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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 47

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Chapter 47

“Brother knows that it’s been very hard on you, knows that you’re very tired. You have to listen to me, you have to hang on…”

The body in his arms was silent, leaning docilely against him. The youth’s powerless arm dropped limply to the side.

Lin Feng embraced him tightly. His body couldn’t stop trembling faintly. Hot tears finally fell from his eyes.

He had obviously grabbed on to that child.

Clearly he had held on.


They had just arrived at the hospital and Su Shi was pushed into the emergency room right away.

“A great explosion of strength in a short amount of time caused his heart to be overloaded, triggering the injuries to the heart and lungs left behind from the car crash. The patient’s heart may have also suffered other injuries recently, for example—overdosing and the like…”
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The doctor cautiously remarked, his eyes hesitated on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s gaze turned heavy, and just as he was about to open his mouth, a violent tremor wracked Lin Jing’s body. He interrupted in a loud voice, “No–!”

“You can rest assured that we only let family members know, and we will naturally respect the patient’s right to privacy, and will not write it into the medical record.”

The doctor explained clearly, lowered his gaze, and put on his mouth mask again. “The patient is not in good condition and needs to sign a critical illness notice. We will try our best to treat him.”

“Understood. I’ll sign it.”

Lin Feng nodded, his dark eyes lit with fierce ink flames, and followed the doctor into the consultation room.

Looking at his brother’s back, Lin Jing took two steps back in despair, and was assisted by the assistant sitting on the side. “No, not right, he said nothing would happen. He said he would only faint. Nothing bad would happen…”

The assistant’s heart sank as he dragged him to a corner. “Second Young Master, who are you talking about?”

Lin Jing absent-mindedly shook his head. Abruptly he lifted his gaze.

Several medical staff rushed into the emergency room, half covering up the door. The young man was lying in unconscious silence on the table. The nurse performed chest compressions. The youth’s head was slightly turned to the side, his face pale and lifeless.

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Not long ago, that person was still holding his wrist firmly, his voice was resolute and firm, assuring him that he would not let go no matter what.

A chill crept silently into his very bones. Lin Jing suddenly didn’t dare to think about all the possible things that could happen. He fumbled out his mobile phone. Panicked tears poured down his face.

“I’ll post a message on weibo to explain what happened, and I’ll tell them…”

He incoherently typed up an apology on the microblog, and sent it out without considering the wording.

The door to the consultation room was pushed open and Lin Feng stepped out. His entire aura was dark and exhausted. He sat down silently on a chair outside the door.

Looking at Lin Feng’s cold face, the assistant gathered his nerves and whispered to him, “Chairman Lin, Second Young Master has already issued a statement to clarify the truth of the matter…”

Lin Jing quickly hurried over but did not have the courage to ask about the situation inside. He just stood beside his brother with his head bowed.

“Lin Jing.”

Lin Feng spoke in a heavy tone. His gaze was still fixed on the glowing red sign of the emergency room.

“Have you thought about what you would do if it’s too late?”

Mu Jinchu’s will to live was very weak, and emergency rescue could only maintain his vital signs temporarily. Just this burst of effort had caused his heartbeat to stop several times.

He never knew that Jinchu had already long lost his will to live. But at this juncture, he was really incapable of thinking too much. He even lacked the heart to investigate the drugging case or why Lin Jing would do something like that.

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Lin Feng just wanted the other person to live well. As long as he could live on, as long as he could stand in front of him hale and whole, be able to smile at him and talk to him, then he would be willing to do whatever it took.

“How could it be too late?! No… he’s always so eager to be first, he definitely won’t be willing to give up. I still haven’t apologized to him. It won’t be too late!”

Looking at the bleak expression on his elder brother’s face, Lin Jing absentmindedly shook his head. He frantically pulled out his cell phone and hurried forward. He pounded forcefully against the closed door.

“Jinchu, I confessed to everything, I confessed! They’re all scolding me, look, no one is misunderstanding you now, and they all know that you are innocent. Hurry up and get better. I’ll apologize to you!”

His voice carried the undercurrent of tears. The hand banging on the door weakened and clenched into a fist. “You have to live. Please live, okay…?”

“Scram away from the door and get back here, we don’t need you adding to the mess!”

Lin Feng spoke sharply and pulled him back, but a surprised cry came from the emergency room. “Quick, quick, the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure have risen. Add another set of IV!”

[T/N: Ahaha, Su Shi’s blood pressure is rising again.]

Both Lins shut up at once, and there was a faint hope in their eyes.

In the emergency room, the nurse rushed back and forth, and several attending doctors in charge of the emergency room looked at the surging heart rate and blood pressure on the monitor. They turned to each other in shock.

Don’t know why, although they couldn’t see the patient’s expression through the oxygen mask, they couldn’t help but feel—that the patient seemed to be very angry…

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: You stand here, don’t move around, wait for me to get up and kill you 🙂

#I threw away all your pots! #

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