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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 37

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 37

“Chairman Lin, Jinchu’s leg seems to be giving him some trouble.”

The assistant who had been trailing behind them had seen the limping gait of his right leg. Recalling what he had heard of the accident, he quickly spoke up.

Su Shi inhaled sharply. Before he had time to glare at the assistant, he found himself being supported by Lin Feng’s arms. He reflexively raised his head, and received a slight shock.

The concern in those eyes, they were strangely familiar to him.

It was so familiar that it made his heart hurt incessantly.

“You hurt your leg as well? Why didn’t you say something?”

Lin Feng supported him as he leaned down and pressed on his right knee: “How bad is it?”

It hurt. It hurt so bad he didn’t want to take another step and would rather just collapse onto the ground.

Su Shi hissed and couldn’t speak. Lin Feng had already squatted on the ground in front of him. His tone was calm and gentle: “Come on up, I’ll carry you.”

And so, the option of renting a wheelchair for himself was skipped over.

The protagonist’s way of handling things shocked Su Shi. He instinctively tried to refuse, but found Lin Feng steadily waiting, with no intention of standing up until he got on.
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If the Lin family had such strong brotherly ties and respectful relationship, he should also faithfully play the role of a good brother. Best not to be too capricious, in order not to draw special attention from the protagonist.

After a long while, Su Shi chose to compromise and took advantage of the other person’s back.

“Hold on tightly like this, else you’ll fall off if I jostle you.”

Feeling his cautious hesitance, Lin Feng patiently shifted his little brother’s arm and supported him over his shoulders, making it easier for him to hold on.

Despite being almost 1.8 meters tall, the youth on his back did not seem to weigh much. He lay quietly as he was lifted, unlike that Xiao Jing who, as a child, liked to jump up and down incessantly.

[Syeki : ML keeps unfairly comparing MC with a kid.]

The dimly lit corridors were empty, and with the iron gates on both sides, just looking at it was depressing enough, let alone having had to stay there for several days.

Lin Feng’s eyes were dark, his gaze heavy.

Sensing a shift in the protagonist’s mood, Su Shi twitched a little. He was about ask if anything was wrong when Lin Feng spoke up warmly: “Sleepy? Hold on a bit, there’s air conditioning in the car. You’ll catch a cold if you fall asleep here.”

As if he hadn’t already caught a cold.

Su Shi sniffled, and answered with a “En”. Feeling that he was about to slip off, he tightened his grip again.

Lin Feng walked silently forward, feeling the ache in his chest intensify.

He recalled the quiet child in his memories, even now this person only answers in soft monosyllables. He had obviously been ill treated, who knew how much he has suffered in these few days.

Just like how he wanted to hold on more tightly, but was still so careful about it. The tentative movements poked at the ache in his chest. Lin Feng freed his hand and reached behind to pat the other’s back. His voice was gentle and firm.

“Don’t be afraid, no matter what you did wrong, I won’t abandon you.”

Su Shi hadn’t even managed to ask what was wrong. Blinking, the sudden assurance took him by surprise. A sullen look rose in his eyes.

If it wasn’t because he had to carry a pot – literally any pot he could pick up – then such actions was really too kind.

His previously tense frame of mind finally loosened a little. Su Shi bade his body to rest, and quietly nestled against the strong, warm back.

“Thank you, Brother…’


Lin Feng carried him all the way to the car, and upon reaching home, also personally carried him in.

The family doctor was already waiting in the guest room. He not only examined Su Shi’s body, but also brought over Mu Jinchu’s hospital records and handed them over to Chairman Lin who was seated at the bedside.

Lin Jing had already been home for a few days, stewing with anxiety. He had heard that Mu Jinchu had been picked up, and wanted to know how he was doing, but didn’t have the courage to face him. He could only hover outside the door, trying to eavesdrop.

Looking at the medical records in his hand, Lin Feng’s expression sank. The atmosphere in the room was so oppressive that the air seemed to stagnate.

Su Shi sensed that things were about to worsen, and silently exchanged a look with the assistant. He prepared himself to make a run for it, when the situation abruptly changed. Lin Feng put down the medical records and got up.

Then he strode out the door.

Su Shi and the assistant, who seem to have had a narrow escape, exchanged another look. They had not figured out what was going on before they heard Lin Feng thundering angrily.

“He was so badly injured but you didn’t even think to post bail, and even told him to go to the detention center for his crime— don’t you dare run, kneel down!”

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: It was me who wrecked the car! Me!

Lin Jing: ε=ε=ε=┏(°ロ°;)┛???

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  1. Oh my god, Su Shi! Who told you to be such a soft and quiet child!!! Argh, the cuteness, like a shot to the heart… Poor Lin Jing was just following what Su Shi said, but now he has to run for his life, why do i feel like the two brothers are a slap stick comedy duo? I’m so happy for these frequent updates! Thank you for the translations!!!

    1. I mean, even if Su shi had sad it wasn’t him, Lu was planning to push the blame on Su shi anyway. Lol, he’s just feeling guilty for it now.

  2. Hhaha, white lotus Su Shi… did Su Shi accidentally buy a white lotus halo? Wouldn’t be surprised.

    Thanks for translating!

  3. An early update! Nice!

    I wonder what the extent of the MC’s injuries and those of the little brother’s are.

  4. It’s so difficult trying to take the blame when you’re wearing a white lotus halo omg ??. In Ml’s eyes, everything he does is good lol

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  5. Pauvre cheri. A white lotus halo? The system is so untrustworthy I wouln’t be surprised if he bought one behind his back.

  6. I wonder what type of system Su shi contracted before? Since he has a powerful white lotus halo I bet it was somewhat easy to pass the blame so when he has to take the blame he’s having a hard time keeping it ????

    1. Lol. Good theory. I’m wondering too. I’m reading the story as I translate it, so I’m not that much ahead.

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