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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 48

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Chapter 48

With a strong will to survive, Su Shi spent three days in the intensive care unit, and successfully escaped from death’s grasp. Then he was transferred to the general intensive care ward of the hospital.
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Finally freed from frequent heart palpitations and fainting spells, Su Shi blinked his eyes open, and vaguely saw the silhouette of a person. Subconsciously he spoke in a faint voice, “Brother…”

“Jinchu, Chairman Lin has gone to deal with the media and will be back soon.”

Seeing him trying to get up, the assistant quickly helped him lie back down and then adjusted the top half of the bed a bit higher. Finally, he smiled with a relieved sigh. “How do you feel? A little better? Should I call the doctor over to take a look?”

“No need, I’m fine.”

His body still had very little energy. It would seem that his plan to beat Lin Jing up would have to be postponed for a few more days.

Su Shi closed his eyes and shook his head. Thinking of how his experience points still flew away despite taking the plunge from a building, his mood dropped a lot again.

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“Ah, that’s right, you don’t know about the situation for the past few days yet!”

Seeing that Su Shi’s mood was not good, the assistant suddenly realized that he didn’t say his words clearly. He smacked his forehead and struggled to calm his tone. “Jinchu, Second Young Master went to clarify the car accident. Now everyone–”

“Brother Li, there’s no need to talk anymore.”

He didn’t want someone to sprinkle salt on his wounds. Su Shi interrupted the assistant in a low voice. The hand at his side clenched for a moment and then loosened again.

Seeing that his response was not right, the assistant looked slightly uncertain, and then hesitantly spoke in a soft voice. “Jinchu, things have finally come to light, but could it be that you’re not happy?”


The other party wasn’t some important role that he needed to hide the truth from. Su Shi sighed gently before answering, but suddenly he heard the sound of faint footsteps from outside the door.

The protagonist must be eavesdropping again.

Su Shi had yet to find the person who had drugged him. Lin Jing must still have some pot left for him to grab. Right now, he definitely must not continue to brush the favorability of the protagonist.

“Of course I’m happy.”

Su Shi met the assistant’s gaze, his eyes were curved with a slight arc, but his gaze held an acrimonious chill that stung others and stung himself.

“The truth comes to light, and everything is clear. I also preserved my life. Is there anything that I could be unsatisfied with?”

Damage to the heart was difficult to completely recover from, and acting was a high-intensity profession. Losing his abundant strength and healthy body would hinder his acting career greatly.

Everyone knew it, but no one dared to say it.

The smile on the assistant’s face froze as he carefully stared at Su Shi’s cold expression. He braced himself and said, “Jinchu, the doctor said you need to rest more. Don’t think too much. I’ll help you lie down and sleep a little more…”

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The assistant adjusted the bed back into a horizontal line. Su Shi listened to the sounds outside the door and realized that the footsteps that had stopped in front of the door for a long time had finally left. Only then did he feel relieved.

According to the protagonist’s personality, the more obedient and sensible Su Shi was, the more the protagonist would take care of him. So he would be arbitrarily mischievous like Lin Jing. Like so, he could hope to grab the pot back.

The drugging matter was still inconclusive. There must be some pot he could carry. There was still more than half a month before that plane flight*. As long as he was steady, he would definitely find opportunities.

[*T/N: Reminder, it is the plane that Mu Jinchu is supposed to die on.]

The assistant watched as the youth’s eyebrows softened, and he didn’t dare to speak again. He just pulled up the blanket for him, and using the excuse of calling for a doctor, he hurriedly left the room.

Lin Feng was standing at the entrance to the stairs. His eyes were dim.

It really turned out to be his own chairman. The assistant quickly rushed to meet him. He lowered his voice and said, “Chairman Lin, Jinchu, he–”

“He knew that I was there, and he spoke those words specifically for me to hear.”

He could almost imagine the stubbornness of the youth in the sickroom. Lin Feng’s lips twisted into a bitter arc, and his eyes were saturated with extremely dim warmth.

“In the current situation, the more I side with him, the more difficult things would become for the company and Lin Jing. The matter of the drugging has not been traced. It this continues, whether it is Lin Jing or the company, it is likely to be a fatal blow—He thought he could learn willfulness like Xiao Jing, and then I wouldn’t care about him anymore…”

“No wonder. I also feel that Jinchu holds you close in his heart. Right when he woke up, he called for you, but when he saw that it was me, he was quite disappointed.”

The assistant let out a breath of relief, but because of his words, he expressed some worries again, “Chairman Lin, shall we continue to investigate? If it really does end up affecting the company too much, I’m afraid that Jinchu would feel very apologetic…”

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