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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 36

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 36

A familiar, ominous sense of foreboding emerged. Su Shi quickly moved backwards and shook his head: “I’m not going back!”

Once he was brought back, he would be bundled up all safe and warm, fed and coddled and well cared for like a child.

And like a trick of a magician’s wand, all his painstaking efforts would vanish in a puff of smoke.

Su Shi worriedly wracked his brains to no avail to figure out where he had gone wrong. Nonetheless, he was prepared to fight tooth and nail to defend his experience points.

If you’re not going to scold me, then I’m staying here!

Not even the young master Lin would dare to brazenly oppose Chairman Lin in such a manner. The assistant crouched at the side of the door in a fright, ready to rush in to make peace. To his surprise, his president not only kept his temper, but leaned forwards slightly to patiently stroke Mu Jinchu’s hair again.

The stunned assistant tottered two steps back.

It’s over.

Chairman Lin must have been driven beyond the limits of his endurance and finally given up on his wayward younger brother, and was now shifting his focus on Mr. Mu to encourage him to try harder to kill off the second brother next time.

[Syeki: This assistant.. what shady deals has he been conducting for the Lin family to have formed such an impression of his boss. XD]

He has to assign some bodyguards to prevent this from happening.

The assistant paced back and forth a few times, carefully fished out his phone, and sent a message to Lin Jing’s bodyguards.


“I know you’ve suffered, it’s alright.”

Lin Feng was oblivious to the upheaval he caused to his assistant’s emotional state. He crouched down and looked intently at the youth in front of him, gently running his fingers through the short hair and thoroughly enjoying the sensation.

“Just say the word, and tomorrow onwards you will never see those slanderous remarks on the Internet again, nor anywhere else. I have the means to do so, it’s no issue.”

“No, Brother—”

Seeing that his hundreds of thousands of experience points was about to be flushed down the drain by this person, Su Shi couldn’t breathe. He grabbed his sleeves and whispered softly: “The consequences are too heavy, it’s not worth it…”

“It is worth it. Get dressed, we’re going home now.”

At a time like this, the child was still being considerate of Lin Feng and his company.

Lin Feng’s heart was warm and his expression tender. He grew more determined: “This has not been handled well. I have not even instructed you yet. What basis do they have to make such irresponsible remarks?”

Su Shi squinted at him for a long time, then suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

He had been stressing himself out unnecessarily. He was still the perpetrator, just that the protagonist was not going to admonish him.
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Perhaps the protagonist was being a good elder brother who cared deeply for his younger brothers. The misunderstanding was still there, but it wasn’t enough to turn the protagonist against him. It’s just that his experiences in the previous world had left a psychological shadow in his heart and he was continuously overthinking it.

Logically, it made sense.

Having thus comforted himself, Su Shi’s heart settled, and his manner immediately turned cooperative. Obediently fetching his clothes, he couldn’t help but ask again to confirm: “Brother, you know it was me who wrecked the car, right?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lin Feng’s gaze fell heavily on him.

The intense stare made Su Shi feel rather awkward. He closed his mouth, lowered his eyes and began changing his clothes.

As he raised his arm, he was held back by a grip on his wrist.

The hand was firm and strong, and the palm was warm and dry, holding his wrist lightly but exerting enough strength to stop his movement.

Su Shi looked up, but Lin Feng had already turned his gaze to a small scar on his neck. He pressed a hand gently over it: “Does it still hurt?”

He was freezing in the room, and his skin had been numb to the pain. The warmth from the palm on his neck brought a tingling sensation back to his nerves, and the wound twinged. Su Shi shivered.

Lin Feng’s eyes darkened.

“Brother, I’m fine. The doctor said it will be like this, it’ll recover in due time.”

Seeing the strange expression on the other’s face, Su Shi hastened to explain.

Meeting the troubled look in his eyes, Lin Feng eased up. He buttoned up the remaining two buttons at the collar of Su Shi’s shirt, and stroked his head: “When you’re done getting dressed, I’ll call the doctor over to the house.”

Not daring to interfere with the established plotline, Su Shi nodded obediently, made himself presentable and followed Lin Feng out.

He had not been able to rest well in the bitterly cold detention room these past few days. The drilling pain in his knee gnawed at him. Afraid that Lin Feng would notice, he could only clench his teeth and keep a steady pace. A thin sheen of sweat soon covered his forehead.

After walking awhile, Lin Feng realized something was amiss.

The corridor was illuminated, and looking back, he could see the youth slowing down. His lowered head hid his expression, but his chest was heaving.

Worried that he was being affected by his negative experiences in the detention center, Lin Feng quickened his steps into a brisk walk, and was about to open his mouth to offer some words of comfort when he noticed the beads of cold sweat on the other’s forehead.

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