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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 44

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Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 44

This development of events was completely out of the expectations of the three people. Lin Jing’s face had turned white as a sheet. Lin Feng spared him a cursory glance, before continuing to scroll down slowly.

[ PickUpThePotAndRun: Gimme the mic! When I was watching the press conference, I kinda thought that Lin Jing seemed overly eager to pin the blame on Mu Jinchu, but then Mu Jinchu really just accepted it. So I thought that maybe I was just swayed by Mu Jinchu’s nice guy look and didn’t think too much about it… ]

Syeki: This is a bit unclear, but what it’s trying to say is that the commenter got the feeling that Lin Jing was overly anxious to pin the blame on Jinchu, but put it down to him/her feeling his way because Jinchu looks too much like a good boy, and is only now seriously considering that it could really be Lin Jing who’s the culprit instead of Jinchu.

[ Meloneatinguser: But why did Mu Jinchu do so, was it for love? ]

[ CloseYourEyesInTheDark: Think about it… I’m afraid if it was really for love, then isn’t Lin Jing just too despicable?? ]

[ Holm̂es: What are you all babbling about? Mu Jinchu is an artist under one of the Lin clan’s company’s branches. Lin Jing is the Young Master of the Lin clan, who in their right minds would dare to expose him? I’m just afraid that Mu Jinchu was too slow in his response, he may face some disciplinary action when he returns. ]

[ WhitecatSheriff: Another point to note. Lin Jing was scratched on his left cheek. According to the photos of the scene released by the police at that time, only the windshield on the driver’s side was broken. That is to say, the broken glass would have had to perfectly bypass Mu Jinchu’s head at the driver’s seat to scratch Lin Jing’s face 🙂 ]

[ Thestoryhalftold: Respect for the above _(:з」∠)_ Why hasn’t the police released the investigation results! Waiting anxiously! Or a statement release by the Lin clan would be good too! If all this is true, I’ll immediately convert from being Lin Jing’s fan to give all my love to Mu Jinchu! Those few seconds of watching him accepting all the blame, it’s too heartbreaking QAQ I wanna hug him!!! ]

Syeki: 楼上大佬给跪 (lóu shàng dà lǎo gěi guì) – Lit. upstairs I (arrogant) kneel. So it’s this big brother/sister kneels to the ones upstairs, upstairs referring to the previous commenters.

[ 2ndBattalionsPasta: Those above, wake up already. Won’t the Lin clan side with their own young master? Mu Jinchu won’t escape taking the fall for Lin Jing. This I know in my heart, and it’s enough. Anyway, I won’t believe any statement released by the Lin clan. ]

[ SomeoneElsesId0l: Tbh, even if it was Mu Jinchu who drove the car, at least he had the guts to come clean about it. It’s definitely not a character flaw. But if it was Lin Jing, drunk driving, denial, pinning the blame on others, I’ll never want to see him again, else I’ll really hate on him. ]


“Brother, stop looking, I don’t want to see it anymore!”

Lin Jing’s face had lost all colour. He grabbed Lin Feng’s wrist forcefully, his chest heaving as his tears fell: “Brother, Jinchu, you have to help me! I’m begging you, I swear I’ll change, I’ll mend my ways…”

“How do you expect Jinchu to save you, you want to ask him to release another statement again?”

Lin Feng remained cold and unmoved as an iceberg. He sighed as he spoke, his gaze complicated as it fell on the young man.

He had originally thought the two youngsters had discussed it beforehand before acting out the whole thing at the press conference, and did not expect Mu Jinchu to have been thoroughly ignorant before unexpectedly having to assume responsibility for a crime he did not commit.
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Having to grit your teeth while facing countless journalists and admit to something you did not do, without any warning or psychological preparation beforehand.

He suddenly understood why Jinchu would close himself off like this. Few who had experienced such a thing would come out unscathed, much less be inclined to trust anyone else after that.

Even those not involved were of the opinion that it was orchestrated by the company, what would Mu Jinchu think?

The young man sitting next to him was quiet. He did not look at the laptop, and Lin Jing’s crying did not attract his attention. He seemed to have fallen into a state of shock, his eyes empty and devoid of light.

Lin Feng’s chest suddenly tightened.

“Jinchu, don’t think about it anymore. You have already done enough— don’t involve yourself in this matter anymore, understood?”

Caressing the taut back of the youth next to him, Lin Feng turned to look at his own younger brother who seemed driven to distraction, before sighing softly.

“Xiao Jing, you release your own statement about what really happened that night. This is the best way, if the truth was exposed by other means, it would not only reflect badly on you, but could also severely impact the company…”

“No, no, I can’t do it, I can’t!”

Pushed to the breaking point by the anxiety which fueled his sleepless nights from the threats he had been receiving, and now faced with the prospect of a future as a censured outcast, something in Lin Jing snapped. His first misstep has led him irrevocably in a downward spiral. There was no turning back for him.

A strong wave of fear broke his last strand of reason. When Lin Jing looked up, he was only met with chilly disappointment from his brother. Suddenly panicking, he got up and fled from the room.

The assistant immediately gave chase. Lin Feng was about to get up as well, but recalled Mu Jinchu who was still seated by his side. His eyes softened again, and he looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry, I should have returned sooner.”

Carefully gathering the youth’s cold body into his arms, Lin Feng slowly stroked his back until warmth finally seeped into the taut body, and the boy gradually relaxed in his embrace.

He had been bearing his burdens in silence, and no one else but himself knew of the suffering it caused him, but still he spared no thought for himself.*

Syeki: 他究竟一个人承担了多少,自己居然直到一切伤害都已造成的时候,才想起把目光转到他的身上。 What I’m roughly gleaning is that, the weight of his burdens, only he himself knows, even after having received injuries, and only looked after himself after all is done.

Clearly such a good and lovable child.

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  12. Bruh, su shi should just say ” just leave it be I want to quit entertainment.” So he can keep his 100k experience points instead of continueing his white lotus image. Then he can keep both brothers close and not have a brothers conflict. Also they can dig who brought the drugs and so on. If this continue I’m sure the Lin brothers will have a conflict , Lin Jing will also hate him for taking his brother and his experience points will be deducted.

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