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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 4

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Chapter 4

“Daniel, do you want to shoot me?”

Wayne whispered softly. His expression calmed down. His tone even held a hint of mild gentleness.

Of course Su Shi didn’t want to pull the trigger.

The occupation of the high-end bureau was very detailed. Su Shi was not a high-level fighting type. He was not familiar with the use of firearms. He didn’t have the confidence that he could shoot a bullet to just graze Wayne’s hair to scare him.

If he misfired, that one bullet would cost him thirty thousand experience points.

He couldn’t afford to pay. Not uh.

The alarm for directly threatening the protagonist’s life sounded in Su Shi’s head, making his mind spin. It’s not like he could say: ‘oh sorry, I pointed the gun at the wrong person.’ He just took the gun away.
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After hesitating for a moment, Wayne suddenly exploded into motion. He snatched the gun from Daniel’s hand, and ruthlessly pulled him in front of him. He pushed the muzzle up against Daniel’s temple.


The lieutenant stepped forward and shouted nervously. A murderous aura covered his entire body. His gun was pointed at Wayne’s forehead.

Wayne didn’t move. A faint pain was spreading silently from his chest.

After closing the distance between them, Wayne could clearly feel that Daniel’s breathing was shallow and short, and his stance was too weak, almost like an ordinary person who had never been trained.

But it was impossible for Daniel to not have received training.

Daniel was one of the top graduates from the Imperial Military Academy. He was once at the peak of countless people. Even if Wayne was the opponent, Wayne did not necessarily have complete confidence in his victory.

The only reasonable explanation was that the other person’s body has indeed reached the point where it was unable to cover up the weakness.

Wayne’s gaze grew even deeper as he quietly stared at the other person’s paleness.

Was it because Daniel’s body had been so bad that he was unable to dodge that shot, or was it because he was shot that he became so weak?

No matter which one was the answer neither was what he expected.

He couldn’t continue thinking about it anymore.

It would seem that Daniel now had a considerable say in the government run by Terence. It was not only military operations, but also political maneuvers and the implementation of government orders have gradually relied on the young marshal who was deeply trusted by the president.

If Daniel were indeed a traitor, as long as he was eliminated, at least half of the government operations would be paralyzed. It would be far more effective than scattered assassination attempts on the enemy.

If the other party did indeed have unspeakable difficulties, then even if he continued to investigate further, it would only ruin the other party’s painstaking efforts.
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Whatever the case, now was not the time to explore the truth.

“Yes, I am very disappointed. I was not able to personally avenge teacher and get rid of this glorious imperial marshal…”

It was clearly a disdainful sneer that was no different than usual, with a penetrating coldness that left behind a hidden wound.

The misunderstanding level finally stopped falling, and when he heard those familiar cold words, Su Shi discreetly let out a sigh of relief.

“Put down the gun, Wayne!”

Even if he understood the marshal’s painstaking efforts, protecting the marshal’s life was still his first priority. The lieutenant took another step forward and his tone revealed a faint killing intent.

“Nathan, you first put down the gun.”

This hot potato was getting hotter and hotter. Su Shi had a terrible headache. He knitted his eyebrows and then opened his mouth to speak. He took a deep breath and then held onto Wayne’s wrist. “You want to hold me hostage in order to escape. This is really the dumbest thing I have ever seen you do. Wayne, there is strict security just outside this door. Do you think you can really hold a gun at me and escape beyond ten meters?”

The body that was pulled into his arms was so thin that it was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Although Daniel held his wrist, it was clear that there wasn’t much strength in the grip. He did not make any attempt to break free.

The ice-cold hollow of Daniel’s palm was pressed against his wrist bone. Wayne didn’t know if Daniel was unwilling to exert strength or if he simply wasn’t strong enough. The power behind Daniel’s grip was so light that it made Wayne’s heart feel sour.

The lieutenant turned the muzzle of the gun away from Wayne and stepped back a few steps, but his eyes still threatened with sharp vigilance.

Wayne remained unmoved. The gun in his hand was pressed firmly to Daniel’s temple. His arm was still wrapped tightly around the youth’s neck. “My life in exchange for yours. That’s not too bad, wouldn’t you say?”

Hearing his words, sparks of fire nearly shot out from the lieutenant’s eyes. “Wayne! Marshal, he clearly-”


Su Shi shouted for the lieutenant to stop. He finally understood Wayne’s purpose for seizing him. He felt his stomach sinking. “Wayne, what exactly is it that you want to do?”
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Wayne was truly worthy of being the protagonist selected by the plot. It was obvious that the man has been seriously injured and tortured once, but the arm around his neck was still very strong. He almost couldn’t breathe.

“I just want to figure out one thing.”

Seeming to be aware of Su Shi’s discomfort, Wayne lessened the strength in his arm inconspicuously, and whispered into his ear.

Wayne’s warm breath hit the shell of Su Shi’s ear. The chest behind him was strong and wide, and because the arm had relaxed its strength a little, it had moved slightly downward.

If one ignored the gun, it would look like a very scandalous hug.

“Daniel, why did your body deteriorate to this degree?”

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Author’s Corner

Gong: You have changed. You were not so weak before.

Su Shi: Shut up. =_=

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  1. I love ill, impaired, or otherwise handicapped protagonists. They make for a more interesting read.

    I wonder when the group who is supposed to rescue Wayne is going to show up. It looks like Nathan might be more loyal to the MC than to Wayne. It’d be interesting if the MC’s death warped him and turned him into Wayne’s enemy.

    1. Ohh me too! I really like it when the protagonist is physically weak, though I hate it when they are mentally weak… Maybe thats why this arc is so to my taste.

      1. Agreed. Definitely need a mentally strong protagonist. It would make it doubly interesting to see how they work around or work with their physical weakness, in addition to whatever task they need to complete.

  2. The ML is actively trying to straighten the misunderstandings, I don’t think the MC will ever regained his experience points XD

    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

  3. Nathan is such a good guy, bless his soul.
    And bless your soul as well Muse for giving us another wonderful chapter.
    But such a cliffhanger at the end! Can’t wait for the answer to be revealed

  4. I wonder how Su Shi will get out of this one… answer or don’t answer? Lie? Deflect? Distract?? Su Shi, your mission!! Aaaaaaaaa!

    Hurhur, nice scandalous hug though.

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  5. Lol Wayne is over here trying to find out, and Su Shi justs wants everyone to shut up before things could be spilled. ? Ah, thank you for updating, this is getting so good, but the anticipation is making me antsy. Lol

    1. Eek! The anticipation makes me antsy too. XD But the flowery prose of this story is a lot harder to translate than TBL, so please be patient with me. ( ᵒ̴̶̷᷄ д ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ )

  6. Hello! I just started reading this today. It really reminds me of the other novel, Heroic Death System. I was wondering if you would like some assistance with translating it? I’ll just be doing it as a past time with no intention of picking it up as a project of my own or anything, since TBL is your main project with a fixed schedule, I figure having another translator can move things faster for LmstB as I find the story interesting. 🙂

    1. Thank you for offering! ^-^ I do have a tentative plan for LMStB, but it’s still a work in progress. I haven’t worked with another translator before, so I’m not sure how to ask for help. Have you assisted other translators before? Can you tell me how you usually do things? If your method works with my schedule then I would like to consider your gracious offer.

      1. Hiya! Thanks for replying. I’ve only ever assisted with translating one novel so far, and the way its done is, to avoid clashes or delays, different translators take on different portions. Eg. I start translating 5-10 chapters ahead of the current release, or take on another arc somewhere further down the line. Sometimes 2 translators share and split a particularly long chapter in half, but that’s in the case of having a larger number of people to draw on. I will also place the chinese and translated versions on top of each other paragraph by paragraph to allow the editor/proofreader/co translator see if they can spot any inaccurate translations or would like to offer more insight into the phrasings used. 🙂 How would you like to do it?

  7. Hello? Do you need an editor? I’m a newbie, despite that I want to cooperate with you. If you don’t want can you at least reply me?

    1. Hello, thank you for offering! ^-^ I don’t think I have a glaring need for an editor at the moment, but the main reason is I sometimes translate right to the very last minute to make it on time, so trying to incorporate an editor in the process is kind of hard and will actually slow my updates.

      I’m really grateful, but this time-pressed translator wouldn’t be able to keep up.(>﹏<)If you see any mistakes, then please do point them out to me in the comments. I would appreciate it!

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    MC’s plan is also good
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    I love the story so far tho, random thought that hit me (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

    1. And I just read that he didn’t put any points to combat but he didn’t keep any skills from before? (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)

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