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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 40

This is the promised Valentine’s Day ❤️ bonus chapter. The contents of this one are appropriately sweet for the holiday, and there’s even a form of chocolate (hot cocoa ☕) featured. What a nice coincidence. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone~ ?

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 40

“Okay, okay, I won’t ask.”

His shoulder stung a bit, the person in his arms had used a fair bit of force to hit him.

Lin Feng pulled Su Shi into his embrace again, lightly patting his back and coaxing softly until he felt the body in his arms slowly relax. Relieved, he brought up the cup of hot cocoa to Su Shi’s lips: “Don’t feel bad. Drink a bit, be good now.”
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Chairman Lin had no experience in coaxing people, that he managed this much already taxed his abilities to the limit. Su Shi relented a little, and unenthusiastically sipped from the cup.

A familiar sweet taste filled his mouth and slid over his tongue. Su Shi looked up in surprise: “Brother, you know I like this?”

Sure enough, he still had the temperament of a child. Feed him something nice, and you’ll be forgiven immediately.

The look of delight in those eyes filled Lin Feng with a sense of satisfaction. He smiled and ruffled the head in his arms: “Well, now I know. Come find me in the future if you want to drink more. I’ll save a cup for you.”

Su Shi’s eyes turned faintly despondent. He lowered his gaze, lips curling downwards, and gave a light nod.

The slender youth was leaning meekly into his sturdy embrace, his lowered head revealing the smooth and exquisite curve of his neck.

Lin Feng’s heart softened. He caressed Su Shi’s back and said: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll be by your side.”

Bribed by the delicious hot cocoa, Su Shi shook his head and obediently yielded when Lin Feng pushed him to lie down. He couldn’t help but keep glancing at the other.

Hot cocoa was his favorite drink, but few knew how much milk he liked in it. In the previous world, only Wayne and the lieutenant knew of his preferences.

Based purely on looks alone, there were no resemblances between Lin Feng and Wayne. But when gazing deeply into those eyes, there did seem to be an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Perhaps they were just two pools of data that happened to be similar. After all, they shared the same database; this lower-ranked world had fewer resources. It shouldn’t be surprising for him to encounter characters with similar dispositions.

Silently comforting himself, Su Shi calmed his palpitating heart, and firmly put aside those swirling thoughts.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet? Can’t sleep?”

Lin Feng’s tone was soft. He raised his hand to tuck in a corner of the quilt.

The youth in front of him was lying down obediently but refused to close his eyes, and kept glancing at Lin Feng instead. Fine bangs scattered over his brows, the sight could melt the hearts of those who saw him.

He must have been afraid of being abandoned.

He was sent to live with the Lin family in the past, and this time he was sent to the detention center. He suffered those dark and cold nights alone, not knowing what awaited him in the future.

Recalling the scene in the detention center, Lin Feng’s mood turned heavy again.

This child was more sensible than anyone else. Lin Feng did not wish to embarrass him, but at the same time, did not wish to see him used as someone else’s scapegoat.

Even if that someone was his own biological brother.

Su Shi could not read his thoughts; just that the concerned gaze he was receiving made him feel anything but reassured. He quickly shook his head: “Brother, I’m fine, I’ll sleep now. You’ve been tiring yourself out the whole day, you should go get some rest.”

As he spoke, he shrank again into the quilt and earnestly closed his eyes.

Lin Feng gazed at him, the corners of his mouth curling upwards helplessly, a hint of laughter in his eyes.

Probably trying to build a sense of security for himself, the young man in front of him was burrowed into the warm nest of blankets, body curled up so as to seem smaller, his face finally showing a faint flush of healthy pink.

His delicate and pretty brows were soft and relaxed, giving the appearance of docility that tempted one to bully him. He appeared very much younger than his actual age.

It was obvious that he was still awake, his eyes still moving restlessly beneath the lids. From the way they were determinedly screwed shut, he would not be persuaded to open them.

Lin Feng looked at him for a long while, and finally couldn’t hold back a soft chuckle. He patted Su Shi’s forehead: “I’m not tired. You’ve had a hard time, and your body is not well. I’m worried about you.”

He had always known the child was a good-looking young man, capable of attracting an audience. But there were plenty of good-looking boys in the agency. It had never occurred to him that this person was special in any way.

But upon careful observation, he found this person to be extremely pleasing to the eyes, bringing a spreading warmth to the heart.

Lin Feng slowly stroked his short hair, and the light in his eyes became even gentler.


This situation was wrong.

Su Shi felt a little uneasy. Rubbing at his eyes, he carefully peeped at the protagonist through the gaps in his fingers.

Based on his earlier observation of how the Lin brothers treated each other, this person seemed extraordinarily tolerant of Su Shi.

His beautiful opportunity had just been snatched away before it had the chance to be acted upon. Fine, he could count it as his loss. He must not fail at the most important main task.

Wriggling closer to Lin Feng’s side, Su Shi sniffled before cautiously opening his mouth to remind him: “Brother, I caused the car accident…”

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