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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 46

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Chapter 46

The sound of wind whizzing past Su Shi’s ears only lasted for one second.

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Lin Feng was holding on to his body across the railings. The huge momentum caused Lin Fen to be unstable, and he knelt heavily on the ground, making a loud muffled sound.

Lin Feng hugged him tightly. The usually cold face revealed a bit of pain, but his gaze was firm and persistent.

The assistant hurriedly dragged Lin Jing up. The bodyguards on both sides arrived just then and helped the chairman pull the exhausted Mr. Mu up.

The situation quickly calmed down.

The body in his arms couldn’t help slumping to the floor. Lin Feng couldn’t attend to his younger brother, whose limbs were weak from fright. He drew Mu Jinchu towards him and half knelt on the floor with him. In a hoarse voice he called, “Jinchu– Jinchu!”

Su Shi hadn’t recovered from the shock. He was caught by the other while in a daze. He blinked his eyes slowly in disbelief.

There was definitely a bug!

When Lin Jing fell, the protagonist’s response was not so fast!

He could only look on helplessly as the points that were within reach grew wings and flew off. Su Shi leaned bonelessly back against Lin Feng’s arms. With his heart like ash, he knocked his head against the other’s chest.

Although he was out of danger, his body had yet to register the reality.

His heart was still beating violently. He had to breathe heavily to relieve the suffocation in his chest. The pain in his heart caused his vision to turn black for a while, and his hands couldn’t stop shaking from the excessive strain he had put them through.

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Lin Feng held him against his chest and hurriedly rubbed his arms for him. His gaze was so anxious that it looked like he might cry blood at any minute. “Where is it uncomfortable? Tell Brother, never mind, Brother will called the doctor over–”

“Don’t call the doctor…”

Don’t know what kind of drug Lin Jing had given him. Ever since he picked up the pot, his health value didn’t rise back up, but continued to decrease instead.

Win or lose, it all ends here.

Su Shi gasped for a few breaths, shook his head with a cough, and closed his eyes tiredly. “There’s no need to call a doctor, Brother. I’ll be good after resting for a while.”

“Okay, then Brother will carry you back inside.”

The floor was too cold. Lin Feng waited for his breathing to calm down, and then carried him all the way back to the bedroom.

At the moment, his heart nearly stopped beating from the immense fear. Finally, he was able to hold the young man’s frail and thin body in his arms again. For a moment, he did not dare to let go, or even dare to let him out of his sight.
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His body felt very uncomfortable. The surrounding atmosphere gave Su Shi a vague sense of nostalgia, and eventually he couldn’t help leaning closer into his arms.

Lin Feng’s chest was so painful that he almost couldn’t breathe. He pulled the young man firmly into his embrace and rubbed his spine in comfort. “Brother knows; you feel uncomfortable. It’s all right. Don’t be afraid. Brother is right here…”

The body in his arms was still curled up, even after hugging him for a while, he did not ease up at all, and instead his breathing became even more ragged. The temperature of the body continued to rise. One touch was enough to scare someone with the heat.

Just exerting this bit of effort, the child who still had some mental energy before had completely lost his strength. He leaned softly in his arms. His body shivered weakly.

Lin Feng was very anxious. He called softly to the young man but there was no response. In an instant, he picked up the young man. He shouted to the assistant outside the door. “Prepare the car! We’re going to the hospital right now!”

The assistant responded and ran out to prepare. Lin Jing stood at the door and watched his brother carrying Mu Jinchu and striding out of the house. He felt an ominous premonition in his heart, and his face paled.

Su Shi could barely break away from the drowsy darkness. He felt a familiar warmth embracing him from behind and faintly felt that he was sitting inside a speeding car.

The assistant was driving. Lin Jing didn’t know why he followed along. Lin Feng hugged him and sat in the back seat. He held his hand firmly with one hand, his entire body taut with worry.

Noticing his faint movements, Lin Feng immediately lowered his head. “Jinchu, what’s wrong? Do you feel very terrible?”


His heart hurt so much it felt like it was about to explode out of his chest. Su Shi opened his mouth, but could only let out a faint breath.

“If I die, don’t reveal the truth. I crashed the car. It’s not Lin Jing or the company’s fault. You guys live well…”

“Don’t say stupid things. You won’t die.”

Lin Feng spoke in a suppressed voice. His hand tightened around Su Shi’s hand. His eyes were already blurry with tears. “Brother won’t let you be wronged. Never. No matter when, Brother will return justice to you…”

He could hardly speak. His eyes swam with hot tears. He lowered his head against Su Shi’s pale forehead. “You have to be obedient, Jinchu. You have to listen to Brother. You have to be fine, understand?”


His heart felt sour and warm. Su Shi blinked and responded very lightly, but his vision was dimming.

The child in his arms seemed to be so tired that his answering voice was like a faint echo as he leaned closer into his arms.

Lin Feng’s heart sank.

“It’s going to be okay, Jinchu, hold on a little longer.”

Fearing that he could not hear clearly, he spoke directly into the ears of the youth, and fearing that he would feel cold, he pulled the youth even tighter into his arms.

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  1. I thought this chapter seemed familiar. After checking my docs, I realised I had previously translated this halfway!! ? Should have passed em to you earlier hahahaha ?

  2. Code red! Code red! Su Shi is dying again!! He’s going to break so many hearts…! Unless….

    … he survives?!

    Thanks for translating!

    1. Jesus, what was that drug?? I always defended Lin Jing a little bit in my head, he’s weak-willed and a coward, it sounded like he was pressured by someone into giving Jinchu that drug and then pressured again by his manager to push the blame away. He did something despicable, but in the end they both survived, the injuries can heal, they didn’t hurt other people in the car accident. He made one big mistake but luckily there were no lasting consequences. Now I feel like I’ve been slapped!

  3. +1 for Let Me Shoulder This Blame!

    I wonder what’s wrong. That said, it’d be great if the MC manages to die this time. We could read the rest of this arc through the ML’s perspective or something.

  4. Fuck that, if su shi just says he wants to quit the entertainment world live normally and peacefully to Lin Feng and let this scene ( him drunk driving) be his reasons to quit. Then Lin Feng would keep accusing his brother and letting their relationship grew apart. Also this way, Lin Feng can say that ” do you think your brother can be trampled by the Qui- guy? You don’t even believe me that I can protect both of you?.”

    If su shi keeps saying let me shoulder this responsibly instead of Lin Jing then wouldn’t that make Lin Feng keeps repeating the scene of Lin Jing and Su shi. (He will remember what Lin Jing did.) I mean it’s not wrong to let him own his faults BUT aren’t he in the mission? He doesn’t need to be in the entertainment and Lin Jing looks like he really likes the entertainment world.

    In this way
    He can keep the points
    The Lin brothers won’t have a conflict.
    He will have a normal life

    Instead of saying “no it’s really me who cause the problem.” And then trembling or with red eyes which will cause a misunderstanding.

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