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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 38

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 38

When Su Shi hobbled out with the assistant’s support, Lin Jing was kneeling on the ground, shivering and howling as he was beaten by Lin Feng.

Shocked at the sight of Lin Feng’s ferocious face, Su Shi whispered cautiously at the assistant: “Is Elder brother always this violent?”

He took back what he said about the loving brotherly relationship. It would appear that his initial impression was way off from the plot’s reality.

“Jinchu, Chairman Lin’s not in a good mood, you had better go back inside.”
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Looking at the young man who had no idea how lucky he was, the assistant sighed with mixed feelings and tried to drag him away from the scene of domestic violence.

Su Shi refused to budge, stubbornly hanging on to the bannister while looking for an opportunity.

He couldn’t just leave this be. This time, the blame has fallen on Lin Jing. The mission’s chances of success required Lin Jing to be alive and whole.

Watching his precious experience points roller coaster up and down like the belt in Lin Feng’s hand, Su Shi wanted to tear at his hair in distress. He lunged at Lin Feng’s arm, holding him back: “Brother, please stop…”

“Why did you come out? You need to rest well, don’t let these matters concern you.”

Lin Feng turned around and his features immediately smoothed over. He reached out and supported Su Shi: “Go back to bed and get some sleep. Be good.”

“Brother, the fault was mine, don’t punish him.”

Struggling for balance on one leg, Su Shi unconsciously transferred his weight as he was supported. It looked like he was readily leaning against Lin Feng’s body. He was a little shorter than Lin Feng, and had to look up as he spoke. His short hair fell over his forehead, giving him a meek and docile appearance.

Lin Feng softened immediately. He wanted to stroke his younger brother’s hair, but the belt in his hand was in the way. In the end, he simply tossed it aside to his assistant and rubbed at Su Shi’s head with satisfaction.

“Alright, I understand. You’re not well yet, come, let me send you back inside.”

The room was only a few steps away. Su Shi didn’t want to be piggybacked again in front of Lin Jing, and Lin Feng did not insist. He helped him back into the room and onto the bed, making sure he was lying down, before finally getting up to leave.

And closed the door gently behind him.

His eyes fell on Lin Jing, who was still cowering by the door. His expression immediately turned frosty, and in a low voice with barely suppressed threat: “Go to the study room, bring the belt with you!”

Lin Jing swayed as he got to his feet, and retreated to the study room in silence.

They explored the meaning of brotherly ties for close to an hour.

Watching as the young master Lin limped out from the study room, the assistant trembled by the door.

“When the time is right, I want you to investigate this matter.”

Lin Feng leaned back in his chair and slowly kneaded at his forehead, his face faintly showing exhaustion.

Stunned, the assistant hurriedly asked: “Chairman Lin, you want to know who was at the party that day?”

After all, it was a raucous bunch of good for nothings who allowed two drunken idiots to drive themselves. Chairman Lin must be wanting to grab someone to hold accountable.

The assistant poured a cup of coffee for Lin Feng and silently sent up a prayer in his heart for Lin Jing’s friends.

Lin Feng looked at him sharply, and nodded: “Get to the bottom of this. Call up each and every one of them to find out what happened that night. Bring back the car that was involved in the accident, find a way to gain access to all the monitoring systems at the road intersections. I want to know exactly who was the one driving the car that night.”

“Wasn’t it Jinchu?”

Astonished by Chairman Lin’s orders, the assistant looked up in confusion: “Young master and Jinchu said the same thing, would they both lie?”

“Xiao Jing has never taken pains to be concerned about someone. If it really had been Jinchu’s fault, he would have jumped up to fight me as soon as I started beating him.”

Lin Feng shook his head, took a sip of his coffee, and put it aside with a frown: “At that time, when Jinchu actually asked me that, I thought it was strange. If you were in his place, would you be so anxious to make sure that I knew you were in the wrong?”

“Of course not, people are naturally more inclined to avoid admitting their mistakes.”

Convinced, the assistant nodded in agreement, and suddenly recalled: “Chairman Lin, when we were at the detention center, we saw Liang Qiu…”

“Leave him be for now, we’ll wait to see what he’s up to.”

Recalling how touchy-feely that guy was with Mu Jinchu, displeasure rose in Lin Feng. He knitted his brows and rapped the tabletop: “This is too bitter. Change it to a cup of hot cocoa, and add two spoonfuls of milk.”

Dumbfounded, the assistant widened his eyes. He met Lin Feng’s stormy gaze, broke out in goosebumps, and picked up the cup: “Yes, I’ll do it now.”

Watching the assistant creep out of the study room, Lin Feng remained seated at the table for a while. In the end, he couldn’t help but stand up.

Just going to take a look to make sure the child was sleeping well.

Having just left the depressing detention center, and experiencing this kind of shock, it was inevitable that there would be nightmares.

Syeki : Su Shi was happier before you showed up and started sinking his points.

Having come up with a reasonable explanation for his worries, Lin Feng got up and headed to Mu Jinchu’s bedroom. He came upon the assistant at the doorway who was supposed to have gone to make the cocoa.

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