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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 34

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 34

“Young master Lin, retracting your statement now is no easy matter!”

The agent grabbed onto him, his face glum and anxious: “Have you given a thought to what they will say, that the young master of the Lin family not only causes accidents by driving drunk, but also shifts the blame onto others?”

“This is what you taught me!”

Lin Jing’s chest heaved as he tried to break free from the agent’s hold: “Jinchu hasn’t recovered from his injuries, I heard its not easy living in the detention center—”

“Yes, I was was the one who taught you, but have you forgotten why? If this is investigated further, Mr. Mu and Chairman Lin will know the truth of what happened that night, it will be impossible to protect you then!”

[Muse: The agent calls Lin Feng 林总 ‘Lin zong’ and zong is short for 总裁 zong cai, which translates as chairman or director (of a company). I opted for ‘chairman,’ since the MC and Lin Jing is in the entertainment industry and I didn’t want it to be confused with movie director. In other words, Lin Feng is the CEO or executive president of the family company.]

Lin Jing had not finished speaking before he was cut short by the agent’s reminder.

It was a stab at his heart’s deepest fear. Lin Jing turned pale. The swell of false courage instantly deflated, and he ceased his desperate struggles.

Seeing that he had regained his senses, the agent was relieved. He pushed Lin Jing into the security van and drove all the way back to the Lin household.

Su Shi alighted from the car and was taken to the detention center.

He had just been discharged from the hospital, and had not even the time to pack a luggage with him. It wasn’t time for him to be interrogated yet, hence he was brought to a single detention room empty handed.

The bed was an ordinary hard cot and he has not adapted to the time difference in this new world yet. Su Shi pillowed his head on his arms, and slowly relaxed his sore body. He yawned, pulled the quilt over himself, and closed his eyes with no worries.

The days in the detention center were rigid and dull. Except for some curious onlookers on the first day, it was almost always peaceful and quiet.

The meals were mostly cold and the portions woefully small. When he first arrived, he had been wearing a suit that did nothing to keep the chill at bay, and within three days he was sneezing from a cold. The whole box of tissues was soon used up.

Su Shi was wrapped up in his quilt, having just taken his medication and was preparing to lie down, when he heard a set of footsteps at the doorway.

“Jinchu, have these past few days been hard on you?”

The voice was anxious and concerned. Su Shi looked up at hearing this, his eyebrows lifted slightly.

He knew this person, a man called Liang Qiu. A superstar of the highest caliber, he was also signed in with a subsidiary of the Lin clan, and was regarded as the pillar of the company.

The metal door swung open. Liang Qiu stepped in and was by his bedside in an instant, holding his arm and sweeping his fingers over his brows.

“I know you are not reckless enough to have committed such an obvious rookie blunder. Your body is still unwell, you can’t be tossed around like this. Let me bring you out, and you can tell me what happened, alright?”

In Mu Jinchu’s memories, Liang Qiu had always been a kind hearted senior of the entertainment industry, and had always taken good care of him. Really now, if they were to compare their relationships, Mu Jinchu was a great deal closer to Liang Qiu than with the Lin brothers.

If the original Mu Jinchu was here instead, he would not be able to hold back from opening his heart and spilling everything to this person.

Even so, if it would jeopardize the chances of him shouldering the blame, he must still be fully on guard and regard the other as his enemy.

Su Shi propped himself up and shifted backwards warily. He lowered his eyes and whispered: “I have nothing to tell you. Brother Liang, thank you, you should head back first.”

[Syeki: Just a polite way to refer to someone older than you, they have no familial ties.]

“Jinchu, keeping silent out of misplaced loyalty will not resolve the issue. Do you know what they’re saying on Weibo—”

Liang Qiu stopped abruptly, his eyes suddenly reflecting his annoyance. After a long silence, he sighed heavily: “Forget it, I should not tell you this.”

Su Shi raised his eyebrows slightly, an avid light flickering in his eyes. When Liang Qiu looked over, he lowered his gaze again. His voice sounded faintly: “Brother Liang, please ask them to return my phone to me.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to them.”

Liang Qiu did not hesitate to agree, and clasped his shoulders affectionately, lowering his voice: “With the mobile phone, you can keep yourself updated. Call me if you’re in trouble, alright?”

Came to pay him a special visit, didn’t even bring any warm clothes for him, but was mindful enough to remind him to use the mobile to check Weibo.

Truly a considerate senior.

Su Shi remained stiff as a statue in his embrace and nodded obediently, watching him get up and leave.

And couldn’t hold back a violent sneeze.

When you have a cold, your nose is much more sensitive than usual. He didn’t know what brand of cologne Liang Qiu sprayed on himself, which caused him to keep sneezing as his eyes teared up and his nose to itch incessantly.

Su Shi rubbed at his nose, and didn’t have long to wait before the mobile phone was delivered to him.

It’s been three days since he last logged in to Weibo, he was curious as to how things have progressed. Su Shi flipped the pages, looking over it. The comment screens were littered with curses and jeers, the creative number of ways of death proposed for him were enough to try a hundred times over without repeating.

The smell of the cologne in the cell had not completely dissipated. Wrapped in a quilt and seated on the bed, Su Shi sneezed again, holding the phone and looking at it with great interest.

He even happily tallied up the messages he received.

Each one would net him 10 points of experience, even if he discounted it by removing a 0 from the figures, it would still give him about 100,000 points, not counting the messages in the other comment areas and network platforms.

Su Shi sighed in relief, feeling a heavy burden lift from his heart.

The cold medication was quite potent. He had been interrupted by an uninvited guest while preparing to sleep, and was now drowsy again. Su Shi rubbed at his eyes, tossed his phone to the side of his pillow, and lay down without a care.

As he slept, the door of the detention room gently swung open.

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  1. Will Su Shi fail again? It seems like the best way to carry a pot is to keep refusing! If you want to win, pretend you’re losing! Can’t wait to see ML hehehe

    Thank you for your hardwork!

  2. I too hate cologne… and perfumes, actually. Idk why but they just smell bad and make me nauseous, hahaaaa… I’m lucky they don’t make me sneeze though. I hope Su Shi gets to leave the cell soon!

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    1. Colognes and perfumes sometimes make me sneeze like no tomorrow. I have to get away from the offending people. So itchy!

      Given what the agent said, I wonder if they really gave the ML a date-rape drug or something else. It sounds like the MC lost consciousness before he even got in the car. What exactly was the naughty little brother up to?

  3. Aaah so cute~ I imagined Su Shi wrapped up in his blanket like a burrito, nose red and twitchy, flicking through his phone happily. All those exp points! Be careful to not lose them when ML shows up, heh. Thank you for the translation!

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