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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 42

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 42

Upon turning around to follow the assistant’s line of sight, Lin Jing’s legs went weak. He fell to his knees as his soul left him.

“What drugs?”

With a heavy sense of foreboding, Lin Feng strode over to glare into his brother’s eyes, harshly demanding: “Who did you give the drugs to? Who threatened you, what the hell did you do to Jinchu?”

Lin Jing avoided his gaze, hurriedly shaking his head, his eyes filled with panic.

Looking at his mute brother, Lin Feng was suddenly roused into a fury. He jerked Lin Jing up, and dragged him stumbling into the study room.

Mu Jinchu’s medical reports were lying on the table. Lin Feng picked them up and brought it down hard over his younger brother’s head.
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Lin Jing fell to the ground and did not move. The assistant was about to help him when Lin Feng’s sternly sounded: “Don’t help him up. You, read it!”

Lin Jing snuck a look up at him. It didn’t seem like his elder brother had any intention of being soft hearted. He could only pick up the report, steel his nerves, and begin reading aloud.

“…Rib fracture, left lower lung contusion, pleural effusion, lumbosacral soft tissue contusion, right knee ligament tear…”

With every word, his face grew redder and redder from shame, until he could no longer continue. He hung his head as tears fell: “Brother, I was wrong.”

“So you finally admit it?”

Lin Feng glared at him with sharp eyes as his voice grew progressively colder: “The injuries of the body are heavy, but they will heal. You take a look at Jinchu’s Weibo page, do you know what they’re saying about him? Abusing, mocking, threatening— they want to see him dead!”

The ruthless jeers, pitiless and full of the intent to tear down and destroy a person. Lin Jing could almost visualise them, making his back break out in a cold sweat.

He has seen those messages, and the more he looked, the greater his fear and remorse grew.

He was wrong, but he couldn’t admit it.

The agent had told him that if he admitted now, he would not only become the culprit, but also a despicable liar.

The harsh accusations, taunts, and even threats that they see now would all fall on him.

There were some things you could not turn back from. Once you’ve taken the wrong step, you could only continue down that same path.

Nothing would happen to Jinchu. Their elder brother was obviously very protective of him, and his only crime was driving while drunk. As long as he endured and lied low for two years and found something else to attract the public’s attention, there would be a chance to make a comeback.

It wasn’t the same for himself.

Lin Jing’s chest moved rapidly, fear suffocating him. He lowered his eyes and muttered: “Brother, it’s my fault. I was fooling around with Jinchu, and I gave him a drink to loosen him up*. I didn’t think that he would end up causing a car accident on the way back…”

Syeki: Despite the sexual undertones here, it’s not like that. English just has too many dirty undertones lol.

His wildly jumping heart slowly calmed down and Lin Jing looked up cautiously, but was met with a look of cold disappointment in Lin Feng’s eyes.

He felt a knot in the pit of his stomach. A chill crawled up his back.

The disappointment radiating from his elder brother stabbed at him like thorns. His eyes turned red, and he couldn’t hold back the intense burst of emotions in his chest. He struggled to stand up: “Brother, are you trying to ruin me!”

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes at him silently. Lin Jing no longer cared about the current situation as he stood there panting and continued to swear.

“You’re going to stand on Jinchu’s side aren’t you? Go ahead! Let everyone know I’m a lying coward, let them come and tear me down instead. All Jinchu did was get into a car accident, all he has to do is wait it out and people will eventually forget about it, but it’s not the same for me! Why do you have to side with the outsider and force your own brother into a dead end—”

“Mr. Mu, why are you here!”

Outside the door, the assistant deliberately raised his voice to interrupt them. The expressions on the two men’s faces changed slightly.

Lin Feng’s heart slammed against his chest, the arm he had raised to hit Lin Jing slowly lowered to his side. He walked swiftly to the door.

The door was pulled open to reveal Mu Jinchu standing outside.

Despite the embarrassment of having been caught eavesdropping, Jinchu’s face was pale and calm, his gaze mild. He lowered his head with a slightly forced smile.


The youth’s cautious smile left Lin Feng feeling breathless, and he heard his own voice come out sounding unconsciously hoarse.

“Why did you rush over here instead of resting properly? You don’t have to worry about these things, believe in me, I won’t let you be implicated—”

“Brother, I caused the car accident, and the drugs in the wine were also mine.”

Su Shi held on to the door frame for support and stood firmly. He had wanted to leap right in, but felt that it would really ruin the atmosphere, and hence stood earnestly at the door instead.

“I had been feeling really stressed lately and wanted to relax, so I followed Lin Jing to the party. Brother, taking drugs was wrong, can you help us cover this up? Just drop the matter and leave it in the past, please?”

Hearing this, Lin Jing’s gaze revealed stunned incredulity. He hurriedly turned around: “Jinchu—”

Su Shi gave no response, only shooting him a withering look of disdain.

All the shouting and ruckus and Lin Jing’s spilling the beans in his moment of hysteria to the assistant took place in the hallway, which was but a few steps away from his room. Of course, he had heard everything.

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