Do you want them to also report that I resisted arrest and refused to cooperate with the investigation?”

This guy was just too hopeless. Looking at the teary eyed Lin Jing, Su Shi finally had to heave two great sighs in his heart, and said patiently: “This is for your future, you have to be strong. Stop crying now, tend to your wounds when you return, and remember what I’ve told you. Now go home.”

With that said, he turned away, nodded to the plain-clothes officers, and walked with them to the parking lot.

Lin Jing looked at his retreating back, his heart hammering. His eyes suddenly reddened and he wanted to rush forwards, but was dragged back by the agent next to him: “Young master Lin!”

Hearing the agent’s voice, Lin Jing snapped out of it, his face was ashen, and his previously agitated movements weakened.

But his heart still clamored in protest. He brought his arm to his face, dashing away the tears, wanting to see that person’s back.

Mu Jinchu did not look back, just calmly followed the officers into the car.

His steps were halting, getting into the car seemed to be a difficult task. It was probably from standing for too long, and that leg injury was still giving him trouble.

Lin Jing bowed his head, and the tears finally flowed out.

He had been prepared, even if Mu Jinchu had denied that it was his fault, there were ways to falsify evidence and push the crime onto his head.

But Mu Jinchu had not reacted in accordance to his expectations. Not only did he not deny the accusation, he unhesitatingly accepted all the blame. Even when he was being taken away, his concern had been solely for Lin Jing’s sake.

Lin Jing had always disliked Mu Jinchu, and felt that the latter was parasitizing their family’s riches. It was only now that he realized, that man would go to this extent to protect him.

Tormented by guilt and unease, Lin Jing took a few steps back, clenched his teeth and lowered his head: “It was my fault, I will find elder brother, and tell him the truth….”

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Su Shi:?!?!

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