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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 45

Translated by: Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 45

“You’re tired. I’ll accompany you back to your room, okay?” Lin Feng said.

Not even the protagonist would be able to manage this situation*. Su Shi couldn’t think of any good countermeasures at the moment. He could only nod his head and let Lin Feng support him.

Vanilla Muse: Su Shi is saying even if he were the protagonist, he still wouldn’t be able to control public opinion, since it’s blown up to this degree. As in, he has no idea how to retrieve the pot. XP

Suddenly, the assistant’s frantic shouts could be heard from the hallway.

The two fell silent as they listened, and their faces changed as one. Su Shi struggled to stand and gave Lin Feng a firm push: “Brother I’m fine, hurry up and go to Lin Jing.”

Lin Feng nodded and left quickly. Su Shi took a deep breath and injected himself with some pain killers*. Bracing himself, he got up to follow.

Syeki: Not sure what kind of pain killers these are, I’m assuming it’s something he bought from the system?
Vanilla Muse: That’s my best guess, too.

Lin Jing was sitting on the edge of the railing of the balcony. His face was still pale and his eyes were red.

The assistant and the bodyguards were frozen in the same place, not daring to rush in but not taking their eyes off him.

“The hell are you doing, get down here now!”

The balcony had no guardrails. Lin Feng’s sight zoomed in on him as he yelled.

“Brother, I’ve done a lot of unforgivable things, I was wrong.”

Lin Jing was slowly shaking his head, a sorrowful smile on his face: “Jinchu, I’m sorry, it was all my fault, could you ever forgive me?”

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“I’ll never forgive you if you jump.”

The success of the main mission hinged on the safety of the mission’s target. If Lin Jing were to die, his coming to this world would amount to nothing more than a sightseeing tour.

His face was stern as he spoke. Su Shi was almost more nervous than Lin Jing, and his heart felt ready to leap out of his chest.

After hearing his words, Lin Jing met his gaze for a moment, then suddenly laughed deprecatingly at himself. He smiled: “My own brother does not care about my life and death, but you actually care. Jinchu, would you believe me if I say I regretted this?”

“I believe you.”

Su Shi slowly stepped closer unobtrusively, earnestly promising: “Come down first. Whatever the crime, I’ll bear it for you, anything else you did wrong, I’ll accept the responsibility for you.”

Upon hearing his words, Lin Feng’s eyes immediately tightened, but he forced his emotions aside, silently indicating to the bodyguards to move into position to rescue Lin Jing.

“No, you won’t be able to bear it.”

Lin Jing shook his head, his eyes twitching before he lowered his gaze: “I’m already done for. Jinchu, be careful of Liang Qiu, you need to stay away from him, he’s not a good person…”

That said, he suddenly tilted back like he had lost his balance. With his eyes closed and teeth gritted, he fell without warning.

“Xiao Jing!”

Lin Feng’s vision went black. He screamed and rushed forwards, but it was obviously too late.

Su Shi was a step ahead of him.

He had originally picked up the Royal Martial Arts skills for self defense. Who would have thought his first time using it would be for this purpose instead.

He had been maneuvering himself to the best position while he spoke, and now immediately sprang forwards. Planting a hand on the railing, he leapt over lightly and seized onto Lin Jing’s wrist as he fell. Both men dangled over the balcony.

Those who jump will always regret their decision on the way down. Lin Jing was immediately terrified as he felt himself falling, and instinctively grasped Su Shi’s hand as he flailed. The painkillers that Su Shi had injected himself with was overwhelming his body. He gritted his teeth: “Stop moving if you want to live!”

Frightened into obedience, Lin Jing ceased his struggles. Su Shi took a few deep breaths and endured as his heart thundered wildly: “Don’t worry, I won’t let go.”

What he was really hanging on to, were his precarious experience points.

Lin Feng and the assistant had already rushed over. Su Shi mustered his strength and heaved Lin Jing up at them, allowing them to grab onto his clothes. A thought suddenly occurred to him.

Lin Jing was being hauled up by his clothing. His own strength was fading fast, and he was almost at his limit.

If he were to lose his grip due to physical exhaustion and fall, the system was unlikely to count it against him as suicide.

There was still a large portion of Lin Jing’s fans who would not believe the truth. Although he had inexplicably lost the protagonist’s misunderstanding value, he could still win bonus points for carrying the blame to his death. The total experience points awarded would still be satisfactory.

It was the perfect game plan.

It’s now or never.

Lin Jing’s dangling body was pushed up by Mu Jinchu until he was within Lin Feng and the assistant’s grasp. With two people pulling him up, he could make it safely.

He could take this opportunity to leave the world perfectly.

Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief and closed his eyes silently.

As he focussed on reaching down to grab hold of his brother’s clothing, Lin Feng’s heart suddenly jumped and he raised his gaze.

Bearing Lin Jing’s weight seemed to have exhausted all of Mu Jinchu’s strength. His face was white as a sheet, his lips were pressed tightly together, and the light in his eyes gradually dimmed into tired relief.

He was already very tired.

An intense burst of fear hit Lin Feng and left him inexplicably unable to breathe. As he yanked on Lin Jing’s clothes, he felt his heart pound and was compelled to raise his head.

Su Shi released his hand.

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